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Oswald's Ordeal

  • Oswald: After receiving a dream from Hades in the night, Oswald waits deep in the forest for him. Although he looks brave and confident, inside he's scared and doesn't want to be there. He waits, leaning on a tree.
  • Hades: A swift cold wind passes through, and from the tree's shadows a man materializes. He is wearing nothing but a black torn cape wrapped all over him, his dull gray eyes like twin moons glittering in the darkness. His long jet black hair sways in the wind as he approaches Oswald, his head held high. He waits for him to speak as he does so.
  • Oswald: Feeling the sudden coldness he hugs himself as he wears one of Chin-Hae's hoodies. Feeling the presence of a god he turns and looks, only to soon find out Hades is beside him. He stares at him before speaking in a small voice that's meant to sound confident, "Wh-What do you want?"
  • Hades: He stares at him blankly with those gray eyes, as if trying to tear down his soul to pieces. He doesn't answer his question, "It was such a shame for that daughter of Eros, saving your life in exchange of yours. You were supposed to be dead."
  • Oswald: He laughs bitterly and turns away, only to feel compelled to look back, "I'm already dead, technically. You murdered me, remember? When I got the fire you wanted. Such a shame your brother wanted it so you couldn't get it." He shrugs, "Can you answer my question?"
  • Hades: He takes a few steps closer to him so that he's directly looking upon his face, his towering figure like a pillar of shadows. "I do not care about the fire of anymore; it is just irrelevant now." He pauses for a few seconds as he presses his large cold hand against Byun's shoulder. "Where is that boy you are so fond of? The dream spirit?"
  • Oswald: He flinches on the contact of Hades' hand but shakes it off, avoiding looking at Hades, "In his room, sleeping probably. Or eating his weight in fried chicken. One of those two." He stops for a few seconds, "Why do you care?"
  • Hades: He releases his grip on his shoulder, but his face gets closer to him as soon as their eyes locked too near. One can feel the breath of death inhaling and exhaling out of the god's nose. "Why didn't you bring him? I thought you will be scared enough to tag him along." A malevolent smile crawls across his face, his true intentions silently spilling out from his lips.
  • Oswald: He glares and clenches his fists at his side, anger rising to the same level as fear, "What do you want with him?"
  • Hades: His smiles grows wider as each word slips out, "You killed one of the very few children I've ever had; now think of it as a father's vendetta." Now, he's pressing both of his hand's on his shoulders. "How would you feel if I took one of the people you cared about so much, just as how I cared about my son, hm?"
  • Oswald: He shakes his head, "Who do you plan to take? You've already taken one person from me, you're not taking another."
  • Hades: His malicious smile quickly fades, he grips him by the hair and pins him against the tree. "Oh yes I will, Oswald. I'm taking none other than that dream spirit.
  • Oswald: He whimpers and shakes his head, "Don't. N-Not Chin-Hae, please. H-He's done nothing wrong!"
  • Hades: His pins him further, gripping on his hair as if he wants to rip them off his scalp. "And so did my son; he was only tasked as I told him, and look at what you did to him. I think it is only fair, isn't it?"
  • Oswald: He tries to move, only to prove futile whilst wincing at the pain, "He did nothing wrong? He tried to kill me and he killed Kim! Tell me that's nothing."
  • Hades: The darkness is overwhelming, yet it seems that he's gritting his teeth now, his breath getting heavier. "There was nothing wrong. It was right for you to be eliminated. You are a useless tool, you are not wrong anything!" He lets go of one shoulder to punch him with such godly, but not fatal, force. "What do you want me to do, forget everything? Like nothing happened? I am Hades!" His gloomy yet intimidating voice seems to echo throughout the forest like departed souls and thunder at the same time. "I hold grudges as if they are my children, can you not forget!?"
  • Oswald: He feels intimidated but as something clicks in his mind he smiles slightly, "Why punish Chin-Hae when you can punish me directly? Surely it'd be more satisfying for you to take me instead of taking him, right? I mean, you could degrade me everyday and punish me whenever you wanted for killing your son."
  • Hades: Hearing those words, he seems to have calmed down and regains his cool composure. There is nothing but a look of interest on his face right now, if it can still be seen in the middle of the dark. "Look at you, you're now placing yourself on the line after hiding behind the backs of other people?. Are you sure you're that willing?"
  • Oswald: Having truly realised what he said, he's terrified but he tries to keep his confident attitude. He nods, "As long as you promise not to target Chin-Hae, or Kim, then yes."
  • Hades: He finally lets go of him and takes a few steps backward. A few strands of Oswald's hair get blown away by the wind. "Then it is a deal, Oswald. At the night of the first of August, you must come back here, wherein the ground will swallow you into the Underworld. If you do not obey as I wish, I shall make sure both of them ends up cold and dead."
  • Oswald: He nods slowly, "And what happens in the Underworld?
  • Hades: He paces back and forth, his cape billowing and blending into the darkness. "You will be bound in chains and suspended over the flames of the River Phlegethon. But I assure you, will not die in an instant. I am... Giving you a chance. Let us see how your bonds with others will fare."
  • Oswald: He blinks a few times and watches him as he paces, "What do you mean?"
  • Hades: He finally stops, his eyes once again staring directly at him. A moment of silence passes before he speaks, "I will give you one month to live before you are consumed into ashes, one month to see if your friends will save you, and one month to pray they make it into my realm."
  • Oswald: He nods, quite sure that Chin-Hae or even Kim would save him. He holds a shaky hand out for a shake, "Deal."
  • Hades: He steps closer to close the deal with a handshake, and one could feel godly power coming from his hand. "You have sealed your fate, Oswald. I shall see you on August 1st." And in the blink of an eye, Oswald's alone once again.
  • Oswald: He watches as Hades goes and the only sound in the darkness is his heart beating. He sighs and walks slowly back to his room.

