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He is flying around camp testing out his ability to fly at high speeds. He is having a lot of fun his mind is clear of all problems and is only focused on the skies. He is wearing an aviation hat, a leather jacket with a white shirt under and some jeans. Under him, camp and the forest go zipping by as he makes one quick circle around camp and lands in the common area. He feels energized after the quick flight and a new found confidence in the ability to use his powers.

More Info:

 Age: 16  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 127 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Dating Megan Chambers
 Birth Place: Madrid  Main Weapon: A sword
 Accent: Spanish
 – "I can't protect you without holding a sword. I can't embrace you while holding a sword."

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Xavier -Automaton
-Nerdy Automaton
Age= N/A but looks 12     Height= 5'0"     Weight= 164 lbs (coz metal)     
Sexuality= Asexual     Health Status= Alive and Working     
Nationality= N/A     Accent= American
Maker= Jude Walker    Main Weapon= ???

 – N/A

Jude told him to walk around for a bit so he can get used to the presence of others and also to get himself familiar with the looks of camp. Before he went out, Jude gave him a purple jacket, which is originally his but has already outgrown them. Xavier's nerdy appearance is slightly altered to more of a geeky one because of the Star Wars shirt he wears under the jacket. With this, Xavier happily steps out of the cabin, ready to venture the unknown, well, at least to him. His eyes are met by the bright daylight which made him automatically shut his eyes as he takes a step backward in utter surprise. His body tries to adjust to the new surroundings. "Adaptation Process: 100% Complete" he reads in green texts that look like digital fonts. He soon opens his eyes and the texts are gone. He slowly turns his head to look around and see various demigod activities. He continues to walk and walk, going to no place in particular as he observes the people playing, sword fighting, some are just normally talking. He tilts his head slightly and looks up the sky. His eyes are able to take in the light and so he does not squint like how people would normally do. He then sees the clear blue sky which brings a smile onto his face as he looks at it with much awe. Later, something all of a sudden dashes through the sky leaving almost thin trails of white smoke like it's some sort of jet and immediately, Xavier follows it with his eyes but it is just so fast that even he is not able to keep up. "What... is that?" he asks in wonder.

Derek: He sees him on a fly over and notices the awe on his face. He smiles a little bit thinking that the boy is fascinated and wanted to meet him. He took a slow jet like landing to the ground and walked over to him smiling. "Hello, young man who are you" He wonders what he thinks of flying and whose child he is.

Xavier: He continues to examine the skies until he later hears an unfamiliar voice so he turns his heads and looks to the direction of the new sounds. He sees a guy and then he blinks his eyes for a few seconds then he faces him and looks at him from head to toe actually scanning his body. "Interesting," Xavier says afterwards and a smile forms on his face. "Did you know that your average speed is 84.78 meters per second?" he asks as he finds idea of the boy's speed interesting until a realization dawns at him. He gasps. "Are you the unidentified object that zipped through the blue medium?" His eyes are all wide with surprise and intrigue.

Derek: He is surprised "No sir I did not and yes I was the unidentified flying object"

Xavier: He just nods. "Nice, nice." He continues, "How are you able to do that?" he asks fascinated. "Jude species such as you... I cannot imagine that you can fly!" He gets excited with the thought of something new. He tends to call everyone Jude species since the first person he ever met was Jude and from there, he thinks everyone that looks like him is called Jude.

Derek: "Well, young man my father is this god who granted all of his children some powers, and Jude's species is called demigod" He smiles "Want to go for a spin?"

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