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Daevyd: Daevyd sits next to the tree from the day before and pulls out a katar while sharpening the inside blade. He looks down to his black shirt, with the sleeves ripped off, and the black jeans that were torn at the knees, and loosens his jacket to the ground, going back to sharpening the blade and sighing.

Analeese: Analeese shuts the wooden door of her cabin. She’s dressed in black leather armor with a simple scales insignia on the breast, to allow maximum freedom of movement. Her whip is coiled around the belt, alongside her baton. To complete the ensemble, a scabbard full of throwing knives is slung over her shoulders. She walks confidently to the tree where she met Daevyd. “Miss me?” She smirks, leaning against a nearby tree. She stretches, pulling her body taut against the tree and touching her toes. “Good to see you didn’t bail.” Analeese murmurs in assent.

Daevyd: "Bail, yeah." He stands up, facing her, and decides to put his armor on, just so she knows he has some. He moves behind a tree, blocking her sight and pulls off his shirt, and pulls on the leather breastplate, and the leather leggings over his pants, then tied on the bracers and set his katars at his hips, the daggers behind him. He steps out from behind the tree and ties the black cloak around him and pulls dwn the face piece of the cowl. "So, you're in armor, I'm in armor, what now? A fight?" He comments wryly.

Analeese: “No need to be shy. I’ve seen it all.” Analeese says dismissively, amused as Daevyd hides behind the tree. Living with a gang of sweaty men had taken away her sense of shame concerning nudity. For her, nudity was just a part of life. She adjusts her leather greaves, gauntlets, breast-plate and checks her weapons. “I don’t mind. We can fight or spar. I need to keep training.” She glances upwards, her light hazel eyes looking over his attire. “I wasn’t aware you’d be wearing a black dress. I would’ve worn something fancier.” She teases, a wry smirk on her face. “After you, Daevyd. “ The daughter of Nemesis takes a step back and lets him lead.

Daevyd: "Bitch," He says, but smiling all the while, "See? I was right about you being bitchy." He leans against a tree and decides to pick up a stick and throw it at her, laughing. "Oh please, I'm not a threat, if I was, you wouldn't have a throat." He smirks dismissively and starts walking towards the arena. "So, I'm thinking we could go somewhere like... The jungle? That's a good one."

Analeese: "“Asshole.” Analeese retorted instinctively. She folds her arms across her chest and follows. “A gentleman shouldn’t call a lady a bitch. It’s Queen Bitch to you.” She quickly catches the stick with her quick reflexes and aims for Daevyd’s head. “Jungle eh? I like the sound of that. The mountain arena also sounds good, the one with the sand and rocks.” Analeese shrugged, not particularly caring either way. “It depends where you want to get your ass kicked.” She smirks derisively, giving him a playful nudge.

Daevyd: "Hey, if you're queen bitch, then I'm king asshole. Deal with it. Anyway, the jungle sounds fine, let's go." He quickly enters the arena and thus begins the match.

Analeese: "Ladies first." Analeese steps aside and allows Daevyd to enter the arena. She could see dense jungle, made of twisted trees. "Here we go." She thinks, ducking under some dense foliage to enter the arena.

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