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Suzaku: she was playing with her phone that she received illegally from ....someone ;) being high in the tree in front of the sanctuary she was safe from judging eyes yet it didnt stop her from judging herselfgaia is a heartles woman...she read out load from the article she found online. maybe....she said slowly looking out into the distance being reminded of her life when she was younger maybe you just dont know her yet...she continued throwing her phone away annoyed grrrrr why do human's do that....she asked herself as she went down the tree its not like they know anything...she said to herself once more as she looked for her 'lost' phone

Karen: Karen was walking about in the sanctuary, trying to familiarize herself with it, when Suzaku's phone flew past her head, "What was that?" She asked nonchalantly, figuring it just fell from a secret cubby in some tree overhead. Karen looked around for where the item landed, her eyes finally landed upon a small patch of sage brush that had broken stems in it. "Ah-hah!" She declared to herself as she kneeled down to look through the sage brush, "Whatever was it that flew past my head?" Karen asked herself in reprise as she continued to feel through the sage brush, looking for the fallen item.

suzaku: she was far from the sage bush yet being a nymph she felt the present of a demigodoh great....she said sarcastically as she levitated herself a few meters above ground spying a brunette near the sage bush she sigh as she flew to the girl thats a first seeing a demigod tending a bush rather than fighting monster...she said sarcastically as she crossed her arms landing near the girl her eyes had a mix of sadness and sadness yet her voice was full of annoyance

Karen: Karen ignores Suzaka, and continues to search through the bush until she finds the phone, which surprises her slightly. "Is this yours?" Karen asks as she stands up, turns around and holds the phone in her hand for Suzuka to see.

suzaku: she looked down at her phone in her handmaybe...she shrugs as she circle the demigod hmmmm soo a demigod with a good body might need to work out a bit if your looking for a partnershe said flatly something soo important unless you have one already hmmmm she joked as she place her hand on her chin pretending to stroke a mythical beard soo do you have one newbie??

Karen: Karen drops the phone on accident, "Did you just say I had a good body? Stay the frick away from me, damned nymph," Karen states in disgust, as she starts to walk in the direction of a general exit out of the sanctuary.

suzaku: she rolls her eyes as she looked at the demigod flying once more to get ahead of karen I was just telling you the truth you have a good body newbie and to be dreadfully honest to you newbie I'm taken and even if I wasnt I'm straight sorry she said simply with a fake smile if you take it wrongly it means you had a hard past and I'm sorry to have make you feel insulted when i was just trying to be nice...she said a showing her annoyance

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