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  • Koreen: A small uncomfortable feeling keeps her awake until the late hours of night. Sighing to herself, she puts on a jacket over her tank top and slips into her sneakers. Silently, she slips out of her cabin and walks towards one of the places she feels most calm at --the ocean.
  • As soon as she reaches the moonlit sands of the beach, something odd greets her: black spots creating a trail, is it?
  • Koreen: Her eyebrows scrunch together in confusion upon seeing the trail. "I'm sure this wasn't here earlier on..." She wraps her jacket closer to herself before following the trail, curiosity getting the best of her.
  • As she follows the trail, the trail reveals it true form with the help of the moonlight. It's... blood. Shiny red blood drops; no black spots at all.
  • Koreen: As soon as she realizes exactly what it was that she was following, she stops abruptly, fear sparking deep inside her. A cold wind blows in from the sea, causing her to shiver. Despite the fear which began to gnaw at her insides, she continued forward, following the path at a much slower pace.
  • The trail, in which the drops of blood become bigger, and moonlight leads her to a large tree. On its very trunk is a human figure, actually A human. It seems that it is crucified to the tree, because it is pinned down by suspension-like objects on its arms and legs. A large amount of blood dripped from it. A strong breeze blows by, making the leaves of the tree flutter. At that moment, the leaves give way for the moonlight to reveal the crucified human. It is...
  • Koreen: She stood in stunned and horrified silence, as though her brain had failed to register what it was that her eyes were seeing. The strong breeze continued to blow, giving her a clear view of the face of person pinned to the tree. Her vision becomes blurred as she staggers forward, hand outstretched and slightly shaking. She reaches up, gently cupping the cheek of a person whom she believed she had spoken to only hours before. As the wind died down, she whispered his name, "...Tiel..."
  • So to describe him better, he's bloody wounded from head to toe. His arms and legs are broken and dislocated. Actually, he's not crucified. He's attached to the tree's trunk by metal scraps. But other than that, his head hangs limply down, but it is obvious that blood also came from there. He hangs there motionless, still breathing, but extremely shallow.
  • Koreen: A spark of anger makes itself known in her eyes. Seeing Tiel in his current state made her feel an anger which rivaled a stormy sea. After taking a few steps back, she forcefully thrust her hand forward. Almost immediately, two tendrils of water shot out from the ocean and violently slashed at the metal scraps, cleanly halving the pieces of metal. Just as Tiel began to inch towards the ground, she moved forward, catching him in her arms but staggering slightly after doing so.
  • His body limply gets caught by Koreen, with no reaction at all. His head faces her upon impact, and there is more to the blood from before. Almost all of the red liquid comes from his right eye, half-covered by his blood-soaked hair. Fresh tears still flow from the eye, as if he is crying both water and blood. His face is incredibly paler than when he had leukemia, more so his cut-filled chappy lips.
  • Koreen: Now that Tiel was no longer bound to the tree, a feeling of fright creeps over her. She knew that she couldn't yell for help, as most campers were asleep and, physically, she would be unable to carry him to the Infirmary. The sound of waves crashing reaches her ears and she turns her head in the direction of the water. An idea pops into her head and she grips Tiel tighter. She then concentrates on the water, hoping that she would have enough strength to Water Travel both herself and Tiel.
  • In a few seconds, she manages to Water-Travel across the beach to the ocean's dim waters. Tiel is still unconscious, maybe even dying. The blood from his right eye is still flowing, though gentle and slow.
  • Koreen: Seeing that she failed to reach her desired destination, she inwardly curses at herself. Already, she feels her energy draining away from that simple act of Water Traveling. With a bit of effort, she brings Tiel closer to the water, praying to her father that her ability to heal using water would extend to Tiel. Gently setting the son of Apate down on the shoreline, she takes one of his hands in hers before dipping her other hand in the water.
  • As the water very slowly heals his wounds (due to Koreen's depleting strength), the sea itself seems to shake, and the moon above seems to blink for one moment. The stars in the sky, instead of twinkling, seem to spin and distort into something like the northern lights.
  • Koreen: With her energy lessening with every passing second, her head starts to feel light and her surroundings seem to get rather blurry. The odd change of the environment went unseen for she was concentrating solely on healing Tiel.
  • As if like a broken television, Tiel's form flickers in static. A strange, but powerful presence fills the cold night air. The presence itself circles around the two, observing them as the environment's distortion gets even more bizarre. The sand changes into a random color in an alarming rate, the ocean seems to crash its waves backwards, and the "northern lights" turning into swirling lights like oil trying to mix itself in water.
  • Koreen: When Tiel flickered for a few moments, she froze, fearing that something with her healing went horribly wrong. The following strange occurrences reassured her, in an odd sort of way, that everything was alright. The powerful presence however, made her grip Tiel's hand tighter in anticipation.
