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Adam: He was leaning against the wall in the bar, his hands in his pockets and he looked around bored.

Hoshiko: She sits near a table with an empty chair across from her, humming her favorite tune.

Adam: He spied her and walked over, his hands in his pockets as he sat down across from her 'Hey Hoshiko, didn't expect to see you here.'

Hoshiko: She jumps, startled by the sound of his voice. "Oh my gods, don't scare me like that!" Hoshiko said as she placed a hand above her heart.

Adam: He smirked slightly at her 'I'll make sure I won't.'

Hoshiko: She motions him to sit at the empty chair across from her, "So, what are you doing here?"

Adam: he slid into the seat 'Nothing really, I come here occasionally, just cause I feel like it' he shrugged and gazed at her, taking her in. 'Yourself?'

Hoshiko: "Well, I had nothing to do so I came here to chill and relax." She said. "Plus I wanted some where new to walk so yeah."

Adam: He nodded at this 'I see' he murmured as he studied Hoshiko with hidden curiosity.

Hoshiko: "So how are you?" She asked in politeness.

Adam: He had been tapping out a tune on his knee with his long and elegant fingers, but stopped when he heard the question and looked up and took a minute to think of a good enough answer-and one that she wouldn't get suspicious over. 'I'm fine thank you, a bit hectic where I live but that's it.'

Hoshiko: She nods her head. She didn't like the awkwardness that has been casted upon the both of them. She starts humming a melody to herself and no one in particular.

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