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Daige Reunited

Monsters Inc. and Maybe Some Cuddling >.<


The Adventurous Adventures of Daige

The End

  • Sitting on the bed in the couple's room in Disney World, is a letter in an envelope, written for Paige.



  • Paige: After checking out from the hotel like Dae-Ho told her to, she rushes over to the Magic Kingdom as fast as she can, hoping to make it before 5.
  • Dae-Ho: He is waiting by the Magic Kingdom wearing a suit similar to this. He hesitantly checks the time, it being 4:45 p.m, he starts to worry that Paige may not show up.
  • Paige: She turns a corner and ends up at the ticket booth, forced to wait in line in order to get in. She sighs and checks the watch around her wrist and sees that she still has enough time to meet Dae-Ho on time.
  • Dae-Ho: It is now roughly around 4:57 p.m, and with little to know evidence of Paige showing up, Dae-Ho prepares himself to leave within the next few minutes
  • Paige: She gets through the ticket line and bolts in through the entrance, looking frantically around her for Dae-Ho and screaming his name to see if he's still there.
  • Dae-Ho: After hearing the faint sound of his name being called, a smile grows. He then turns to where the sound is coming from and when he spots Paige, he waves to signal that he's still here.
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