  • The presence gathers in front of them, materializing into a woman in her early thirties. Her true appearance cannot be determined, for it changes in a small amount of time. Her hair constantly shifts from brown to black, black to purple, purple to gold; her eyes from electric blue to lime green, lime green to crimson, crimson to amber. Her clothes act the same way, from stripes to checkered patterns to polka dots to intricate designs. She radiated enough power to turn the surroundings literally upside-down. It is Apate... the goddess of deceit and guile, Tiel's mother. She fixes her blank gaze upon Koreen with her color-shifting eyes, with no word to at all.  (Note: This is a god rp. I (Hyu) am using one of my god rp prizes from adopt a newb.)
  • Koreen: Seeing the goddess of deceit standing before made her feel... mixed emotions. Fear, guilt, helplessness, anger. Still gripping Tiel's hand in hers, she meets the goddess' stare, remaining equally silent, waiting to see what it was that the deity standing before her had to offer.
  • Apate: She finally speaks with a voice so enthralling and powerful that causes the upside-down sky to crack like glass, creating a rift filled with a purple void; but of course, everything is an illusion, all under her absolute control. "I believe you know me so well, daughter of Poseidon." She doesn't show any emotion as soon as she lays her eyes on her gravely injured son.
  • Koreen: She remains silent first, not trusting herself to speak up in front of the goddess. When Apate's gaze left her own, she closed her eyes before taking a deep breath. After a few moments, she found the courage to speak up. "Why are you here?"
  • Apate: She croons coldly, "I am always here. As long as lies and fraudulence exist, so do I. I have seen the wicked ways done by humans to each other, whether it be born out of wiles or pure blood lust; it includes the horrors done to him. Would you care to see? Would you seek vengeance to those who wronged him?"
  • Koreen: She rests her gaze on Tiel, on his pale and bloody face. For a moment, her vision turned red, but it quickly faded with the crashing of the waves. She caresses the back of his hand with her thumb, thinking of the choice which the deity before her seemed to offer. On one hand, deep inside, she knew she wanted nothing more than to see whoever had hurt Tiel in agonizing pain. On the other hand, the act of vengeance went against the beliefs which she upholds. "...One does not repay evil with evil."
  • Apate: She chuckles cruelly, amused by her words. "That is what most people say, my dear. Repaying evil with kindess is similar to taming a wild animal who already bit your limbs off! Wouldn't you want to make his oppressors suffer the same fate? Wouldn't justice taste a little sweeter if those things happen?" Having no regard for asking permission from her anymore, Apate causes another rift, this time much bigger and is shaped like a television screen. A scene immediately shows up on it. A dark figure raises a knife on the helpless and wailing Tiel's right eye. He screams, 'No... please! Please... don't do it! Please, have mercy!
  • Koreen: She turns her eyes away from the scene, biting her lower lip. Hearing Tiel's screams seems to weaken her resolve, leaving her feeling as thought she were nothing more than a small child, shaking in the dark. "...Stop it."
  • Apate: She doesn't listen to her, and lets the scene continue. After a while, Tiel is sprawling on the ground, his left eye open and crying tears, while his right eye closed and crying blood. He manages to whisper, despite the suspect's maniacal laugh, "Koreen... Koreen... Koreen..." Apate then speaks up with the same voice, "Don't you see? My son who poured out his... love... on you contracted a vicious disease a while back, almost lost himself in his numerous injuries, even losing an eye just to speak your name. Doesn't it... spark anything on you?" She walks closer toward them and crouches down to slide a finger across Tiel's bloody face. "Such... a handsome young man, only to find himself in a state like this... Won't you do anything? Would you sit there and prove to be worthless? Would he die here, with no justice at all?"
  • Koreen: Without realizing it, she had begun to shed tears soundlessly. The mere sound of Tiel's pained voice broken something inside of her. The spiteful words of the goddess made her feel all the more useless, as though she would always fail to protect those that she held dear. When Apate drew near, she flinched away, unable to say anything to defend herself against the harsh words of the deity.
  • Apate: She places her gaze on her once again, her eyes a bright magenta color. "No? You will not do anything at all? Such a pity." She examines her son's face deeper, and decides, "Perhaps I can offer you something... in compensation for your uselessness. I can turn him back to the he was back then, even revert his mind. You see, his heart has changed dramatically ever since his ordeal. He isn't the one whom you know. However... this comes with a price; a hefty price, I tell you."
  • Koreen: The prospect of being able to see Tiel as how he was before was very much appealing. She knew she would do anything for him, anything to have him be safe, even if it were at the cost of her own life. The thought, however, that things would change between her and Tiel lingered on her mind, making her hesitant... but one look at Tiel and she knew she had to do it. Lifting her gaze up, she meets the eyes of the goddess, a heavy weight filling her heart as she spoke. "All things come with a price... name yours."