Parliet Joins the Quest *awkwardly*

  • Parker: He rushes into the Limos Cabin and ignores the stares of it's residents, figuring his goal is more important than images at the current moment in time. Looking around the rooms until he finds Juliet's, he knocks on the door hastily and one could tell that there's something wrong. As he waits for her to open the door he pants and tries to regain his breath.
  • Juliet: She hears knocking on the door faintly. She yanks out her earbuds (she's been listening to G.O.M.) and rushes to the door. She pulls it open and sees Parker. Her expression changes from a bit annoyed to worried in a instant, "What's wrong? Are you hurt?"
  • Parker: He shakes his head quickly and rushes into the room, tripping slightly be regaining his balance, "No, Chin-Hae needs! His boyfriend, Oswald? He's in trouble in the Underworld or something, I wasn't listening that much!"
  • Juliet: Her eyes widen and she reaches out to steady him, "What do we need to do?"
  • Parker: Instead of taking her hand, scared he might fall over and take her with him, he sits on her bed and breathes in and out, still recovering from running, "He said....we could....go on the quest.....if we wanted....which I...have to...since he's my best.....friend."
  • Juliet: Her face contorts into a look of alarm and her right leg starts to twitch. She does not want to risk her life for a guy who she barely knows, but she also doesn't want to upset Parker, "We won't like... die, or do anything, erm, scary or risky on this quest, right?"
  • Parker: He shakes his head, "I...I don't know. Apparently we need to go to the Underworld to save this guy. I just, I think it could be scary?"
  • Juliet: She buries her head in her hands, muffling her voice a bit, "Why? Why now? I just want to be here, with you, in peace... ugh."
  • Parker: He looks over at her and tilts his head, "I can't exactly hear through hands" >.<, "I'm not gonna force you to go but.."
  • Juliet: She sighs and her tone becomes mocking without her even realizing it, "I know, I know, it's the nice thing to do."
  • Parker: He kinda takes semi-offence to it and as such his tone kind of becomes cold, only slightly though, "Well yeah, considering it's my best friend's boyfriend who could die?"
  • Juliet: Her right leg flies up like her knee has been hit by a hammer, "I DON'T KNOW, okay? I'm kinda torn right now, considering I've never met this friend."
  • Parker: He stops and blinks a few times and looks away, "You don't need to go, I can go by myself if you don't want to."
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