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Derek: He was walking through town with a slight frown as he kept his head down pushing through the crowds passing the other way, he was dressed in a simple white V-neck shirt and black jeans but he wore an expensive looking leather jacket over.

caitlyn:' she was wearing her usual wear t shirt and jeans both non designer showing to how she was not one to show her wealth next to her was her cat azure walking around in the crowd as it showed caitlyn the way through the long lesh azure had on her.Caitlyn clearly was letting azure lead the way as she paid more attention to her phone when she suddenly bumps into derek ops sorry !

Derek: He stumbled back looking at her in surprise, not expecting her to come out of no where. 'I-it's ok, don't worry! But uh maybe you should pay more attention off the phone and y'know where you're walking...and attracts monsters.' he pointed out jerking his thumb at the device.

caitlyn: she makes a 0.o face monsters? she repeated as she got up demigod? she asked as she points to darek

Derek: He slowly nods. 'Yup, I'm a demigod, child of Aeolous to be exact...I take it you aren't, then?' he asked tilting his head at her with a blink.

caitlyn: she shakes her head as she picked up her phone nope I'm one too child of ariadne the maze goddess...

Derek: He nodded slightly. 'Right, yeah, I remember hearing of her...reminds me a bit of the spider person, arachne or whatever her name was.' he coughed into his hand biting his lip slightly.

cait: she blinks a few times what does athena have anything to do with ariadne? cause she's the wife of dionosyis (OOC:I have no absolutely no clue on how to spell his name >,<) pincess of thebes the minatour one you know?

OOC: Lol Dionysus xD 

Derek: 'Um...I meant the name was similar...' he said rubbing his neck blushing lightly.

cait: she realizes it and makes a >,< face oh sorry  its just ever since I was 5 I had myths and legend hammered into my head soo simple mistakes like that was not tolerated by my grandfather ....she said deeply apologetic

OOC:well grammar is my enemy but spelling is also a close second soo >,<

Derek: He shrugged 'It's fine, don't worry.' he said with a smile.

cait: sooo what do we talk about now or do you want to continue on keeping silent ? ;;she asked directly with no pity

Derek: He raised an eyebrow at her whilst running a hand through his blonde hair. 'Uh...I guess if you want, I could buy you like a coffee or something?' he coughed into his fist not sure on how else to proceed.

cait: she let out a laugh as she saw azure going to derek leaning on his leg wanting him to pet her well seems like azure wants some more time with you and I guess coffee is nice soo your on derek!

OOC: No no no I'm replying \(^_^)/ don't worry! Oh gods exams... 0.0 

Derek: He laughed at this before bending down to pat the animal. 'Cute animal.' he says glancing back up at her.

cait: she let out a laugh hearing his comment demon...she corrected him many says azure here is a demon soo be careful she might ruining your life she said simply anyhow lets walk to the coffee shop agreed??

OOC:Oh? ok just checking cause I saw you on but you didnt  reply to me soo ok...anyhow yup next month is my >,< 2 whole months...

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