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ed   Shi and Much Ado's rp: Samael and Gloria

Gloria: It's the middle of night and dark shadows encircle the training arena. Loud rock music blares from several speakers as she trains, performing a few basic strikes and kicks against a dummy. She shrugs off fatigue, knowing that resistance to sleep deprivation is a vital part of her training if she is to one day become head of Ares.

Samael: Is awakened by loud music in the cabin, he tells Xavier that he would investigate. Still in his pjs but is shirtless. He has his rings with him just in case. He enters the arena and secretly watches her from the shadows. After she is done.... Opens a crack that spews hellfire near her but does not harm her. You know that its against the rules to go past Lights' Out, Am I right?>

Gloria: She takes a step back, completely unfazed by the hellfire. Instead she scowls at him, her piercing blue eyes disapproving. "It's also against the rules to open giant freaking cracks in the ground!" she snaps. "Besides rules were made to be broken.."

Samael:  Smirks while shadow-teleporting behind her and taunts "You trully are a daughter of Ares, but if your trying to prove yourself, your going to have to do harder." Smiling like a demon.

Gloria: She smirks, and turns around so that her eyes meet his. Her hair messily gathered around her shoulders, she looks him up and down and crinkles her nose in disgust. "I'm a son of Hades, and I have to take a bath!" she says in a mockiing voice. "Even the stench of the Aphrodite cabin couldn't cover that sleeping with a dead carcass." she mutters to herself.

Samael: Mocks a saddened face "Oh and I'm a daughter of a war god who has never even won a fight himself! Fake smiles "Run along back to Aphrodite's cabin where you can smooch all you want with the hottest boys over there!"

Gloria: "I think I'll leave that to you...while I'm winning wars with the big boys." she grins, slowly backing away as her fingers wrap around the hilt of a nearby pole arm.

Samael: Presses the stones on his rings that turn into tomahawks and braces an attack from her...

Gloria: She thrusts the pole arm in front of her, giving her an extra three foot to play with as it were. She takes a step towards him and feints to the right, not putting her full power into the blow and extending her back foot so that she has perfect balance.

Samael: Smacks it aside and shadow-teleports while sliding on the ground to make her slip.

Gloria: She deftly spins the pole arm to the side and leaps into a combat roll, narrowly missing his outstretched body, using a move from Bajan stick fighting she smashes the blunt side of his face. Like a baseball bat would hit a baseball.

Samael: Blood rushes from his mouth and nostrils, and his lust for pain kicks in giving him strength "You really want to test me? Spits out blood and disappears in shadows, then throws his tomahawk from an unexpected corner. Hoping that it hit home.

Gloria: The tomahawk comes from an unexpected angle and she cannot see a thing as it scrapes past her forearm, making a small cut into her skin. Thankfully as a daughter of Ares, she can resist physical attacks and a small cut like that barely bother her. "You scared? Hiding in the shadows?" she yells, mustering up the courage to confront him and jab at the first sign of movement. At least he only had one weapon now.

Samael: Does some cartwheels coming out of the shadows then stands. "I'm not scared. Your just facing a mere child of Hades who can dish punishment like you." Summons an undead creature to distract her.

Gloria: Her smirk turns into a concentrated frown, knowing that at night-time he'd be difficult to beat, even if she could reduce him to ashes easy enough in the sunlight. She sees him summon the undead creature, the exposes flesh and bones reminding her of the skeletal horses that pulled Ares chariot. "Nice girlfriend!" she yells, watching as the corpse staggers towards her. Noticing that Samael must be fairly fatigued from all that shadow travel and summoning, an idea sparks in her mind and the smirk reforms, her features reminiscient of her fathers in the torchlight. She swipes the pole arm but not directly for the creature, instead she aims it at a dummy, hoping to topple it as a distraction to the undead creature. She then takes a couple of steps back and takes a deep breath, ignoring the pain the cut on her right arm was causing her. Holding the pole arm like one would a javelin she charges directly at him and leaps above the creature, thrusting the pole arm for a pressure point near the jugular vein

Samael: The force of her weapon knocks the wind out his lungs. He collapses on the ground struggling to breath.

