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James: He sheaths his sword. "Where do you wanna go?" he asks.

Angel: "I'm not sure. Do you know far the town is?"

James: "its close enough to walk to." He says beginning to walk.

Angel: "Oh, great" Shelf smiled as she feel in step with Jamestown

James: "Mmhmm," He stops, suddenly remembering he was wearing his battle suit. "Uh, I should probably drop this off at the Athena cabin. "He says, already beginning to slip his white hooded cloak off. "I'll catch up with you at the camp entrance, kay?"

Angel: "Alright, I'll see you soon" she said, walking towards the entrance

James: After changing into his usual white zip-up hoodie, he rushes towards camp entrance. He spots Angel about 10 feet away. "Hey!" He waves to her as he runs up to her.

Angel: "Hey, ready to go" She smiled as she undid the braid she had subconsciously woven

James: "Yep." He smiles back. "Mexican alright with you?"

Angel: "Ohh yeah" She laughed "Mexican is great"

James: "Alright then, lets get goin'." He walks outside camp.

Angel: She walked beside him silently, wondering what to talk about

James: Before long they make it to town, and the first mexican restaruant he sees is Taco Bell. "Do you wanna eat there?" he nods his head towards the sign.

Angel: "Sure" She smiled "Haven't been there before"

James: "Really? Never? I used to eat here all the time." He opens the door and waits for Angel to go in.

Angel: "I didnt really ever have the time to do anything other than train and study" She said walking into the restaurant

James: "Huh, that sucks." He walks in after her waits in front of the order menu. He looks it over and asks Angel, "What do you want?"

Angel: She shrugged "What ever you'll have is fine"

James: He laughs. "Alright then." When it's his turn to order he setps up and says, "I'd like 3 XXL burritos with 2 medium drinks and a side of nachos." 

Angel: She found a table for two and slid into one of the seats " So, you got a quest?"

James: He sits down across from her. "Yea, to save twins. I'm trying to get my quest approved as soon as possible but something's holding it up."

Angel: "Oh, well I guess quests can't be approved over night. Are the twins your half siblings or something?"

James: "No, actually. That's the odd thing. They're twins of Morpheus."

Angel: "correct me if I'm wrong but I thought only your godly parent could give you a quest?

James: "She did..." He takes a sip of his soda. "She said Morpheus was scared of getting anymore of his kids captured and asked her to get one of her own kids to do it."

Angel: "Oh, I see"

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