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Adrian, Skylar and ....

Adrian: He's sitting in the forest catching his breath

Skylar: She's running nearby went she trips on a tree root and falls, scraping her shin and hissing loudly in pain.

Adrian: He slowly walks over nervously, very nervous

Skylar: She doesn't notice him as she sits up and studies her damaged shin, bleeding very quickly.

Adrian: Ew blood He shouts out >.<

Skylar: She jumps in fear and yelps then notices him and gasps. Oh I'm so sorry Adrian. She pulls off her black hoodie and wraps it around her shin quickly.

Adrain: He blushes madly "H-Hello"

Skylar: She smiles at him. Hi. She finishes her makeshift bandage then stands up, barely putting any weight on her hurt leg. Long time no see.

Adrian: He smiles "I guess so. D-Do you need help?"

Skylar: She shrugs and looks down at her leg. I'll be fine. I've had worse.

Jasmine: She's stalking Skylar when she sees Adrian. She emerges from the bushes and has a look of "WHat the hell?" on her face. "What!? Wait, what!? Her, and... you?! WHAT!? I'm so confused..." She has her katana in hand and shes scratching her head. "Adrian, what's going on? Tell me." She looks pretty pissed off.

Adrian: He jumps "S-She's my friend Jassy. J-Just calm down please"

Skylar: She backs up away from them but, trips backwards on the same root and falls onto her butt.

Jasmine: "Just a friend? JUST A FRIEND!? We are the Broken Covenant we are suppose to RISE AGAINST THEM! NOT BEFRIEND THEM! We are NOT called the Friendly Covenant! ARE YOU OUT OF YOU'RE F*CKING MIND!?" She holds her katana tightly so her knuckles become white.

Adrian: He backs away and trips "I-I'm sorry Jassy. I-I didn't mean to do anything wrong. I-I just couldn't kill her" He looks like he's about to cry

Skylar: For the first time ever in her life, she begins to get angry and she stands up and limps infront of Adrian so she's standing in between Jasmine and Adrian. Hey! Leave him alone! He's done nothing wrong!

Jasmine: She points her katana to Skylar's throat. "You don't know him as well as you think you do. If you ever talk to him again, I will kill you myself. So, be warned and watch your back, girl." She disappears into the bushes.

Skylar: She stares at the bushes before slowly sinking down to the ground and sitting down. then she says in a small voice. I.... I guess you should be going...

Adrian: "I-I'm so sorry Skylar, she....she's not usually like that"

Skylar: She smiles faintly at him. It's okay. I should have seen it coming, you being BC and me being a camper. She stands up and faces him. I just want you to know, your the first friend I've ever made on my own.

Adrian: "W-We can still Iris Message" he looks around nervously "Y-You know when my sister is out"

Skylar: She nods. I would like that. I guess I'll talk to you later then....

Adrian: He blushes "S-Sorry again" He stands up and runs after his sister

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