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The Archery Range

Damask: Once they reach the Archery Range, he starts walking toward where several quivers and bows hang from the walls of a small shack. "There's two target ranges. One of them has hanging targets, the other is a regular archery range. And you can borrow supplies if you don't have any."

Jade: "Na, I have my own bow," she said, taking out her black hair clip. As she snapped it opened, it transformed into a black bow with black arrows with celectial bronze tips. Jade walked over to the hanging targets and shot an arrow, hitting a target just outside of the bulls-eye.

Damask: He whistles in appreciation of her shot. "You're pretty good." He takes one of the bows off the wall and strings it, then grabs a quiver. "I'll go ahead and practice as well, if you don't mind."

Jade: "Na, I don't mind the company," Jade said, taking another shot. This time the arrow hits dead center of the bulls-eye. 

Damask: He steps up to the line for the beginner archery range, draws, and fires. The arrow hits at the 5 point mark. He sighs, and pulls out another arrow.

Jade: "You're too tight. Try loosening up a bit," Jade said, walking over to him. She adjusts his arms and stance a bit. "Try it now."

Damask: He nods his thanks, and tries again, using Jade's suggestion. It hits at the 9 point, almost a bull's eye. "Wow. Thank you."

Jade: "No problem," she says, flashing him one of her rare real smiles. She takes another shot, hitting the bulls'eye once more.

Damask: He grins at her in response, and takes out another arrow and fires, hitting the bull's eye this time.

OOC: Should anything happen? Like getting attacked by a monster? Actually, where do you want to go with this roleplay?

OOC: I honestly have no idea.... I'm open too suggestions.

OOC: Well....depending on how much interest you have in that sort of stuff, it looks like both of our characters are single. I honestly don't care (my approach: let it roleplay itself out), so that's up to you. Or, they could be attacked by a few Harpies. I think the Archery Range is close enough to the Forest.

OOC: That was sort of the angle I was going for. And yea, a Harpy attack sounds interesting.

They both hear a screech from up above. In moments, they are surrounded by a pack of 11 Harpies.

OOC: Sure. You start.

Jade: "What are these things?" she asked, raising her bow, aiming at one nearest her.

Damask: The screech startled him, and his next arrow skittered from his bow and into the woods. He looks up. "I...think those are Harpies. Half-bird, half-women, right?" He picks up a rock from the ground as the Harpies swoop in to attack.

Jade: "It sounds familiar," she said, shooting the Harpy. She took aim at another one. "I thought Camp was supposed to be safe."

Damask: He throws the rock, knocking one of the Harpies down beside him. "It is. Apparently they bring in monsters for the Demigods to practice against." He quickly flips a knife out of a hidden sheath and slits the Harpy's throat. "I guess these gals just decided to leave their nice warm cave to come test us."

Jade: Jade shot down another harpy. One grabed onto her arm. Jade shook it off, ripping the sleeve of her t-shirt. She cursed and shot another Harpy's wing.

Damask: He glances back at her when he hears her curse. Seeing another Harpy swooping at her back, he throws the knife, burying it in the Harpy. "I've got your back." He turns and slaps yet another Harpy that had come up to him, sending it reeling.

Jade: "Thanks," Jade said, shooting another Harpy. "How many more of these are there?"

Damask: He ducks under another Harpy and snatches his knife back up. "I'd say about 8." Fending off the Harpy, he swipes one of Jade's arrows and uses it to stab another Harpy.

Jade: "They just wont quit," Jade said, shooting another Harpy. She picks up a stone from the ground and threw it, hitting one more.

Damask: "Yeah. Pretty viscious." He stabs a Harpy with his knife, the uses Jade's arrow to shiskabob another, and then threw it at another Harpy.

Jade: She tried to pull back another arrow, but couldn't due to her arm. Angry, she took an arrow and stabbed the Harpy nearest her. 

Damask: He grins. "Three down. 5 more to go." He throws his knife up into the air and flips, kicking a Harpy in the chin. He doesn't appear to notice that Jade is hurt yet.

