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Sasha + Alex

Sasha: "Let me guess? Some dude who loves his dreds and smokes pot all day while hanging out with his ghetto friends?", she says in a false girly obsessed stereotypical girl.

Alexander: He chuckles, "Judging me by my appearance eh? Well, I'm guessing you're a girl who loves to shop and spends all her boyfriends money on shoes and makeup." He says in a matter of fact tone. "Am I right?"

Sasha: "No not on apperance, on hair.", she says rolling her eyes. "No, no, not one who "shops til she drops."", she says. "More like a girl who doesn't give a f*ck about shoes, makeup, and shopping. Or you.", she says shrugging.

Alexander: He laughs, "Okay, fine. What if I took you out? Then you could judge me then." He asked nonchantly. 

Sasha: "How about...I get a sharpie and draw 499 mustaches all over your body? I could judge you by saying this man is one with mustaches."

Alexander: He chuckles and shakes his head. "I think I've got enough tattoos from the younger ages." He pulls up his sleeves and shows her.

Sasha: She punches him. "And i've hit enough people to know those won't make me intrested.", she says twirling her hair.

Alexander: He pretends to be hurt. "Ouch, who said I was interested? I just wanted to hang out." In reality, he did find her beautiful. He also wanted to get to know her better.

Sasha: "I said you were intrested. You act like it. I bet you want me to give you a lap dance right now? Guess what dreds, I don't do that trash.", she says rolling her eyes. "You just wanted to hang out? yeah right. Well whatever to get you to stop talking to me, let's get this shit over with.", she says smiling her fake smiles and then winking. "Let's hangout right now matter of fact." 

Alexander: He gives her a confused face, wondering why she thought he only wanted sex from her. "Yeah.. right..movies?"

Sasha: "Whatever, just pay and please, don't put your mustache arm around me. Okay, K thank you.", she says rolling her eyes. She put on her leather jacket over her black what the f*ck top. "About 6 or 7 o' clock? Okay great. See you there."

Angel + Emmanuel

Angel: After storming out of her boyfriend's room she goes back to hers. She mumbles bitterely about how he forgot their anniversary. She puts on a tight, black, tube dress and blood red stilletoes. She has on red lipstick and her hair bounces in its waves. She heads to the club and sits infront of the bar, huffing to herself. 

Emmanuel: He has his normal black and grey nirvana with his black jeans and hiking boots. His hair is in its usual frizzy hair-do, but tied back. He goes to one of those little bar tables where the bartender was there and he ordered some beer.

Angel: Her jaw clenches as she remembers the incident in her boyfriend's room. She rudely orders a mild drink from the bar and lets her leg bounce while she waits.

Emmanuel: He stands there, tapping his foot on the bench waiting for his drink. He sees angel and decides to do a little fun while he's bored as hell. He's tapping his hands also on the little table. He then swivels his chair and says, "Hey sexy. What's a woman doing on a night alone?". He cocks his neck as he says this.

Angel: She scoffs and rolls her eyes. "F*ck off, dude." Once she received her alcoholic beverage she chugged it down and ordered another one.

Emmanuel: He shrugs and says, "I don't f*ck off. But, your some alcoholic, reminds me of sister honey bitch.", he says smirking.

Angel: She looks at him unimpressed. She was still angry, therefore she was going to continue to be rude. "I don't care about your sister." As the bartender gives her the new drink, she asks for another before even taking a sip of her present one.

Emmanuel: "Wow for some rude girl, you have bad remarks. I was hoping you had better ones. I didn't ask if you cared about my sister.", he said gingerly. He took a few more drinks. "Can I get you a drink?", he asked.

Angel: "Yeah, but you were talking about her and I wanted you to shutup." She finishes both her drinks and clears her throat. Her brain starts to fog and she agrees to the offered drink. "Yeah. Sure."

Emmanuel: "Wow good remark hon. Again, i've heard better. Your more of a teaser rather than a bitch." He then asks the bartenders for 5 new drinks. "Drink up, you'll need it if your getting in my pants.", he smirks.

Angel: Afte taking 6 of the 10 she lazily looks at him, "You're pretty cute." She pokes his cheek. When she leans over, she knocks over a drink. "WOOOOPPPSS!" She then falls into a fit of giggles. "I'm clumsy." She pokes her own stomach.

Emmanuel: "Aren't you "i'm such a bad bitch chic?", he asked curiously. He stands her up straight. "Great", he says smiling his lusty smile. He kisses her slightly on her lip, not doing a full one.

Angel: She hums and pushes her lips towards his. A small part of her mind tells her its wrong but she can't seep to help herself. 

Emmanuel: He kisses her way more smashingly, ending up to French kiss her. He shoves back her hair, holding her chast as he does so.

Angel: She moans into the kiss and stumbles, causing her to collapse in his arms.

Emmanuel: He grabs her into his lap and tries to take off her dress.

Angel: She lazily pushes him away. "I shouldn't be doing this." She murmurs, vaguely remembering the fact that she's seeing someone. 

Emmanuel: "Why not? We were having so much fun virgin...", he said in his musky voice. "How about we go over to my place hotel and I could show you what your missing? We could clean up a little?..."

Angel: She stumbles into the hotel room. "This room smells funny." She giggles.

Emmanuel: "Don't bother with the smell..", he says starting to  take off his shirt/

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