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Plutus and Juliet

  • Juliet: She sits on a bench in an empty field somewhere on camp property *it could be anywhere idk*. A bag of potato chips is in her right hand, and with her other hand she slowly lifts up each chip one at a time, inspects it, and eventually places it into her mouth.
  • Plutus: He seems to be watching her from afar, hiding himself in the trees that line the empty field. As he watches her eat he snorts slightly and rolls his eyes playfully, however ultimately he still loves her to some extent.
  • Juliet: She hears a small noise behind her and jolts, dropping the bag of potato chips on to the ground. Juliet pushes herself up and bends down to clean up the mess before any birds can get to it.
  • Plutus: He takes the opportunity to walk towards her, stopping near the bench. He crosses his arms and grins, laughing slightly, "Oh Juliet, so awkward. I guess that new guy of your's hasn't helped..."
  • Juliet: She looks up at him and glares, trying to put the chips back in the bag without looking. "I'm not attached to him, I have my own life. I guess you don't because you took this time to stalk me."
  • Plutus: He laughs again and runs a hand along the back of the bench, "I wouldn't call it stalking...more like, overlooking...making sure you're safe, essentially. I mean, I wouldn't want to see you get hurt which you will be if you stay with him."
  • Juliet: She looks back at her bag of chips, refusing to look at him anymore. "I'm perfectly fine, thanks for your concern, and isn't overlooking just a fancier word for stalking?"
  • Plutus: He shrugs, "If you think so. But the guy you're with isn't good, evidently."
  • Juliet: She wrinkles her eyebrows, still not looking at him. "What do you mean....... not good? He seems good to me." She turns around to face Plutus, not changing her confused expression.
  • Plutus: He laughs and smiles at her, "You don't know about his plans? I thought he would've at least told you."
  • Juliet: She brightens a little bit, "You mean like dating plans? That sounds really romantic, I hope he takes me to the beach some time." She stares off into space, imagining what the perfect beach date would look like.
  • Plutus: He laughs even more and shakes his head, "Not dating plans...Plans to do with his life."
  • Juliet: Her expression turns to confused again. "What do you mean by plans that have to do with his life.... Don't I have some part in his life?"
  • Plutus: He shrugs, "Has he told you about his plans to return to South Korea?"
  • Juliet: "Wait what? He never told me about that, or anything even close to that," she says, her expression turning to shock.
  • Plutus: He nods, "Which means he probably doesn't care about you, right?"
  • Juliet: She blinks and shakes her head. "Of course he cares about me, what reasons would he have to not?"
  • Plutus: He shrugs, "Well, going back to South Korea would involve him becoming an idol again. Only, he'd have to break up with you in order to do that."
  • Juliet: She continues shaking her head, getting more nervous with every sentence that Plutus spoke. "No, he would never break up with me because of that, it's not possible."
  • Plutus: He takes a step towards her, only a small one so she wouldn't walk away too quickly, "Well, it might be if he manages to get in contact with his former agency."
  • Juliet: She doesn't notice that he got any closer to her and continues, "But why, why would he do that, doesn't he care about me enough to not do that?"
  • Plutus: He shrugs again, smiling now sympathetically, "I don't know. That sounds like something you two would need to work out."
  • Juliet: She finally stands up, clenching the chip bag tightly in her hand. "You know what, I'll talk with him, and I'll see what's really going on."
  • Plutus: He nods, "And I'll make a deal with you, if you want...since you're so sure he loves you."
  • Juliet: She takes a step back, realizing that Plutus somehow got closer to her, "What kind of deal?"
  • Plutus: He shrugs, "If you two break up, I can come and er, accompany you for a while."
  • Juliet: Her mouth drops open in shock and disgust, "What? No, of course not, that is not happening."
  • Plutus: He raises an eyebrow, "Well, don't think of it as accompanying you. More like, overlooking you in the hopes that this Parker kid comes and saves you."
  • Juliet: She wrinkles her nose, "I am not going to play the part of the Damsel in Distress waiting for her prince. Also, I don't want you overlooking-stalking- me 24/7, or at all for that matter."
  • Plutus: He smirks and shrugs, walking backwards, "We'll see. In the meantime, why don't you go talk to him - might save you the imminent heart break."
  • Juliet: She snorts, "I can't believe I even listened to you for one second, you're just jealous that I love him and not you."
  • Plutus: As he walks away he waves his hand dismissively, "It's not me who's going to have a broken heart."
  • Juliet: She watches him walk away, fuming with anger and frustration. She then storms away towards the Nymph Sanctuary, going to confront Parker. As she walks, she tosses her chip bag on the ground recklessly, ignoring it as it gets picked up by the wind and carried away.