Jade: "Good, I don't know how much longer I can hold out," she said, stabbing another Harpy with the arrow.

Damask: He turns and notices her arm. "Ouch. That must hurt a lot." They get showered with more monster ashes as his knife falls and plungs through a Harpy up above. He winces as another Harpy rakes its claws down his back. "Shoot."

Jade: "You ok?" she asks, stabbing yet another Harpy.

Damask: He chuckles. "I'll be fine." He catches his knife and uses it to decapitate another feathered lady, then punches the Harpy at his back. "3 left?"

Jade: Jade stabbed another harpy. "2 left," she said, wiping some sweat off of her brow.

Damask: The last two harpies look at each other, then flee into the forest. Damask sits on the ground, his energy exhausted. "Shall we take care of that arm of yours?"

Jade: Jade starts to panic, not wanting to show him her bruised arms. "N-no, I'm sure it's fine!" she says, covering up the bleeding wound.

Damask: He raises an eyebrow at her. "Oh c'mon. That looks pretty bad." He gets up and gently grabs her arm. "I'm no healer, but at least I know basics."

Jade: "I'll just get an Apollo healer to look at it later," she says, pulling down her sleeve. She didn't want to explain where she got her injuries from.

Damask: He grins lightly. "At least let me bind it so that it stops bleeding." He reaches down and rips a piece of cloth from his shirt. Carefully, he pulls up her sleeve and ties the cloth around her wound. "There. Done."

Jade: "Thanks," she said, adjusting her shirt. "Now what?" she asked.

Damask: He looks around. "Well, do you see a broom anywhere?" He looks at the piles of feathers left by the Harpies and picks up a relatively intact flight feather.

Jade: "I was afraid of that," she said, sighing. "I've never been one for cleaning."

Damask: He grins. "How about this? I'll clean up this mess those Harpies left, and you go get your wound attended to? We can meet again later." He gives up on finding a broom and grabs a pine branch from the forest.

Jade: "I'd hate to leave you with a mess like this," she says, picking up one of the feathers. "I can stay and help, if you want."

Damask: He starts sweeping the feathers into a pile. " you think that you could find a trash bag?"

Jade: "Sure, I think I know where a few might be." Jade runs off to her cabin and returns with 3 garbage bags. "Anything else we need?" she asks.

Damask: He takes one and starts sweeping the feathers into it. "Naw. Thankfully monsters seem to only explode into ashes. Not much to clean up." He chuckles. "Maybe I should start carrying a broom with me though."

Jade: She chuckles, opening up a bag. That's a first, she thought. "It might be helpful for future attacks."

Damask: He ties the first bag shut, then starts sweeping feathers and ash into Jade's bag. "Looks like we won't need the third bag."

Jade: "That's good. Where should we throw these out?" she asked.

Damask: "Well....couldn't some of these be used for arrow fletchings and pillow stuffings?" He is thinking about other uses, wondering if they have magical properties. Having played a lot of tabletop roleplaying games, he often questions the uses of trash.

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Jade: "That might work. I just hate to think these went to waste," Jade said, grabbing the bags. 

Damask: He nods and tosses the 'broom' into the woods. "Here, I'll take one of those." He offers to take the other bag.

OOC: It's fine. I started playing on another roleplay site to quell my boredom. xD Glad you're back though.

Jade: "Thanks," she said, smiling and handing him the bag. "Where should we take these?" 

Damask: "Maybe we could ask a more experienced camper. Or we could just use them ourselves. There are two bags, one for each of us." He suggests.

Jade: "Yea, I guess we were the ones who killed the Harpies," Jade said, holding up her bag. 

Damask: "Yep!" He starts walking toward the cabins, then turns and starts walking backwards, facing Jade. "Should we drop off our bags first, then meet somewhere else later?"

Jade: "Sure, where would you like to meet?" Jade asked, shifting towards the Athena cabin. She would probably change whilst in there, since her shirt was ripped and had a nice splotch of blood on it. 

Damask: He thinks for a moment. "How about the Strawberry Fields or the Beach?" He continues walking backward, trusting his instincts that he's going in the right direction and hoping they won't embarrass him.