Gloria: She points the blade of her weapon for his throat, smirking viciously. "I assume I have proved myself then.." she rolls her eyes and kicks dirt at him, a smug grin on her face as she knows she could end it any second.

Samael: Spits the dirt and throws his last tomahawk at her knee joint.

Gloria: "Seems like skeleton boy is taking a mudbath!" she smirks, the tomahawk comes in just too late for her to completely blunt it, however its' ability to cut is severely diminished. It acts as a distraction, embedding itself in her leather greaves. She drops the polearm, kicking it away where he can't reach it and scrambles for the tomahawk  , testing the weight of the weapon as her hands clasp around the hilt. "Mind if I take it?" she coos, putting a charm on the tomahawk to stop her earlier curse and smashing the blunt end of it directly for his face

Samael: As he was bashed in the face, he instinctively grabs sand. As he was falling, he threw at her face. Now lying on the ground showing his whip scars from his past to Gloria... "You think that it would hurt? I think not." spits blood.

Gloria: The sand flies directly into her face and she growls in anger, rubbing both of her eyes. She grins at the pretty spot of red, but relents as he shows her the scars. Instead a different kind of sadism emerges. "Masochist are we? Been letting the Aphrodite boys have their fun?" she mocks, aware that it's nearly morning.

Samael: Gets up but is bloodied and beaten, and raises his hands. Well I surrender, you have definitely proved yourself as a daughter of Ares....

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Gloria: "Good, remember this next time you tell me lights out. Now I'm off to bed kiddy. she smirks and saunters off into the night.

Samael: He Shouts, Wait a second! He is on his knees with blood dripping down on his pjs and the ground.

Gloria: Sees him and frowns, she retrieves his tomahawks and offers him a hand. "Come on, won't have you dying on me."

Samael: Takes her hand and gets up. Blood still dripping from his nose and face. He turns around to spit at the dirt. He then wipes the remaining blood from his mouth. He raises an eyebrow that she may be showing sympathy. Why help me after I intruded your private time?

Gloria: "Because murder looks worse than staying up past curfew?" she rolls her eyes as if his question were the stupidest thing one could ask. "Don't look for a morally redeeming quality in me, there aren't any." she offers him an arm to lean on.

Samael: He stands I'm fine, I've been in situations like this. Besides, Im not looking for any sort of quality from you. Your fine as you are. I don't mind that. Takes his tomahawks but takes as if he were snatching them. Hold still...

Gloria: Keeps a hold on the tomahawks. Wouldn't want you to cut yourself now, would we? she coos, escorting him to the infirmary. You're a bleeding idiot, take some ambrosia and you'll live.

Samael: He keeps walking and goes into the infirmary where he sits on a chair and eats a piece of ambrosia. He sits there and savors it since it reminds him of his grandmother's peanut butter cookies. As he heals, he ends up crying.

Gloria: She rolls her eyes at his weakness but feels slightly sorry for him, at least he had the courage to admit his own weaknesses unlike her. She awkwardly hangs around, unsure whether she should stay or go.

Samael: Im not crying because of you winning.... Its.. sniffs Just that my grandmother made these really delicious cookies. She died three months after I got here. But If you want to go then go.

Gloria: She sighs. "Look kid crying won't make her come back, it won't even make you feel better." she says bluntly. "Not when you can do something about it, can't you just talk to her?"

Samael: Says silent for a moment Ive met her in the underworld... Ive also caught a glimpse of my father talking your father, Ares...

Gloria: She leans against a beam, pensieve however she maintains her trademark smirk. "Your dad is the god of death, mine the god of war. What's so interesting about that corpse-breath?

Samael: You should hold your tongue if you want to enter Elysium. Besides they were about to fight. You may have heard about that big earthquake in Japan....

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