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Serina: She walks around the camp with her half-sibling Aerin. "So, what would you like to see first? The cabins? The beach? The nearby town perhaps? Or the forest?" She rambled on all of the locations she could possibly think of.

Aerin: "Lets go look at the cabins first," she said.

Serina: "All right!" She walks with Aerin to the cabins and shows her cabin 1 first. "This is cabin 1, Zeus' cabin. The three powerful gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, are all called the big three here in camp." She informed her.

Aerin: "I see," Aerin said, taking in the information. "What about the next one?"

Serina: "Which one? The one next to Zeus' cabin?" She asked her.

Aerin: "Yeah, that one on the right," she said, pointing at the cabin

Serina: "That one is Hera's cabin." She shudders. "Only certain people live in that cabin and seeing that hera never communicates with mortals, they are all nymphs of some sort. It's creepy in there."

Aerin: She makes a mental note to stay away from there and points at the next cabin on the right. "Which one is that?"

Serina: "Poseidon's cabin. Then the one to the right of Poseidon's cabin is cabin three: Hade's cabin."

Aerin: "And the ones right next to Hades' cabin?"

Serina: "Ah, the rest of the twelve Olympians: Apollo and Artemis; Artemis is an eternal maiden so she never has kids, only her hunters stay there, Hermes, Ares, our cabin, Hephaestus, Dionysus, Athena, and Demeter." She recounted if she stated all of them and confirms. "I think that's it for the twelve major gods." She said.

Aerin: "What about the minor ones?" Aerin said, pointing to the next group of cabins that were set a little farther away.

Serina: "Those minor ones are for the minor gods like Eris, Deimos, or Eros. There are way too many to count right now." She said sheepishly. "Oh, and some titans have cabins here too like Prometheus and Asteria."

Aerin: She nods and turns towards Serina. "Lets go check out the training center."

Serina: "Nice pick." She commented and walked her to the training area. "This is the training area. there are five types of arena's you can choose from: Water, Air, Fire, forest, Underworld, or urban."

Aerin: "Sounds cool," she said excitedly. "Lets go over to the forest and the beach now."

Serina: She walks her to the forest. "So, how's camp treating you so far?"

Aerin: "Its good here," Aerin said. "It feels safer than my apartment."

Serina: She laughs. "Yeah, Thailia's tree really does it's job right?"

Aerin: She grins and nods in agreement. She reaches the beach and stretches out her toes in the sand.

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