Jade: "The beach sounds lovley!" she calls as the distance between them grows.

Damask: He nods, then realizes that she probably couldn't see the gesture at this range. "Alright! Meet you there!" He calls back, before turning back around and realizing that he was actually headed in the wrong direction. Instead of turning back though, he continues onward, pretending that he had meant to go that way and doubles back once he's out of Jade's sight. Once in his cabin, he cleans the wounds on his back and changes into forest green t-shirt and dark blue sweater. As an afterthought, he grabs a backpack and packs it with some food.

Jade: Jade smiles as she heads back to her cabin. She throws the bag ontop of her bed before going through her things. She pulls out a nice long sleeved shirt with some jeans. After taking care of her wound and bandeging it up, she changes cloths. Running a quick brush through her hair she looks out to the slowly sinking sun. After this, Jade goes out to the beach and waits for Damask.


Damask: Spotting Jade waiting for him on the beach, he breaks into a jog. He slows down once Jade can see him, and walks up to her. "Alright. I'm back."

Jade: She smiled once more, a real smile. "So, what else is there to do for fun?" she asked, her hair blowing in the evening breeze. 

Damask: He turns to look at the setting sun across the water. "Well, you could probably go swimming when it's warmer out. And I've heard that there's a town nearby which has some fun places." He unslings his backpack and sits in the sand. "Or we could just hang out and watch the sky. It's pretty tonight." Looking at Jade, he thinks and so are you.

Jade: Let's just stay here," she said,sitting down next to Damask. As she shifts her hands to support her weight, one lands ontop of his. She pulls it away quickly, blushing. "Thanks for everything," she said, gazing at the water. 

Damask: He gazes across the water as well, watching the sun set. He shifts to a cross-legged position, and in doing so his hand brushes hers. He also blushes slightly, staring at the sky to hide it. "If you get hungry, I brought some food..."

Jade: "Depends, what do you have?" she asks, nudging his shoulder playfully. The sun set had created a golden glow on the two of them. All was peaceful. 

Damask: He chuckles. "Apples. Banana slugs. And some Root Beer." Leaning over, he picks up his backpack. "Anything sound good?"

Jade: "A Root Beer sounds delightful," Jade says, sitting up. 

Damask: He pulls out a can of root beer and gets, bowing before offering it to her. "Anything else my lady?" He grins playfully.

Jade: "No, that's fine," she chuckles, nudging him once more. 

Damask: He laughs, and sits back down, pulling out a banana. "Sure you don't want a banana slug?" He waves it at her, grinning.

Jade: "No, I'm pretty sure I don't" Jade says, taking the banana and hitting him lightly with it. 

Damask: He laughs and covers his head with his hands. "Alright alright." He takes the banana back and puts it in his backpack. He flops down on the sand, marveling at the night sky. "You sure....?"

Jade: "I'm positive," Jade says, flopping down next to him. She gazed at the night sky, looking at the beauty of the stars. Feeling a little daring, she places her hand on top of Damask's.

Damask: He feels her hand on his, and is instantly swept into memory. How many times had he seen something go wrong? He tried to ignore it, but couldn't. He sat up, pulling his hand away, and pulled out a can of Root Beer and popped the top.

Jade: She felt a twinge of pain as he pulled her hand away, but brushed it off. She was used to acting happy in the saddest of times. "The sky sure is pretty tonight," Jade says, sitting up.

Damask: He glances upward, spotting a constellation. He laughs and sets his Root Beer down. "Do you see that set of stars up there? The one's near Orion's Belt? My dad used to tell me that was the Constellation Beerium. I believed him for a long time...."

Jade: "You don't anymore?" Jade asked, following his gaze. She took a sip of her Root Beer.

Damask: He laughs. "Not once I learned about the actual constellations. He just made it up. But then, anyone can make the constellations what they want..." His voice trails off.

Jade: "I guess so." Jade gazes at the sky before continuing."The constellations remind me that there is always something bigger, that I'm insignificant to them, and the world. It helps me not to get to cocky.

