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The Anniversary


Alex: Dressed in a slick-looking black dinner suit with a dark green tie, Alex walks over to the Cybele cabin with an envelope in hand. He pats down his hair as he walks, wanting to make sure he looks his best for tonight. He was pretty proud of himself actually. Not only had he remembered his and Margie's one year anniversary, but he had booked them into a flash restaurant in town and he'd organised a anniversary gift Margie would love. He'd been talking to his mum recently over Skype, and as a result his mum was now wanting to meet Margie, so he'd organised for the two of them to fly to New Zealand for their anniversary.

Margie: She's waiting for her boyfriend excitedly, just inside Cybele's Cabin. She's wearing a simple dress. It was a halter dress, the straps tied around her neck. There wasn't really a design on it, but, just the colour blue. The top of the dress was in a corset-like fashion, the back laced up fully thanks to her sibling. The skirt of the dress, starting just a little above her waist, was in soft layers. There were about 5 different layers of different fabrics of blue, and ended 2 or 3 inches above her knees. Her shoes were wedged sandals, the cords of the sandols lacing up to her knees. Her hair is tied up in a high ponytail, only a few strands braking free. She gently breaths, her breaths coming short, getting more and more excited. She looks the gifts she had gotten for her boyfriend. The first box was small, with vertical strips and was red, with a small green bow on it. The middle box was more flat than tall, but, still not completely flat. It was a green box, with horizontal strips, and a red bow on it. That last box, which had some suspicious holes in it, was just a plain box. It was rather large and was not confined at all, though a suspicious noise seemed to be coming from the box... As she looks out the window, and, she sees her boyfriend coming, throwing the door wide open. "Alex!"

Alex: He was lost a bit in thought, but as soon as Margie flung open the door a grin broke onto his face and he ran over to her. "Margie!" As he reached her he wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her up slightly to kiss her, then put her back down gently. "You look..." Alex started, but he couldn't find the words to describe how beautiful Margie looked. He just looked her in the eyes and smiled, a little blush appearing on his face.

Margie: She blushes a bit in return, kissing his cheek softly. "You look better, Mr. James Bond-esque." She giggles gently, before slightly tugging him towards the inside of Cybele's cabin. "C'mon, c'mon, Alex! I've got to give you your presents now, before our date. Please?" She looks up at him, giving him Puppydog eyes and such.

Alex: That jogs his memory, reminding him of the envelope in his hand. "Oh! Yeah! I have, I have presents too." He gives in and follows Margie into the cabin, taking her hand in his and squeezing it. With his spare hand he fixes his hair again, wondering if Margie will like the present. What if she doesn't? He thinks momentarily, but he shakes away the thought.

Margie: She brings him into the little living room type thing of her cabin, where the three boxes are spread on the table. The large one still having strange sounds emitting from it. Honey bounds in, and, goes up to the box, sniffing it, causing more noises. She then pads over to her owners, jumping up on Alex. "Can you open your presents first, Alex? Please? I really want to know what you think..."

Alex: He eyes the plain box suspiciously as he scratches Honey behind the ears. He gently pushes Honey off him, frowning as he notices the creases Honey made to his clothes. Alex tucks the envelope into the waistband of his jeans and walks over to the gifts slowly. He wraps an arm around Margie's waist and looks down at them on the table. "Um, which do I open first?"

Margie: Momentarily, she intoxicates herself in her boyfriend, resting her head on his shoulder and breathes his amazing, masculine scent, before coming back to her senses. (Can you tell I don't have much experience in this irl yet? >-> <-<) She looks at the boxes and motions to the plain box. Honey begins to sniff at the box, and stick her nose in one of the holes, before quickly retreating, trying a different hole. "Oh, I'm sure it would be quite beneficial to open this one. The present is getting a bit, uh, restless, plus, Honey wants to play..."

Alex: He kissed Margie on the top of the head before moving away from and closer to the box. In truth, he's super excited to see what's in the box, but he's keeping a calm demeanor. As he kneels down in front of the box, he says over his shoulder, "You know, at this rate we're going to grow to be an old married couple surrounded by like, five billion pets." He gently pushes Honey away from the box, ruffling her fur as he does. Alex carefully opens the box, and his face spreads into a huge grin as he sees the contents.

