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Casper Hughes and Melinoe's Outing

  • Melinoe: As 10 PM drew nearer, she stepped out of the darkness, fixing her floor-length dress before leaning on one of the trees, waiting for her son, Casper, to appear.
  • Casper: A few minutes after Melinoe has arrived, the door of her cabin opens with a creak seemingly similar to a faint shriek of a banshee. From the small gap between door and the frame comes out Casper, who closes it immediately after getting out. He shifts his head to his left and right, calling out, "Mom? Mom? Are you here?"
  • Melinoe: She steps into what little light the moon offered, so as to be better seen. "Right here."
  • Casper: He abruptly shifts his head to Melinoe's direction, his heart almost leaping out because it was dead quiet and someone would just talk to him >.< He takes a few steps forward, eyeing at her. "You? Mom? The REAL thing? Like real Melinoe?"
  • Melinoe: She smiles slightly, one corner of her mouth lifting up. Her form seemed to flicker slightly before a chubby man with white hair, kind eyes and a warm smile took her place. "I am who your heart believes me to be," she said vaguely. Her form flickers once again before returning to that of the woman from earlier.
  • Casper: He squints his eyes, not believing on what he just saw moments ago. "Wait, time out. Wasn't that my uncle Nicholas? The so-called Santa Claus of my family?" >.< Face
  • Melinoe: She looks faintly amused. "If I am not mistaken, then yes."
  • Casper: He begins to scratch his head. "He really looks like my uncle Nicholas. Why brought up something like him right now? I mean, yeah, he's dead and you're like goddess of ghosts or something, but, uh, yeah."
  • Melinoe: She shrugs. "You wanted proof that the one before you is truly the goddess of ghosts. I merely tried to convince you with a small display of my power."
  • Casper: He moves his lips to its sides then back. "Well, okay, okay. I guess it's pretty legit. Soooooo, how 'bout we save the precious time Zeus gave to us and start this all over?"
  • Melinoe: She nods. "... By start all over, do you mean begin with whatever outing you have planned out for us or do you mean re-do our... introductions?"
  • Casper: "Begin with my planned awesome outing, yes; introductions, later. It's as easy as that."
  • Melinoe: She nods. "And what exactly have you planned for the both of us this night?"
  • Casper: "Well, of course, we're going somewhere you'd really like. Let's just say we're hanging out with your vibes tonight."
  • Melinoe: She smiles wryly, making an attempt at a joke. "So, we'll be spending time at a mall?"
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