Damask: He thinks about Jade's words, and about his father. "Yeah...Cockyness seems to run in my family...I keep trying to not follow that trend, but..." He gazes at the stars, and after a bit of hesitation, reaches down and takes Jade's hand.

Jade: Jade intertwines her fingers with his. "You're not cocky," she says. "I don't know why you'd think that."

Damask: He looks at her and puts his other hand over theirs. "I am cocky. It's just that I try my best not to be."

Jade: "Well, you do a very good job at hiding it," Jade says, leaning her head on his shoulders.

Damask: He wraps his arm around her and whispers "Thank you."

Jade: "Any time," Jade says, squeezing his hand. She gazes out at the water, looking at how the moon reflects of the surface. She then realizes that this is the first time she's been truly happy in a while. "Thank you," she whispers softly. 

Damask: He smiles and also watches the moon on the water, hoping to Tyche that his first time might last.

Jade: As a breeze blows through, Jade shivers despite her long sleeved shirt. She pulls Damask closer to get some warmth. 

Damask: He notices her shivering, and takes off his jacket, wrapping it around the two of them. "Too bad I didn't bring a blanket."

Jade: "Yea, too bad," Jade said. She wrapped her arms around his torso, using his warmth. 

Damask: He chuckles and wraps his arms around her, giving her more heat. "It's getting late."

Jade: "Mm, but I don't want this to end," she says, pulling him closer. 

Damask: He raises an eyebrow questioningly, but holds her close.

Jade: "Do we really have to go?" Jade asks, looking at him.

Damask: He glances at the moon, which is now almost overhead. "Unless you've got a better way to stay warm. I don't think I can keep both of us warm all night."

Jade: "I guess..." Jade says, following his gaze towards the moon.

Damask: He gets up and reaches down to pull Jade to her feet. "Let's get you back to your cabin."

Jade: She gets up and follows Damask back to her cabin. 

They reach Athena's Cabin

Damask: "Well, this is where we must seperate." He smiles and mock bows to Jade. "Would you like to meet again tomorrow?"

Jade: "Hmm I don't know..." She says, a playful smile on her lips. "Of course I would."

Damask: He grins and ruffles her hair lightly. "Would you like me to show you some of the other places around camp? I can meet you at the dining pavilion for breakfast...."

Jade: "I would love that," Jade said, kissing him on his cheek. "Good night," she says before walking into her cabin.

Damask: He is surprised by the kiss on the cheek, but grins. "Good night, Jade." He walks back to his cabin and almost instantly falls asleep.

Dining Pavilion

Jade: Jade waits just outside the dining pavilion for Damask. She is wearing a longer sundress with a light sweater on.

Damask: He comes up to the dining pavilion and notices Jade. He waves cheerfully. "Good morning!" He's wearing a dark blue t-shirt and light blue jeans. "Ready to eat?"

Jade: "Sure," she said, glancing towards the building.

Damask: He walks inside and grabs a banana and some waffles. He chuckles and starts humming the tune to 'Do you like waffles?'.

Jade "Now that's gonna be stuck in my head all day!" She said, hitting his arm lightly. She grabbed some yogurt and an apple.

Damask: He chuckles. "Oh alright. Let's see....what other tune should I get stuck in your head?" He attempts to take a bite out of his banana, then realizes he needs to unpeel it first. As he does so, he starts to hum 'Misty Mountains'.

Jade: "Idiot," she mumbles, taking a bite of her yogurt. "So where are we going today?"

Damask: He devours his waffle before responding. "Well, you've been to the archery range, the beach, obviously the cabins, and now the dining pavilion...." He takes a proper bite out of his banana. "That leaves the climbing wall, the strawberry fields, the gym, the armory and the stables. I think."

Jade: "Well, where should we go first?" She asks, finishing her yogurt.

Damask: He takes another bite of banana, thinking. "Hmm....maybe the stables or the armory? I was more or less asking you." He finishes his banana, tossing the peel into the compost for later fertilization. "After all, we'll probably end up going to most of them today."

