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Max -Demigod
-Black Wolf
Age= 17     Height= 6'     Weight= 143 lbs      
Sexuality= Lesbian     Relationship Status:= Interested
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= American
God Parent= Ares (Veritum Unitum)      Main Weapon= Celtic Combat Sword

 – It's one thing to fight for what you believe in, another thing to fight for what others believe in.

I know I don't have an exemplary record; I've made mistakes, but my biggest one was joining the Broken Covenant. They're just that--broken. And while I'm not completely intact myself, all I've seen and heard regarding BC members is that they are sick, disgusting, cruel people--murderers, even, and while I know not all of them are like that, I still don't want to be associated with them. I can't say that if you guys let me in I'll agree with the gods and everything they have done and will do, or that I'll keep my opinions to myself, but...recent events have made me realize that disrupting the gods would just put everything in a bigger mess than what it already is, and no one needs that.

Note:Max is female.


Yea (+15)

  1. Well i guess so.. (Michel Breeze/Poseidon's Cabin)
  2. If chu've really learned from your mistakes... (Riley Bennett/Aristaeus' Cabin)
  3. Um, hai... (Beau Chambre/Cybele's Cabin)
  4. There really isn't anything for me to hold against the Covenant, but if you've really come to Camp in good faith, then you have my support. I really don't like generalizing the members of that group, considering their goal isn't to harm campers, and a lot of people make it seem like it is (Fiona Ash / Demeter's Cabin)
  5. If you've learned that much from an internal conflict, then I see your honesty, so you have my vote (Kathryn Taylor / Iris' Cabin)
  6. Oh I suppose you can return. I heard they have shitty weapons anyways.(Dirk Stålstyrke/ Hephaestus' Cabin)
  7. Well, if the BC is as disgusting and revolting as you say, and you honestly hate it along with the fact you've learnt things, then it seems wrong to refuse... (Alecander Hart/Ariadne's Cabin)
  8. If there is something I hate it's the Brokens. I don't know why we should let you out but the fact that you left them means you have guts, as long as you behave and don't bring any problems go on and stay. (Juan Sanchez/Persephone's Cabin)
  9. Although I understand the risk of allowing a spy into our midst, I would not even be able to vote on this if I were not allowed in as well. I expect the best behaviour out of you, or I will make sure you regret your decisions once in Asphodel. (Andrew Malone / Zeus' Cabin)
  10. The cruel bloody lot can change, I believe; you have my 101% support. Just never ever ever do anything that'll make you a run for your tail. (Sealtiel O'Shaughnessy/Apate's Cabin)
  11. You should never judge a person by what you have done in your life. If you really have changed, how can I say no to someone who wants to do what's right?  He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. You have my vote and support, Max. (Talikha Bhatti/Dionysus' Cabin)
  12. Second chances are meant for everyone. Please do not disappoint us. (Greg Austere/Prometheus' Cabin)
  13. Well, I'm not sensing any lies in your words, so you are being truthful. You have my support, Max. Don't make me regret it. (Cole McKnight/Themis' Cabin)
  14. I believe people should be given a chance to correct their mistakes, even those who have once turned their backs from Camp. I merely pray that you do not make me regret my decision. (Kylie Shay/Apollo's Cabin)
  15. Well sure if you really regret joining the BC and that you're committed to right your wrongs. (William Anderson/Pandia's Cabin)

Nay (-16)

