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~~ Voideus and Katherine ~~

Kitty: Kitty strolled through camp, her whip clipped to her side and her hand carrying a sketchbook. A pencil was tucked behind her ear, keeping her curtain of dark brown hair out of her face as she walked, moving smoothly and gracefully. The grass beneath her shoes kept her confident and secure, despite being in an unknown place that she is yet to learn about. As she walks, she runs into one of the campers. Pausing in her steps, she wonders ... getting to know the campers would be to her benefit but how would other people take her randomly approaching them. Still, she tried it. Kitty approached him with a friendly smile. "Hello, there. I'm Kitty. It's nice to meet you."

Voideus: "Yeah hey there. How are you" He look at his book and smirk at her. He slips his tea from his bottle and cough a little bit. 

Kitty: "Honestly? A little lost. Do you think you could show me to the arts and crafts area? I heard there was one here." she chuckled. "I'm still trying to get a handle on where everything is. The Camp is pretty big."

Voideus: "Sure why not" He led her to the arts and craft area. "I used to stole a lot of pictures here and sell them. Good times"

Kitty. She followed him, the walk quiet until they got there. Her eyes travelled, scanning the area and amazed by it all. Kitty could see the training ground from here and was glad that she knew where her next stop was.   "Thank you." she smiled before doing a double-take at what he next said. "Really? Used to? Well, what made you stop if you liked it so much?"

Voideus: "I got enough money and now i only steal digitaly like hacking to people's bank accounts" He laughs

Kitty: She chuckled too, rubbing the back of her neck nervously. "Well, thats not at all unsettling." she pushed all of her hair to the front of her right shoulder.

Voideus: "Do you have a bank account" he look at his phone and smirks miliciously

Kitty: She laughed, fidgeting with a lock of her dark brown hair. "Doesn't most people? I was supposed to be a university student so I had to open one. But it's not much use to me now, is it?" Kitty vaguely motioned to her surroundings. "Mortal money doesnt count for much here, I heard."

Voideus: "And now your bank acount is empty all is mine now." He shows up his phone bringing up his bank acount profile which have 5000 dollars

Kitty: She raised an eyebrow. "How you even found that, I'll never know. I didn't even tell you my legal name." She crossed her arms. "But whatever. It's no use to me now, really. "

Voideus: "Well i am a genuis with an IQ of 219 nothing is impossible for me but to money is very important cuz i want to help people with this money"

Kitty: "Well, so long as it's being put to good use ..." she shrugged, sitting down at a workbench in the arts and crafts area. Kitty pulled a piece of paper and sat in front of her, looking around at the different things she could use before looking back up at the other camper. "So you're like a modern day Robin Hood. Take from the wealthy, give to the poor, that kind of deal?"

Voideus: "Yeah, I guess" he sit down and take a sip of tea while taking out his clarinet and play some songs

Kitty: She smiled. "Well, that's pretty cool." Kitty looked down at her blank bit of paper before picking up a tube of glue with a fine nozzle. She began drawing an outline on her page with the glue, looking up when he started playing on the clarinet. "You're very good." she smiled once more, taking the blue glitter from the desk and sprinkling it all over the glue-lines. "I dont think I ever got your name." she glanced up at him before returning to her work and gently brushing the glitter that didn't stick to her page into the jar it came from. The shape took the form of a sapphire hand, reaching out the lower corner of the page. She repeated the process with different shades of blue glitter to make the hand seem 3D. She drew a cellphone in the top corner, positioning it as if the hand was leaping out of it, and a wallet in the lower corner to be picked up by her jewelled-like hand.

Voideus: "Nice drawing" He stop playing. "So you are in college right?"

Kitty: "I'm supposed to be. I dont really go to school now since I have to stay here." she shrugged, delicately enhancing her work by shading different areas and making others stand out. It looked as close to reality as she could. "What about you? Well, then again, I figure you dont really need to go to school, do you?"

Voideus: "No, i quit school in ninth grade" he continues to play hi clarinet

Kitty: "Dang, son." she chuckled, shaking her head. Kitty finished her drawing. A scene captured of a digital-looking hand leaping out of a phone, gaining on an unasumming wallet. She turned it around to face him. "There you go. I think I captured your talent alright." she laughed a little before turning it around to add some little adjustments.

Voideus: "And this song is for you" He plays a very relaxing and beautiful song for the lady.

Kitty. She smiled, picking up a brush and dipping it in a silver paint. "Well, thank you. Let's see ..." She closed her eyes, puttin the tip of her brush on the corner of another page and listened to the music. Kitty let her hand move, her emerald eyes hidden from view by thin lids of skin as she slid the brush along the page to the music. She followed every turn and ornament in the music, stopping when the music paused to add more paint to her brush. She opened her eyes when the song  finished. The swirls on the page were smooth and sleek, like the music, almost looking like Celtic knotwork, having incorporated a few triskelles into her art. Kitty grinned, her jade eyes shining brightly. "Thanks a lot for that."

Voideus: "Your welcome. You make me miss my mom. She is always nice and stuff like that" He stop playing

Kitty: She gave a sad smile, the gesture not reaching her eyes. "And you, my dad. He's a musician too. Though he hasn't played in a while." Kitty puts the sheet of paper to the side to let the paint dry. It was another piece of artwork she could tape to her wall in her room.

Voideus: "Sometimes life is not what it suppose to be you know? This life choose all of us for a reason and i am still figuring out why. He said

Kitty: She nodded. "It's all so mysterious, isn't it? I wonder the same thing." Kitty unclipped her bullwhip from her side and put it on the table. "I never asked for any of this. Hell, I just wanted to be some artist-in-residence in a museum somewhere. But look at where I am. I suppose we just make the most of it and at the end of the day, we decide our purpose. And right now, mine is to learn."

Voideus: "And i just want to be with my family. The last thing i heard about my blood family is that i have cousins in Sweden but i am not ready to see yet

Kitty: "Well, maybe one day you will be. I'm sure they'd be glad to see you." she smiled amiably before returning her whip to its clip on her belt loop. "You're lucky to have cousins. I really just have my father."

Voideus: "They might join us. They are demigods afteralll"

Kitty: "Well, that'd be nice." she smiled. "Provided they dont rob me of what was supposed to be my college funds, like some people." she joked, laughing a little.

Voideus: "They will i taught them"

Kitty: She feigned disappointment. "Well, damn." she chuckled. "You took all of my money though so there's nothing for them to steal."

Voideus: "I am just kidding. They are excelent artists. One is a drawer and one is a musician. I am proud of them "

Kitty: She smiled. "I can see that. Yeah, they sound like people I'd love to meet." she chuckled. "One day, if that's alright with you, that is."

Voideus: "Sure, why not? They are a little bit naughty so becareful. They are 16 already and still haven't mature up, that might be the problem."

Kitty: The demiigod laughed. "Thats cool. Mature's boring sometimes. I'm sure they're fun."

Voideus: "They sure are" He laughs

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