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Icarus:He skips through the forest, singing happily and whislting a showtune, As perky and kind as he may look, Icarus is really just scouting for some dipshit campers to round up and slaughter, as he has done so often before.

Marge:Marge has been following Icarus for the last five minutes, somehow managing to be un-noticed but she accidentally slips on a pile of leaves and lands on her butt. She screams, "SHIT"

Icarus:He was not expecting anyone to blindly follow him, but he was glad they did. Back tracking to her, he stood over her body with a single arm outstretched. He smiled warmly, hoping to allow her to lower her guard and take his hand, "Are you alright there?"

Marge:She smugly replies, "Back the hell up, If I wanted your help I woulda asked." She reaches up to push aside Icarus's hand, as she begins to stand

Icarus:His warm smile slowly contorted into one of malice, and without a second thought he jabbed with the hand she was closest to, trying to take her arm into his grasp. He chuckled coldly, Now that wasn't very nice, now was it?"

MargeIcarus grap catches her arm, and she swings her free hand, balled into a fist, at Icarus' face as she says, "YES it was!"

Icarus:He used his powers to completely null the force of her punch, and her fist simply slumped onto his cheek, not damaging a thing. He raised squeezed her forearm in his hand, placing enough pressure in it to shatter her bone, "Wow, it seems you're zero for two. How will you get yourself out of this predicament?

Marge: Her arm makes a popping noise, she cringes, and attempts to kick Icarus in the shin, she screams, "Ahee!"

Icarus: Icarus started laughing maniacally at her futile attempts to harm him, and with his free hand he took one of her fingers between his own. Squeezing and pulling with a moderate amount of strength, he tried to rip her pinky straight off, without so much as a starting cut to make it easier.

Marge: Her pinkie begins to turn red and you can tell that its been dislocated, Marge cries in pain, and tries to pull her hand free, but instead pulls her finger out of its positioning, entirely and it would hang loosely if Icarus would only let go. "MY FINGER!!!!!"

Icarus:He stops laughing, only to grunt a single time as he pulls with his immense strength one last time, attempting to completely remove her pinky from her body, "What about your finger, girl?

Marge: The finger comes off freely and easily, and blood begins to trickle out. Marge reaches up to slap Icarus, all the while crying over her finger

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