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Andrzei: He knocks on Olivia's door.

Olivia: Come in! *she yells from inside her bedroom*.

Andrzei: *He walks in.* Hey Olivia. *He is blushing.* Guess what?

Olivia: *She looks up from her spot on her bed and smiles* What?

Andrzei: *He sits beside her and lays two tickets to Italy on the bed.*

Olivia: *It takes her a moment to read the tickets but, then her eyes widen and she looks up at Andrzei* Y-your taking me to Italy?

Andrzei: Yeah, I wanted to take you someplace equally as beautiful of you. *He smiles.*

Olivia: *She grins and tackle hugs himOh my gods, Andrzei! Thank you!

Anrzei: *He smiles and hugs her.* You're very welcome. *He smiles.* When do you want to go?

Olivia: Anytime you want to go.

Andrzei: Maybe tonight? *He smiled hopefully.*

Olivia: *She smiles and kisses his cheek* Sure, as long as I'm with you.

Andrzei: *He blushes and smiles.* Thank you Olivia. *He kisses her cheek back.* I suppose we should get packing, yeah?

Olivia: Yup. *She jumps off her bed and walks over to her dresser*

Andrzei: *He packs up all his stuff besides his sleeping bag.*

Olivia: *Soon, she has a small duffel and a backpack packed and she places them on her bed before laying next to them and watching Andrzei*

Andrzei: *He walks back in with a military bag and he has everything packed.* Ready? *He smiled.*

Olivia: Yup *She slings her backpack over one shoulder and carries her duffel in her hand*

Andrzei: *He holds her duffel.* I'll carry it, you shouldn't have to do anything. *He smiles.*

Olivia: Are you sure?

Andrzei: *He nodded.* Yeah.

Olivia: Okay, thanks. *She kisses his cheek in thanks*

Andrzei: *He walks with her to the road outside of camp as a taxi pulls up. He loads her bags into it and holds open the door for her.*

Olivia: Thank you. She gets into the taxi.

Andrzei: *He smiles and nods. He then gets in the other passenger seat and the driver begins to go.*

Olivia: *She holds his hand and looks over at him, her eyes full of excitement*. What do you think it will be like?

Andrzei: *He smiles and looks at her.* I think it will be lovely. The warm Italian air. The smell of the fresh food markets in the morning. The sound of the bustling town life. But it won't be as beautiful as what I'm looking at right now. *He smiles at her.*

Olivia: *She blushes and smiles*. I can't wait to get there.

Andrzei: *He smiles and intertwins his fingers with hers.* I can't either. *Soon they arrive at the airport.*

Olivia: *She looks out the window and studies the airport* Is it busy?

Andrzei: Hm.... A bit I think. *He gets out and walks to the other side, holding the door open for Olivia.*

Olivia: *She gets out and slings her backpack over her shoulder before holding Andrzei's hand, staying close to him*.

Andrzei: *He smiles and kisses her cheek. Soon their on their plane.*

Olivia: *She peeks out the window before moving close to him, laying her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes*

Andrzei: Are you okay Olivia? *He put his hand gently around her rubbing her arm.*

Olivia: I'm just a bit nervous. I've never riden a plane before.

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