  • Parker: He sits in his room, on his bed, looking through an old album of his group's. His mind wanders towards towards moving back to Korea to continue his career. He sighs and throws the album to the floor.
  • Juliet: She runs up to Parker's door and knocks. Since she is pretty angry, she hits the door pretty hard. She winces and blows on her fingers to try and stop the pain.
  • Parker: He jumps slightly at the abruptness at the knocking and quickly goes to the door, opening it and smiling at Juliet, "Oh, hey Juliet, is everything okay?"
  • Juliet: She looks past him, into his room, and sees the album on the floor. "Yeah, I guess. Can I talk to you about something?"
  • Parker: He nods and moves to the side so she can walk into the room, "Sure."
  • Juliet: She takes a couple steps into the room, looks up at Parker, and decides to just get it over with. "Why didn't you tell me?"
  • Parker: He tilts his head slightly in confusion and looks at her with a confused look on his face, "Tell you what?"
  • Juliet: She moves her hands frantically, as if trying to exaggerate her point, "About wanting to leave, to go back, and, you know, leave me."
  • Parker: He visibly freezes and he rubs the back of his neck with his hand, looking down slightly, "I wouldn't leave you, I'd make sure to keep contact I swear."
  • Juliet: "But it wouldn't be the same, you wouldn't be here with me. We would probably drift apart and you would find someone else and..... and..... well... uhm.... yeah."
  • Parker: He furrows his eyes slightly, "Well, it might not be like that since skype and such."
  • Juliet: She rolls her eyes. "Oh, please. Because that's totally the same thing as being together. You can just lie to me through a screen."
  • Parker: He furrows his eyebrows slightly, "And why would I do that? Do you assume that just because I'm not with you I'm automatically going to lie?"
  • Juliet: She shrugs, "Maybe, I wouldn't really be there to tell if you were lying or not so, yeah."
  • Parker: He opens his mouth to say something but stops for a second before sighing slightly irritably, "So you really think I'd lie? Me, of all people? I couldn't lie to save my life."
  • Juliet: She blinks at him, taking in what he's saying, "Oh really Parker, really? You can sure stoop low though."
  • Parker: He crosses his arms, "How do I? Care to explain?"
  • Juliet: She raises both of her eyebrows, "Who doesn't tell their girlfriend important things? If you really loved me, you would tell me. Obviously, you can stoop low enough to not even love your girlfriend enough to tell her that you might be leaving."
  • Parker: He sighs again, "Exactly. The keyword there is might. And maybe, just maybe, I don't know, I didn't say anything because I was weighing up my choices? If I loved you, which I do if you must know, I would think about it - which I have. So if for one moment you think that works then you're wrong."
  • Juliet: She stares at him, contemplating, before reaching out a hand to slap him in the face.
  • Parker: As he gets slapped he instantly feels pain and once its done he looks at her, unable to say words. He has small tears beginning to form in his eyes and he looks down, "Just go. We're done here."
  • Juliet: She tries to act angry, despite the tears that start dripping down her face, "Ok, fine, we're over." With that, she walks out of his room, slams the door, and storms down the hallway towards the exit.
  • Parker: He looks at the door and sniffles slightly and then gazes at the same hoody she wore once on his bed. He had intended to give it to her at some point and he figured now would be as good of a time as anything to give it to her. He grabs it and runs to his door and opens it. Just before he goes she shouts her name and throws the hoody in her direction. Looking at her a final time, he turns and goes back into his room.
  • Juliet: She hears a soft thud behind her and turns around. Seeing the hoody, she picks it up, glances at it, and then slings it over her shoulder carelessly before walking out the exit door.

Plutus and Juliet: The Sequel

  • Plutus: He leans against the door of the Nymph Sanctuary waiting for Juliet to come out. He taps the edges of the walls with his fingers, sighing slightly.
  • Juliet: She steps outside and sees Plutus, "What, wait why are you-"


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