Jade: "Well, I've been meaning to get a weapon for hand to hand combat," she sad, looking at him.

Damask: He grins. "Sure. This way!" He heads out of the dining pavilion, towards a building more to the edge of the main camp. He looks back to make sure Jade is following.

Jade: "So, how long have you been here?" She asked, noting his knowlage of the area.

Damask: "A week or two. I get bored easily, so I wandered around a lot." He pulls a die and starts rolling it between his fingers.

Jade: "Interesting," Jade said. She was grateful that even thigh she's only been here a few days she has already made friends. This was uncommon for her.

Damask: "What was your life like before you came to camp?" Almost the minute he said it, he regretted it. That was a little too personal.

Jade: She was surprised that he asked her this. "Life was.... difficult," she said, searching for the right words to use. 

Damask: He blushes and turns away, embarrassed. "Ah...sorry. That was out of turn."

Jade: "No! It's fine," Jade said. One day she would tell him, just not today. She wasn't ready to face her problem quite yet.

Damask: He raised an eyebrow, but then realized that they had reached the armory. "We're here." He walked over and held the door open for Jade.

Jade: She bowed her head slightly before entering the building. "What should I get?" She asked, playing with a dagger she picked up.

Damask: He followed her in and realized that he'd never actually been in the armory before. There was a ton of weapons and armor all over the place, more than Damask had ever seen. "I don't know. Whatever strikes your fancy, I guess."

Jade: She looked at the dagger she was playing with. It had a black leather handle. On the bronze blade Greek characters. "So I can just take it?" She asked.

Damask: He looked around as he thought. "I honestly don't know. What would be most plausible is to sign each weapon out...."

Jade: "Shoukd we ask a more experience member?" she asked, playing with the dagger.

Damask: He spotted a desk off in the corner. "Over there, I think."

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Jade: "Hello, any one in here?" She asked, looking around the dark room.

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Patricles: His footsteps draw nearer, and finally arrives at the dim room. He's wearing a singed Camp Half-Blood shirt and torn jeans, and he currently holds a celestial bronze hammer. Looking at the wondering faces of the two, he asks, "Er, do you guys need something?"

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Jade: "Oh, a, hi!" Jade said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm sorta new here, and I was wondering how to get a new weapon. I have my bow, but I was looking for something for closer combat," she said, shifting her weight. Jade was pretty shy at some times.

Damask: Following Jade inside, he closed the door behind them. Damask glanced around the room, noting how dark it was. "I wonder if they use a light switch or torches." He noticed Patricles and waved, moving to stand next to Jade. "Hello! I'm with her."

Patricles: He hears Damask's comment and says casually, "Oh yes we do, but I decided to shut down most of the lights for now; they are really interfering with this project we're working on, so I apologize for the dimness." He looks next at Jade and ponders about her question. After looking at her for a few seconds, he says, "Well, yes, we have weapons for close combat, let me check," as he roams around the round to rummage for samples. After about two minutes, he returns to them, holding a large tube filled with various swords, and a smaller one filled with daggers and such. "If you prefer bladed ones, I have some samples here," he says as he shows them the weapons.

Jade: "Oooo these are really nice," she says, picking up a sword. She gives a few practice swings before putting it back in the box. Jade then picks up a dagger with a black leather handle. "I like this one," she says, twirling it in her fingers.

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Damask: He nods. "Cool." Looking over Jade's shoulder, he agrees that it's a very nice blade.

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Patricles: He picks up the black-handled dagger and examines it intently. "I have to say, you have a sharp eye; as sharp as this blade. So, are you sure you want this? Also, do you want any modifications on it so that it can be a transforming weapon or anything?"

Jade: "Yea, I would love it. Since it's smaller, I don't think I need it to transform. Thanks, though," Jade sad, running her finger along the flat side if the blade. 

Patricles: He nods as he gives final observations on the dagger. "Alright then. This is yours; it's made a few weeks ago and based on my findings, its on optimal condition." He pulls out a leather holster from the smaller tube and gives it along with the weapon. "Here, you can hide and keep that there. Have fun and be careful though."

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