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Strawberry Fields w/ Todd & Dani

Oh look, we're in the Underworld.

  • Dani: She stretches her arms as she walks out the door of her cabin, feeling bright.
  • Todd: Despite already knowing she can see all directions, Todd runs up to her from behind and attempts to hug her. .
  • Dani: Well, okay, she definitely saw him running but was pleasantly surprised by the hug. She laughs a little and hugs him back. Hey.
  • Todd: Remember one of the cartoons he used to watch when he was a kid, he mimics Bugs Bunny's trademark line with a grin." What's up, doc?
  • Dani: She smiles, remembering the times she used to watch the shows when she was a little girl. Nothing, to be honest. You watched those cartoons too?
  • Todd: He nods casually. Is it that obvious?
  • Dani: She chuckles. Yeah. Bugs Bunny was my favourite back then. Actually, he still is now.
  • Todd: Todd gives a pleased face before nodding awkwardly. Do you have any plans today?
  • Dani: She tilts her head for a moment an then shakes her head. Nada. Why's that?
  • Todd: I was thinking of going out together, ugh, you know. He seems bashful about such a topic and lightly blushes.
  • Dani: She chuckles looking at him blush. I'd love too.
  • Todd: Does the UNderworld sound ok? I heard Hecate kids can freely take visitors there.
  • OOC: TT~TT Well, since you're leaving, I don't think I can make Todd date anyone else than her. So, I think he's going to leave :) Where will Dani go?
  • ooc: Hmm.. I'm not sure :o let's just say they go around the world together. xD Interesting huh? Now, let's finish this last rp :)
  • Dani: She smirks. I see that you're craving for adventure?
  • Todd: He chuckles. Good you know.
  • OOC: Don't say "last" TT~TT It makes me sad.
  • OOC: xc *huggles*
  • Dani: Let's get going then, my mother's realm. She takes his hand in her.
  • OOC: BTW, want to make a swift bye rp with Todd and Dani to Drake?:)
  • Todd: Let's just try to get out of the rivers' ways. He blushes a bit more due to her touch.
  • ooc: Haha, i was just rp'ing drake/dani. You can jump in :D
  • Dani: She blushes slightly too after a moment of realisation. Fine by me.
  • OOC: Lolz, that's the rp that made me think ^^" Can I?o.o
  • Todd: He moves back and forth on the same spot by rocking his feet. Are we suppose to transport there?
  • Dani: Ah, I wish. I don't think I have that power. Her face goes :/ so.. we're doing it the boring way and walk.
  • Todd: He smirks. Sure then. We should practice sparring in Greece one day. He says, while walking towards the Dining Hall where the entrance is located.
  • Dani: She chuckles. I wonder, will you just make it easy on purpose and let me win then? I'd rather have a fair fight.
  • Todd: He bluffs. I don't let anyone "win" against me. You out of people should know that. He winks. Unless, of course, you give good propositions. Moments later, they arrive at the dining hall. Todd looks around in a specific area, wondering the entrance's location.
  • Dani: She notices her boyfriend's expression and points out the direction. An opening that could be missed out pretty easily. There. And good propositions you say, huh?
  • Todd: He smirks at her quick observation skills. Yea. So, wanna grab some food for a picnic there? I'm sure seeing souls wash up the rivers isn't a bad sight. He chuckles at his thought.
  • Dani: Eh, why not? She chuckles as well. Let's get going. She tugs his hand gently.
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