  1. There's no way we should let an ex BC member into camp. I'm not saying ALL BC members are psycho murderers, but the fact remains that a good amount of them want to throw our parents into Tartarus and rule the world, you could be a spy or you wake up and decide to go on a killing spree. I'm voting against (Drake Cooper/Hecate's Cabin)
  2. I see rhetoric and nothing more. Opinions can change quickly, and who is to say that they won't change again after she is welcomed among us? Why take the risk? (Elysine Aenar/Nyx's Cabin)
  3. I don't see any good from you coming to camp, I am sorry. (Lexi Mansin/Aphrodite's Cabin)
  4. This is only for the good of camp. (Melyssa Flynn/Zephyrus' Cabin)
  5. I can't handle the thoughts in my head... Because of your people... I can't trust anyone in that group (Hilary Martin / Aglaea's Cabin)
  6. It just seems to me that your attempted crossover is nothing more than a bout of scruples and I would not be the least surprised to see you try to cross back over. (Elixabeth Oslo / Boreas' Cabin)
  7. Your destiny has always been entwined with Camp Half-Blood, but never joined. I fear a grim fate awaits us here; and where we are bound, you cannot come. (Topenga Bertinelli / Notus' Cabin)
  8. Personally, I have zero opinion on you, or the Broken Covenant for that matter. I wouldn't care if you came to camp or not. You don't affect me at all. However, it's not just me that I am voting for. I am voting for my Cabin, and, what's best for my Cabin, is to not have unwanted rif-raf and conflict among campers, which I am sure they'll be if you arrive. Also, I can not risk my Campers becoming involved or potentially harmed if this is all a hoax and, you lead an army back to Camp. I can't say I'm sorry for this, but, no. (Samantha Parks/Asteria's Cabin)
  9. What conflicted me about this decision was my willingness to belive someone can truly turn the other cheek and begin anew. As much as I would like to think that, I also understand that you are willing to change what side you are fighting for, as long as the environment is to your liking. I'm not saying you should stay with your lot of murderers and misled demigods, but if you don't like what you get at Camp, what is to stop you from returning to the Broken Covenant? What is to stop you from aiding any other enemies Camp might have. For the good of the camp, and for the good of Olympus as a whole, I must turn you down. (Alexander Su'apa'ia / Thanatos' Cabin)
  10. I've seen a lot and generally enough of what the Broken Covenant can do. Sorry for my suspicions, but you can be the enemy's best pawn and spy, let alone your "former" nature around the camp's premises. I see that it's not a rational idea to vote for this. (Caesey Ongsee/Mnemosyne's Cabin)
  11. Look, for all I know, you could be a spy. I do not wish to put any campers in danger. Taking you in is a risk we cannot afford right now. (Rhi Stark/Morpheus' Cabin)
  12. I have recently come to believe that people, especially people with your kind of background, don't change. Right now I see in front of me a person that is very good with words, but in no way do I see someone who genuinely wants to change and start over. I'm sorry. This is for the for the good of Camp Half Blood. (Roxanne Tyrell/Hypnos' Cabin)
  13. I don't think that letting BC members into Camp is a good idea. The fate of my siblings, and my fellow campers, might be at risk if we accept you, so I'm going to say no. (Keira West/Hermes' Cabin)
  14. As much fear as that would let loose among the people, I have to say that this is most likely a bad idea.... (Tyler Prada/Deimos' Cabin)
  15. I'm sorry hon' but it just don't seem like the right thing to do. You made your bed, you're gonna have to lay in it. (Estelle 'Elle' LeRoux/Astraeus' Cabin)
  16. Sorry, gal but in behalf of Eris' Cabin, I vote no. I'm not sure if you're really being honest or this is just some sort of scam so you BC people can spy on us campers. I don't like to take that kind of risk so I'm not taking chances. (Marley Sinclair/Eris' Cabin)

Abstaining (5)

  1. See thing is, I'm inclined to vote no due to the fact you could do anything, you could be a spy, an army leader, who knows. On the other hand however I am surrounded by personal reasons which make me wish I could vote yes but my head and my heart are just so conflicted I don't feel I could vote for either. So yeah, I'm not gonna vote on this, there's only like 44 cabins other than my own to vote. (Skylar Lune/Eros' Cabin)
  2. Well... I want to keep peace, and I feel that neither options gives much in the way of harmony, so I feel that it would be best for me to not vote.... (Karen Marcee/Harmonia's Cabin)
  3. I can't decide. You could be lying through your teeth, or you could be telling the truth. It's kind of half-and-half to me. I believe in second chances, but I also believe that one cannot trust an another entirely. (Alma Devin/Melinoe's Cabin)
  4. I'm rather leaning towards the option of voting no, but I'm also not one to pick sides. Whatever the majority goes with, I'll go with as well. (Mason Ross/Nemesis' Cabin)
  5. On one hand, I want to vote yes simply because I think you should get a chance to prove yourself and because you're my half-brother, but on the other hand, the fact that you turned your back on Camp and decided to join the enemy still remains. In addition, I cannot guarantee that you are neither a spy for the BC nor a threat to the other campers. I'm sorry, brother, but I shall not cast a vote on this one. (Kayla Brech/Ares' Cabin)

Not voted

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