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Let hell freeze over

Justine: Justine walked out of a store holding a few bags, each one having a different logo on it. As she walked she came upon a coffee shop, and walked in with a light chime sound. She walked over to the counter and decided to buy a small hot chocolate, and a green sprinkled doughnut. She sat down at a small table looking out the window, cringing as people walked by.

Zora: Zora walks into the coffee shop, she has on her blue overcoat, and her blue lace up boots with orange strings. Zora has an orange band on her right hand middle finger, and a blue band on her left hand middle finger. Zora walks to the counter, and got a cup of scalding hot water. Her target was in sight, Justine, Zora had a summons to kill her by a paying customer, and she wasn't going to let Justine get away. Zora walks towards Justine's window seat and acts like she tripped, throwing the cup of scalding water up towards Justine's direction...

Kyryptos: He walks into the store, after a normal group of people in order to blend in a bit more, he stops at the counter looking at the menu, but focusing on Zora. He had seen the money exchange, and trailed her to see what was going on... after he got some random drink he moved to the far end of the cafe

Justine: Justine looked up at the girl as scalding hot water came pouring down on her. She screamed loudly, a little pissed. "WHAT THE HELL!!" She said this as she tried to get up and walk to the bathroom, but she fell, because the scalding water fell down her legs burning more of her skin. She grabbed a hold of the chair, and lifted herself back up. "What the hell is your problem, bitch?" She said this in an agitated tone."

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