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Cafe RP~

Desmia: She skips into the Cafe, Daevyd in tow, as she drags him along. "Mkay, so, one of us should order the food, the other find a table. Which job do you want?"

Daevyd: He looks around and sees a small booth open. "I'll go get a table, you can go get the food." He pulls out a couple twenty dollar bills. "Here, get what you want, I just want a donut and a coffee."

Desmia: She looks down at the money and, back up at him "Wait, you were serious about paying for my stuff...?"

Daevyd: "Of course I was, wouldn't be much of a date if you paid for me, would it?" He stops talking and thinks about what he said. "Yeah, not much of a date if you paid for me."

Desmia: She blushes a bit at the word date, and giggles."D-Date? We're on, on a date?" She ever so slightly bites her lip to keep from smiling too excitedly

Daevyd: He looks around and nods at her, "Well, I mean, you could consider this a date, even though I never really asked you out or to be my girlfriend, I don't even know what you would say. So, I guess this could be a date, or it could be just food and stuff, or I could ask you out now and call it a date." He quickly closed his mouth, suddenly realizing he was rambling on.

Desmia: She blushes a dark scarlet, and, giggles more, slightly tugging at a piece of her blonde locks "Wait, wait, girlfriend...?"

Daevyd: "Uh... Yes, I could ask you out to be my girlfriend, and... Well, would you like to be my girlfriend?" He smiles sweetly and looks down at the table. "I.. Yeah, sorry."

Desmia: She leans up and, gives his cheek a kiss "I-I would love to be your girlfriend..."

Daevyd: He blushes a bit as she kisses his cheek and sits her down next to him. "Well, I guess that this day keeps getting better." He scoots over and goes to get the food, getting into an argument with the cashier and leaving Desmia to her thoughts.

Desmia: She looks back, and giggles at the scene with Daevyd and the cashier, and she gently rests her chin on her palm, smiling dreamily to herself.

Daevyd: He comes back to the table and sits down next to Desmia, putting things on the table until he gets his donut and sips his coffee. "People are really just... People aren't the smartest sometimes. He tried charging me an extra 20 dollars. That's not cool. Yelling at him was fun though." He chuckles, remembering what he told the guy and how he reacted.

Desmia: Her brows slightly furrow, as she gingerly takes her things from Daevyd. She looks up at him as he sips his coffee, her mouth going into a small frown. "It's not nice to yell at people, no matter how funny it was."

Daevyd: He considered using sarcasm but didn't want to drive off this beautiful girl. "I... Yeah, I'll work on not being an ass to people. Even if they deserve it." He says and looks down at his coffee suddenly wondering why she even cared. "Wait, why does it matter? I didn't yell at you. N-nevermind. Sorry." He took a big gulp of coffee, ignoring the sting of searing liquid going down his throat. He looks over and wraps an arm around her, pulling her a bit closer. "Is everything okay?"

Desmia: Her frown deepens and her stare slightly hardens as he speaks. "I care because no one else will. I care if people yell at others because it hurts their feelings. I care because I get yelled at a lot for being 'stupid'. And, yes, I guess I am just fine, then. Just. Fine." She pouts slightly and, sits back in her chair, picking her drink up and sipping it to have something to do.

Daevyd: Daevyd sat there and moved closer to her, wanting to comfort her. "Listen, no matter how much someone can yell and bluster and blunder, he might not be what he looks like at the time. I'm not an ass. I yell at people that deserve it. People yelling at you because they think you are 'stupid' is not an excuse to pick on someone as amazing as you." He lays his head on her shoulder and lowers his voice, so only she can hear him, "No one has a right to pick on someone as beautiful and great like you. No one. And if someone thinks they do, then I will make sure they learn to shut up when they need to. I promise."

Desmia: She blushes at the compliments, and slightly giggles, setting her drink down. She looks up at him, a slightly unsure smile on her face. "Y'know, it's not nice to yell at anyone at all..."

Daevyd: "I know, and I will work on not yelling at people, just for you. So... What now?" He smiles widely and leans his head back, staring at the ceiling and his arms out wide on the back of the booth.

Desmia: "Thank you. And, I 'unno. We eat, drink talk, I guess~" She smiles at Daevyd in return.

Daevyd: "A song just popped into my head, and this is terrible timing but..." He says trying not to burst out laughing, making it even funnier to him, "... Do you kiss on the first date?"

Desmia: Her face turns cherry red and, she begins to stammer, slightly embarrassed, as she believes real ladies do not talk about stuff like that. "U-Uhm, sometimes?"

