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This is a roleplay between Elfie, Star, Fall, Wonder, and WG.

Shae: Walks feverishly through the forest holding a knife

Zoe: She walks through the forest, looking around. Her eyes sweep past Shae and she does one of those "look, looks away, 'Whoa, wait a sec', looks back again" things. She seea Shae with a knife and slowly walks up to her.

Shae: Get away from me! Motions toward her with the knife. She is obviously not in her right mind.

Pretend something happens here cause Nicki stopped

Shae: Screams Nothing, go away! Leave me alone! Her face is shiny with sweat

Roland: Roland was meditating when he heard yelling. He stood up and walked toward Shae, Zoe, and Rhi. What are you imbeciles up to?

Zoe: Shut up. She, points at Shae, is the imbecile here. What are you doing anyway?

Shae: Suddenly holds the knife to her own face I'm going to kill myself....don't try and stop me. She leans over and retches on the ground.

Roland: Okay. GoodI luck. Make sure there is some meat left for Jinx.

Zoe: Pulls a face at Roland. What the f*ck are you talking? She turns Shae. Don't kill yourself.

Shae: No, I can't. I can't stand this anymore. Backs up towards the cliff, still pointing the knife at Roland and Zoe.

Roland: Roland walked toward Shae, obviously not afraid of the knife. He attempted to take the knife and toss it out of Shae's reach.

Shae: ''Screams and tries to stab Roland in the gut. NO! Don't take him! Please! she sobs

Zoe: Shae, don't go anywhere. Starts to join Roland and help him.

Roland: Roland quickly bended the shadows around him to make him invisible. He ducked to avoid Shae's attacked and reappeared behind Shae. I can assure you that is the worst mistake you will ever make. He pulled his sword from its sheath.

Shae: Tries to knee Roland in the gut GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!

Zoe: She shadow travels behind Shae and grabs her knife from behind. Shae, stop it. Don't.

Roland: He put his sword in his sheath. Make sure that this mentally unstable fool feels much pain...I'll deal with her later. He shadow traveled away.

Shae: Sobs and plunges the knife into her stomach

OOC: this is a non lethal spot, but she doesn't know it.

Zoe: She gulps and rushes forward. Shae? She grabs her shoulders and shakes her softly. Shae? Can you hear me?

April: I heard......HOLY SHIT. Rushes over to Shae What the hell happened?

Shae: Moans Stop, it's better this way...falls unconscious

Zoe: She.. She stabbed herself. She catches Shae and looks at the wound with uncertain eyes.

Rosie: Walking just minding her own business when suddenly turns her head Oh my gosh. What happened?

April: We're gonna have to get her to the infirmary, stat.

Zoe: She rolls her eyes. Nooo, we just leave her here. She sighs. I'll carry her.

Rosie: I hope she's gonna be okay. What made her think of such a thing?

Shae: Shae stirs and wakes up, for the first time she seems to be in her right mind. 'She looks down at herself and gasps What.....what happened?

April: Stuff, now lets go!

Shae: STUFF!?!? I've been stabbed!

Rosie: Shae, now's not the time to talk. Just calm down and everything will be alright.

Zoe: She lifts Shae up and carries her. We're gonna help you.

April: Starts humming a song.

Zoe: Mutters. She's lighter than she looks...

Shae: Owww. Groans

Zoe: She sighs. People these days.

Shae: Stop, Stop, I need a needle and thread....if this doesn't get patched up...I'm bleed out before we get to camp. Tries not to pass out.

Zoe: You shouldn't have stabbed yourself then. We're taking you to the infirmary.

Roland: He was standing not far from them. What kind of idiot would stab herself then ask to be taken for an infirmary. You deserve to die for your ignorance.

Shae: Shut up, you. Just go away if you won't help! Grabs a cloth and tries to stop bleeding.

Roland: Roland merely looked on for a moment before speaking. We appear to have a misunderstanding. When I said that you deserve to die, I mean it. Especially for attempting to murder me. He pulled his sword from his sheath.

Shae: She doesn't cower or shrink from the sword, but just looks at him, staring him down. Go on then. Kill a defenseless injured girl who tried to stab you because she was half out of her mind. Go ahead. I'll enjoy seeing this.

Rosie: Makes some herbs grow to makes some of the bleeding stop and rips a long strip of cloth from favorite tee Shae, I need to rub some of the herbs on the wound. May I?

Roland: Roland bended the shadows around him to make himself invisible. He snuck up behind Shae and attempted to impale her.

Rosie: Almost done. Puts the herbs down and wrabs cloth around the wound There. It'll make the bleeding stop for awhile.

Roland: Roland put his sword away. Stay out of my sight. He walked off.

Rosie: Why is Roland so...Darg!!

Shae: Sighs in pleasure as the herbs work Thank you...and ignore him. He's a 'too cool for school' type person

Roland: What looked like a shadowy arrow was flying toward Shae, intending to kill Shae.

Rosie: Those people are the worst! Two of my friends are in the Infirmary. Serious wounds. Broken ribs and cracked skulls. Yours isn't that bad. Takes out bagie with some ambrosia and gives Shae a little amount Here eat this. It'll make your wound feel less painful.

Roland: Roland shadow traveled away, hoping the arrow assassinates Shae.

Shae: Leans just in time as the arrow whizes over. The idiot!! Eats the ambrosia. Thanks a lot Rosie

Rosie: I always think that Roland is a demon.

Shae: I wouldn't put it past him

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