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flirting..? c;

Drew: He scratches the back of his neck as he walks along camp grounds. He's wearing a plain black shirt and cargo pants. He runs his fingers through his hair and hums an old song.

Jae: Jae walks along the Camp ground, texting on her phone. Her hair is tied back into a high ponytail with a single strand of hair loose, and untucked. She's wearing a strapless summer dress, with soft red flowers dabbed delicately as a pattern. On the bust of the dress, right in the middle, is a bright red bow. She's wearing a white camisole that looks like lace, and, she's wearing knee-high high-heeled white boots, and red stockings. She sighs out of boredom, having not encountered any new hot, single guys in hours and turns her phone off, breathing in the fresh air.

Drew: He sits on a bench and yawns as he watches other campers play sports and walk aimlessly. He tries his best not to think about his ex and move on. He sighs and lets his knee bounce while his hands tap random beats on his lap.

Jae: As she's walking, she looks closer at her nails, trying to pass the time in one way or another. Her decorated nails had soft white gem swirls with a pink background. As Jae walks on, right past Drew, she doesn't even give him a second look, nor eye contact, as she always has her head held high and she doesn't look down on anyone, literally. She takes a seat on the far end of the bench where Drew is not, and, pops the bubble she made of her gum, before sucking it back in her mouth.

Drew: He notices the girl and notices how pretty she was. She didn't seem very interested in what she was doing and he was bored himself. He mustered up some confidence and called out to her. "Hey! Are you new here?" He used that card, the most basic card to get her attention.

Jae: She looks at him, with a bored expression, on her face and rolls her eyes. "Nope. Actually been here almost a year." She gives Drew a look up and down, and, a slightly sly yet, hopefully enticing, grin places on her face as she turns her body towards him. "But, I certainly haven't seen you around before."

Drew: He smirks. "You can say I don't hang around camp much. Although, I wish I did. Maybe I'd see more beautiful girls, like yourself."

Jae: Jae giggles a bit, and crosses one leg over the other "You totally should. It would make Camp a lot more interesting." She gently tugs at the loose strand of hair that was in front of her face. "So, do you have a name? And, if so, is it as amazingly hot as the rest of you?"

Drew: He blushes and then laughs, "The name's Drew. Yours?"

Jae: She smiles with her pearly whites and leans slightly closer. "My name's Jae Jun. But, only my mother still uses my last name to call me. So, Jae's fine."

Drew: "Jae Jun, hm? That's a hot name. Almost as hot as you." he winked. "Say, you up for some movies? Maybe, dinner? Anything really, spending more time with you would be great."

Jae: She raises her eyebrows, not letting it show on her face the surprise concealed within her. No guy ever had enough nerve to actually ask her out. A small smirk appeared on her lips, graciously, as she rested her chin on her palm. "Movies and dinner? I don't suppose you are perhaps, asking me on a date are you, Drew?"

Drew: He hums then stands up and moves so he's in front of Jae. He holds out a hand. "I think it's safe enough to say yes. I am taking you out on a date." He smiles at her, then winks.

Jae: She smiles a bit slyly as she takes his hand, and stands up. She however, takes her hand back and, crosses her arms over her chest. "Awful sure I'm going to say yes to this date, aren't you?"

Drew: He nods feeling confident. "I'm getting good vibes." He laughs, "Come on, I know a short cut to the movies."

Jae: "Well, I'm so sorry to disappoint, Drew, but I can't." She goes to step past him, but stops mid-step, and decides to whisper in his ear, "I don't play that way with my toys." Before she completely steps past him, going back to her Cabin.

Drew: His face drops but he catches up to her and grabs her arm. "Aw, come on, Jae! I'll let you toy with me all you want, just let me take you out first."

Jae: She gives a sharp little sarcastic giggle. "Oh, Drew. The only fun part about guys is getting them to fall for you. Then, they're all so, willing and eager. It's gross. I've already toyed around with you. You're no fun anymore. Though, I've gotta admit. You're probably the only one who's had enough confidence to ask me out when you first meet me. Kudos to you. Know, if you'll excuse me, I really must find a new plaything before I get more bored..."

Drew: He smirked and then laughed. "I honestly don't care, Jae. We're going to the movies. As friends or more than that. I honestly just wanna get to know you better."

Jae: She shakes her head and, rolls her eyes. "Sorry, but, I can't be friends with a guy. It's unnatural. It'll upset the natural order of things."

Drew: He furrows his eyebrows. "I was never one to follow the rules any way. Come on. ONE movie. An then you can leave."

Jae: "Tell me, Drew. Why should I go to the movies with you? It's a boring, elongated TV show with no talking at all. Sounds fun."

Drew: He pouts for a minute for answering her question. "Well, tell me. What movies do you like?"

Jae: "Mmmm... I've never actually made it through a whole movie without getting bored and leaving..."

Drew: "Aw come on, lets just walk around town then." He offers.

Jae: She scrunches up her nose. "But, the guys in town aren't any fun either. They get influenced way too quickly. And, they're very excitable, which annoys me."

Drew: He sighs, "Okay. What do you like to do?"

Jae: "My nails, deciding on outfits that guys will like, ever so slightly practicing my powers. Stuff like that."

Drew: "Would you be happy if I took you to a nail art place?"

Jae: "A Nail Art Place is no place for someone of your, parts."

Drew: He shrugged. "I'll keep you company."

Jae: "Why would I need some company to get my nails done? What are you going to offer me? 'Stimulating conversation'? Yeah, right."

Drew: He sighs, "Well okay." He shrugs and walks away, wondering why girls are so complicated.

Jae: She crinkles her nose, not entirely feeling right. She gently calls out to the boy, "Hey, Drew, listen..."

Drew: He turns to her voice and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

Jae: Her face grows in confusion "Your demeanour seems a little weird. It seems, not so happy."

Drew: "Well.. I was just turned down multiple times by a really pretty girl." He shrugged. "Multiple rejection, kinda brings ya down."

Jae: "But, the kinda guys that hit on me don't usually take rejection this badly. They just sorta, move on..."

Drew: "I wasn't trying to hit on you. I really just wanted to take you on a date and to get to know you better."

Jae: She looks even more confused. "'Get to know me better?' I don't know if I understand..."

Drew: "Well, it means like becoming a friend and maybe more than that." He states. "Getting to know you is learning about your interests, pet peeves; all that stuff."

Jae: "But, you're a... guy. Right?" She stares in slight amazement at Drew, wondering what was going on in his mind.

Drew: "Yeah.. and?" he asked, getting slightly ticked. Though he didn't show it, she obviously thought he only wanted her for sex and she was wrong.

Jae: "But guys don't like all the emotional, sentimental stuff. It's clear enough by the amount of campers in the Gods' cabins. All the Gods wanted from our mothers was exactly what they got..."

Drew: "Well, what's wrong with a guy wanting to know you?" He questioned.

Jae: "I-I guess there's nothing exactly wrong with it. It's just kinda," She scrunches up her nose. "weird. All the guys who've ever spoken to me seem to want one thing, and, getting to know me is not it."

Drew: He shrugs. "Yeah, well.. I'm not like other guys, if it makes you feel better."

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