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This is what happens when you...

Analeese: Analeese stands at the climbing wall. She wears a pair of skinny jeans and a black tank top. She stretches her arms upwards, then cracks her knuckles to warm herself up. It was no use to start upon the easy climbing wall. The wall streaming with lava was her style. She takes a swig off her water bottle, and claps her hands together with the chalk provided to allow for an easier grip.

Tyler: Tyler is slowly sauntering up to the easy climbing wall, then realizes that it would be no testament to his person if he started off easy, so he looks over to the wall that appears to be streaming with lava... He thinks to himself that he won't even be here if he hadn't made a bet and lost, but it's not so bad since their appears to be no-one here... That's when Tyler spots Analeese, he mutters to himself, "Great, company to see me fail," Tyler rolls his eyes and starts to walk over to Analeese hoping that he's found a "pro" that can help him out.

Analeese: She glances briefly between the wall of lava and the male who was approaching her and folds her arms across the curves of her chest. Analeese wasn't in the mood to baby-sit so he would have to pull his own wait if he wanted to follow her. "Ladies first?" She teases, a smirk rising on her chapped lips. She takes a look at the wall itself, judging whether there's a pattern or not. The daughter of Nemesis bravely steps up to the plate, hoisting herself up onto the harness and taking her first steps up the slippery slope.

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