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One last swim

Blake: He stands at the dining pavilion in nothing but his trunks and flip flops, with his towel over his shoulder. He leans up against a pillar as he wait for his girlfriend.

Cassi: She walks to the pavillion, smiling. She's wearing a halter top with pink flowers and a white background. She also has on a jean mini-skirt, and pink flip flops. She's carrying her towel on her arm. Her hair is tied back into a messy ponytail, and, has blue sunglasses on. She smiles as she sees her boyfriend.

Blake:  He sees her and smiles. He walks over to meet her, taking her free hand and interlaces their fingers, greeting her with a kiss. "You look great Cassi."

Cassi: She squeezes his hand and, gives him a gently kiss in return. "Why, thank you. You look, dressed for the beach, and nice."

Blake: "Thanks. Let's go." He starts to walk towards the beach, still holding her hand.

Cassi: She walks with her boyfriend, slightly swinging their hands together

Blake: He swings with her, smiling at her. When they get to the beach, he leads her to a spot up from the water to put their stuff. He kicks of his flip flops and sets his towel down.

Cassi: She smiles and, takes her shoes off. She lays her towel down in the sand so, no wrinkles were contained. She begins to lift up her shirt, revealing her yellow polka dot bikini.

Blake: He waits and watches hew a bit, admiring her physique. He takes a few steps towards the water and waits for her, not really taking his eyes off her.

Cassi: She finishes undressing and, gently places her sunglasses down on her towel and clothes. She looks up at Blake and slightly blushes, standing back up. She walks up to him and, smiles. "Were you looking at little old me?"

Blake: He smiles at her. "I have a hard time taking my eyes off of you, Cassi." He reaches and takes her hand.

Cassi: She blushes gently, and,gently laces her fingers through his "That's very sweet of you, Blake."

Blake: "It's true." He starts to walk to the water with her.

Cassi: She smiles, but, as her feet are consumed by the waves, she stops. She gently shivers as the water touches her and, freezes. "Th-The water's really cold..."

Blake: He looks back at her, then walks over and wraps his arms around her, trying to warm her with his body. "Better?"

Cassi: She blushes and gives a curt nod, slightly snuggling closer to him. "Yeah..."

Blake: He smiles and snuggles closer back. He takes a couple steps back further into the water, slowly trying to get them into deeper water.

Cassi: The water, however, is still as cold as before, and, she shivers gently. She, however, perseveres through the cold. For Blake.

Blake: He goes until the water is almost to her knees and stops. "You doing ok?"

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