Margie: She blushes a bit, giggling, twirling a strand of her hair as she thinks about the thought... "You wanna grow old with me? And what's wrong with pets? They're so cute, and cuddly. Kinda like you. Except they're just a tad furrier than you..." She giggles more as he peers in the box. In the box is a cat. A white kitten that seemed to glow. It was one of those cats with like, semi-squished faces, but, managed to look absolutely adorable. It's tongue was ever so slightly sticking out as it looks at Alex, it's eyes widening on seeing a new human-like species. It has a bowtie on, like, actual black bowtie, courtesy of Margie. It slightly shakes, fluffing up it's fur, appearing as a huge furball now. It leaps out of the box, landing gracefully on the floor, and begins to strut as if he were THE cat to be. It saunters over to Honey, who had went to lay on the floor, and curls up next to her, the two snuggling. Margie giggles, "I took Honey to the pet store to help me pick out a little companion for you. She seemed to really like him, and, he looked so sad so, I had to get him for you... He absolutely loves attention and enjoys the outdoors as much as Honey does." Margie smiles at her boyfriend, "Soooo, do you like him?"

Alex: "Of course I want to grow old with you. I love you." Alex says this so matter-of-factly, like it was something that was natural. Just as the sky was meant to be blue and the grass green, Alex was meant to love Margie. "And yes, I like him. I like him a lot." He smiles. Feeling like he should emphasise how much he loved the gift, Alex crawled over to where Honey and the cat were lying and began wrestling with them, completely ruining his James Bond image. As he's rolling around with Honey, he remembers a multitude of things. That he has to wear this suit to dinner, and it's now covered in animal hair, that he hasn't properly thanked Margie for the gift, that Margie still has gifts to give him, and he still has to give Margie his gift. He wrestles the animals off him and stands up, thoroughly brushing down his suit. As he's doing this he asks, "Does he have a name?"

Margie: She was giggling really hard. She knew that Alex loved her. She just really loved to hear him say so. And, she really loved that there was no question as to whether they would grow old with each other. She absolutely loved to see Alex act like, well, himself. He was so unique, and so real and raw that, she just loved him all the more. "Well, I'm very glad you like him." She walks over to her boyfriend and, begins to help him wipe the animal fur off of him. "And, since he's now your kitten, I've decided to let you name him. I just got him yesterday, and, I've just been calling him kitty." She wipes a final piece of fur off of him and smiles up at him. She goes on her tip toes and, gives him a gentle kiss, holding it for a few seconds that, to her, seem like an eternity, before going back to her normal height, a slight blush back on her cheeks. "And, I love you too..."

Alex: "Hmm... that's good." He says after Margie kisses him, putting on a faux serious expression and pretending to stroke a fake beard. "But," He says, raising a finger to the sky as if questioning something, "There is still the matter at hand of naming the kitten!" He begins pacing back and forth, the serious expression still apparent on his face. The kitten pads over to him and sits near his feet, watching him pace. "Honey and... sugar. No. He's a man! He needs a manly name. Honey aaaaand... Lemon? No, that's wrong. Honeyyyyyyy annnnnnnd.... Beau? Isn't that the name of a shop? No, actually, that works. Honey and Beau. Honey and Beau." He murmurs all this as he paces. He stops once he has got the name, and clicks his heels together, his finger pointing to the sky now representing his discovery. "We shall name him... Beau!" He says this in a booming voice, even though Margie could have heard him when he was murmuring. Beau nudges Alex's leg, meowing as if he approved of the name.

Margie: She ever so slightly winces, Alex's booming voice sounding more like screaming, as she was in such a close proximity. She slightly shrinks back, not liking yelling, or to be yelled at. "B-Beau's a nice name. It's French, is it not?" She looks down, now ever so slightly more awkward after the yelling. "A-And, if you want, I-I still have 2 other gifts for you..." Her voice came out small, and slightly mouse-y.

Alex: He looks at Margie and winces when he sees her timid expression. He wraps an arm around her and pulls her into him as he kisses the top of her head. "Oh, Margie, I'm sorry if I scared you. I really am." Alex looks down at his beautiful girlfriend and smiles, the corners of his eyes turning up. "You sure you don't want to open my present first?" He asks a little hopefully, because he absolutely can't wait for Margie to see what he bought for her. Beua comes up to Margie and rubs against her leg, purring softly as if apologising for Alex's loud voice before.

Margie: She giggles a bit and, gives his cheek a kiss, smiling in return. "Id absolutely love to open your gift, Alex. As long as you promise to open mine after!" She looks down at Beau and, bites her lip. She bent down, and went to pet the kitten, finding it absolutely adorable.

Alex: He gulps, suddenly nervous that Margie might not like his gift. She had bought him three gifts after all, and all he had was a measly piece of paper. He chuckles nervously and unwraps his arm from around her so he can grab the envelope from the waistband of his suit pants. is holds the envelope in front of him and stares down at it nervously, an expression that Margie would clearly be able to see, before he smiles reassuringly (both to himself and Margie) and holds out the envelope to her. "Here. I-I'm sorry it doesn't look big... I hope you like it." He mumbles as he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, waiting for her to open it.

The Trip

NZ plane
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