Daevyd: "Well, would you make an exception for me?" He smiles and giggles a little bit, wondering if she was taking him seriously. Kissing her would be.... Nice. Oh gods, what am I thinking. He thinks to himself and wonders if she really would take him seriously.

Desmia: Her face turns scarlet, clearly taking him seriously and, looks down, giggling a bit "P-Perhaps I could make an exception... for you."

Daevyd: He puts a curled finger under her jaw and lifts her head to see her eyes. "You don't have to if you don't want to, just know, I will never force you to do anything you don't want to do." He looked her dead in the eyes as he said this. "And I will make sure no one forces you as well."

Desmia: She becomes a little light headed, no one ever being this nice and sweet to her before, as she giggles. "Ohh, trust me. You definitely ain't forcing me~" She blushes more out of embarrassment of saying that, but, not regretting it.

Daevyd: He leans forward slightly, tilting his head and presses his lips to hers. Dear gods, she is too beautiful to be human. Oh... wait.. Yup, that's right. He thinks to himself while wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling his lips away from hers and smiling. "So?"

Desmia: As the kiss ends, she's in a daze. That kiss, at least for her, had been amazing. She also absolutely loved the way his arms fit around her waist, and just, everything. However, as he asks his one word question, she looks slightly confused, even with her dazed expression. "So...?"

Daevyd: "So, as in, 'So how was it?" He smiles and pulls her a bit closer to him and keeps his arms wrapped around her. Mine, all mine and no one will take her from me. He thought, just a tad possessively. He chuckles as he listens to his own thoughts.

Desmia: She giggles more, blushing, as she's pulled closer to Daevyd, and slowly wraps her arms around his neck, moving slightly closer to nuzzle his cheek. "It was... magical." She giggles again, and slightly pulls back "Now, I really appreciate all this attention, but, I think the people in this cafe are starting to kinda stare..."

Daevyd: He chuckles as she says that, and looks her dead in the eyes. "I'd rather be in front of people, than all alone with you, not in a bad way mind you, but for the sake that I might not be able to control myself too well." He blushes and looks down and looks at everyone looking at them, "Well, what are you waiting for? A wedding? Go back to what you were doing." He turns back, shaking his head.

Desmia: A look of confusion crosses her face, as she looks down. Her mouth moves with her thoughts, though no sound coming out, as she tries to figure something out. To no avail, she looks back up at Daevyd and, a look of frustration passes over her. "I don't get it..."

Daevyd: He leans over and whispers in her ear so no one could hear him and whispers, "Well, let's just say, I can be very... sexual, I guess you could say. I wouldn't want to do anything to you without you wanting to, but sometimes I'm just plain.... sexual. Gods I'm redundant. You see what I mean though, I like you, very much so, but I don't want to take advantage of something you're not offering." He grimaces and pulls his hand away, staring at the table, thinking, I've just screwed myself over. Way to go. Life -1 Daevyd - 0. He just sighs.

Desmia: Her face heats up, and, she picks up her drink, slightly looking away. She steadies her breathing, which had become radical at the word 'sexual' and takes a final deep breath. "I don't know what redundant means..."

Deavyd: He looks away for a second and sighs. "Redundant means I repeat myself alot. And I'm sorry for... Nevermind." Daevyd removes his arms from around Desmia and folds them, then sets them on his lap. He wasn't too sure if he should continue talking after saying what he said, and was even less sure about touching her in any form.

Desmia: As he removes his arms, Desmia gets more and more confused. She didn't know why he was being quiet, nor why he no longer wanted to touch her. Obviously, she assumed it was something she did, and, bit her bottom lip. She picks up her drink, holding it close to her mouth but, not actually drinking it. Her bottom lip begins to quiver, and, she looked like she was about to cry. She didn't want her stupidity to scare of Daevyd...

Daevyd: Daevyd looks back up at her, seeing her lip quiver, that snapped him out of it. He gently set her drink down and kissed her on the cheek, then pulls her closer to him. "I'm sorry. I'm here for you, please don't cry." He looks to her and says slowly, "I didn't know what to do, I was just a tad scared that you wouldn't like me if I rambled on." He pauses and thinks on what he said. Wow I'm a big softie, He thinks to himself.

Desmia: She continues to look down, and ever so slightly responds by turning slightly towards him when her cheek is kissed. She looks up towards him, tears glistening in her eyes as she sets down her drink."S-So my being stupid, it didn't almost scare you off...?"

Daevyd: "No, you weren't stupid at all, I was being weird." He smiles at the end to reassure her that he still cared for her. "I don't just dump my girlfriend on the first date. Well, I wouldn't dump you at all, you're too pretty and nice." He smiles even wider as he wraps his arms around her. "I doubt you could do anything to drive me away from you, hon."

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