  • Apate: A suspicious smile crawls across her face as she explains, "In exchange of turning him back, he will live under the illusion that you have never met at all. I may not be as powerful as Mnemosyne and Lethe, but I can make someone seem to be... forgetful. That is the price, my dear. He will forget all of your memories together, anything and everything you had ever since the beginning. He will treat you like a total stranger, in contrast to what he considers you now." She pierces her eyes even harder on her face. "Now, daughter of Poseidon, choose: let him live out his days miserably with a change of heart, or turn him back to the way he was, with the price of his memories being shrouded in the clouds of illusion. Choose wisely. You will never have the chance to make another choice."
  • Koreen: She looks at Apate in stunned silence. "... Y-you're asking me to choose... on whether he remains as he is... or as he was before... b-but with no memories of me." She bows her head at the weight of the impossible choices. Her hear falls into her eyes, shielding them from sight. Her hands tremble, not in fear, but in sadness. She gazes at Tiel's face sadly, her decision already forming in her mind. Without looking at the goddess, Apate, she gives her decision. "If the cost of saving him... of returning him to how he was before... is his memories of us..." She pauses, feeling the words getting stuck in her throat and tears once more swim in her vision. "...If that is what it takes... then so be it."
  • Apate: She smiles coldly and stands up, with her eyes filled with triumph. "Then so be it. Let my lies and illusions befall upon him; hide the truth from his eyes, ears and tongue; heal the wounds of his miserable past with the medicine of guile; and..." She drifts off for a few moments, as if to raise the dramatic effect of her magical speech. "... daughter of Poseidon, you are a witness to the pact we have made on this spot. Let us see how much of this petty love will take you." The distorted surrounding starts to shatter again like glass, but instead of the purple void, it reveals the true world, already bathed in the light of the early morning sun. Apate walks slowly towards the ocean, her ever-shifting dress billowing behind her. "Remember, your choice will call forth the worst of lies. You entered the life of one of my children; expect to see the worst under the mantle of their mother. Even if you manage to lift the 'fog' from him, I will stop at nothing. Farewell." In a wisp of purple smoke, the goddess dissolves to whereabouts unknown, presumably off to places where she can sow her deceptions.
  • Koreen: As soon as the goddess had left, only then did she again shed tears; tears of sadness, of fear, of agony... and of regret. Despite having such a strong resolve earlier on, she can't help but feel as though she had chosen the wrong path. As the waves crashed into the shore and the sun rose steadily higher, she sat there on the sand beside Tiel, head hung in defeat. She internally debated with herself whether to ask help from someone to bring Tiel back to his cabin, or to merely stay there and wait until he wakes. While gazing at the seemingly peaceful face of the one whom she cares for the most, she opted to stay there and merely wait for the inevitable to come.
  • Tiel: And so it happens. Tiel's wounds disappear, all blood dissolving into the air magically. Every evidence of his ordeals are long gone. His complexion goes back to normal, as if he didn't get sick or ran out of blood. He's basically the way he looks from before. Finally, his eyes open for the very first time in what would seem like ages of torment and torture. He slowly rises up, befuddled and absent-minded-looking. He mutters, "W-what in the seven heavens and seven Underworlds happened?" As if on cue, he looks at Koreen with a titled head and a confused face. A heartbeat skips as Apate's word come true as he says, "Uh, so, yeah, miss, can I ask you something? Not much, unless you're not as crazy as me, that is."
  • Koreen: Seeing Tiel awake, she hurriedly wiped her eyes and tried to appear as though she had not shed a single a tear in the past hours. Her voice, however, betrays her, as it sounds rather hoarse yet soft at the same time. "...G-go ahead..."
  • Tiel: He puts on his best smile to ask nicely, with a hint of that same-Tiel thing. "Is this Camp Half-Blood, the only safe place for kids of gods and not-gods-who-aren't-nymphs-or-anything-like-that and all that thingamajib? Just making sure if I remember things; these days sure knocked the spirits out of me."
  • Koreen: No longer trusting herself to speak, she merely nods in affirmation to what Tiel had said.
  • Tiel: He then grins, relieved that he is back at camp. "Greeeaat. You're a camper too, I guess?"
  • Koreen: She casts her eyes down towards the sandy beach floor. Again, she merely nods her head.
  • Tiel: His grin grows wider, not knowing that the more he does this, the more pain it strikes Koreen. "Alright then. I'm on the right place after all!" He stands up and tries cleaning his clothes with his bare hands, but gives up after a few seconds. "I'd better get going. Thanks miss!" He heads off to Apate's Cabin, leaving her there alone.
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