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Jordan: He was still holding her hand as he led her to town. When they arrived, he stopped in front of the big fountain in the middle of the plaza on the red brick road met by a number of people taking a stroll. Families, couples, solo can all be seen all over the place. "Here we are," he said with a smile on his face. "So, where do you want to go?" There were many different shops around such as coffee shops, pizza places, restaurants and some were stores where one can buy specific items. What Jordan didn't know was that the effect of his power was little by little wearing off. Being able to tell the perfect lies were one specialty of the Apate kids but sometimes they just can't carry it out that long although they can still try to lie like how a normal person would.

Isidora: Without really getting his consent, she walked down towards a table for two at the back of the cafe and took a seat. The section she picked was rather dimly illuminated and was barely seated in comparison to the other areas around. Assuming Jordan would be the one getting the beverages, she simply waited, bluntly starring at nearby mortals with very much disdain. Things were getting a little boring at the Sanctuary nowadays; it wasn't as exciting as it was beforehand. New recruits were as numberous as always, but the amount of impact the members held against camp itself was getting lower and lower, their quest to conquer the gods possessing just as much misfortune. Meetings with the leaders and comrades were also weak and it seemed that the BC needed more work to develop itself, which made it so that she had more tasks to accomplish in the light of that goal as a faction lieutenant. It was all so rather dull, especially when she wasn't getting to bump into Lucas much anymore, thus when another boy toy came around to amuse her, she couldn't help but play along with the game and pretend to be mistified by a mere camper.

Jordan: Isidora just suddenly went away and headed to her preferred place. "Wait up!" he called running to back to her side. After she took a seat, he took the initiative to buy the drinks but he first asked, "So what would you like to have?" To be honest, he was quite nervous for some reason. Perhaps it was because he thought Isidora was such a different person from the others he had dealt with and he knew that he was just using his powers to keep her thinking that he's a friend. He also considered the possibility of betrayal, in case she ever wakes up and realizes he's just tricking her. In other words, his life could be at stake.

Isidora: Upon his arrival, she forced a believable smile, softening her tone but keeping her teeth shut tight. "French Vanilla, please." She replied, starring at him coldly for a moment before regaining a poised expression. Maybe he knew she'd been acting it out. It didn't matter much to her, since she'd get entertained either way - even if it wasn't the kind of amusement that she normally displayed with BC members.

Jordan: Without any hint of Isidora's deceit, he just grinned. "Gotcha." Right after, he went to the counter to order their drinks. The line was quite long but he was willing to wait for his turn. Only five people went before him. As he stood there, he checked the menu in front of them and decided he wanted dark mocha. When it was his turn, he finally ordered and surprisingly, it all went fast. "One French Vanilla please aaand... Dark Mocha," he said. After about ten minutes, he got his order and he went back to their table. "Here you go," he said to Isidora. "French Vanilla for the lady."

Isidora: She urged another small smile, kind of glad she was getting treated. "Thanks." She said as she reluctantly took a few sips of her coffee, her eyes fixed on him. "So... Jordan. How are things going at what you would call camp?" She asked, attempting to squeeze some information out of him while she was at it, hoping he wouldn't be too peculiar about it.

Jordan: Still having very little knowledge of the BC, he answered, "Why don't you visit some time?" He took a sip before continuing. "Anyway, everything's cool. I mean, training and all. Nothing's really new." He was actually being careful with his words. Whatever BC was, he was sure it wasn't anything good for camp. Even though Isidora was under his trance, he thought, he wouldn't want to leak any important information. Who knows, she could just even be pretending to be still affected by his powers but he didn't want to think of that for now. He just wanted to have a nice day with a new friend.

Isidora: Rather disappointed from his answer, she looked down at her cup, of which only a quarter of its liquid was drained. "That's nice..." She muttered to herself, afterwards focusing on him with a genuinely curious expression. "Say, how old are you?"

Jordan: He felt relieved and somewhat glad that her question was about him. With that, his doubt lessened a bit. "Sixteen, milady," he answered with a smile then he took another sip resting his arms on the table. "How 'bout you?" he asked back.

Isidora: She raised an eyebrow; age didn't have much concern to her when it came to just about anything, but she wondered if his feelings towards the matter would be mutual. "Nineteen." Failing to meet his gaze, she took another, long sip of her french vanilla, pondering on the outcome.

Jordan: Age didn't matter that much to him either. With a lady as dashing as Isidora, who would even be concerned of her age? But after hearing her age, he felt a bit intimidated that she's three years older than him. "I wonder how it feels like to be at that age," he just said looking down his cup to see how much of his drink he had left. "I guess I just can't wait to be an adult," he added with a half-smile, not really expecting Isidora to answer. It wasn't so usual of him to say very few words so he found it weird that he could utter only a sentence or two. He wondered what was wrong with him. "So um..." he tried to start a new topic. "Who's your godly parent, by the way?"

Isidora: "Hecate." She bitterly replied with a disgusted expression, soon regretting her decision to express such hatred in front of him, but tried to put it aside. "Uhm, the lady of magic?" She added, just in case he didn't know who the goddess was, as he very well seemed unfamiliar with these things as demonstrated beforehand.

Jordan: "Mmmm," he expressed like 'ooohhh' while he drank. "Nice nice." He thought, Now what? He was at a loss for words. After a few moments of silence, he got to appreciate Isidora even more. To him, she was really beau-- he stopped himself. He wasn't supposed to feel that way. Jordan Riley should never take girls seriously, he said in his thoughts. Never.

Isidora: "What?" She candidly questioned, noticing how he was excessively starring at her. Isidora herself didn't mind getting looked upon as it was, but something seemed off about this case, as he seemed conflicted.

Jordan: He accidentally sipped more than how much he intended and almost choked. He coughed. "Sorry," he said in the middle of coughs. He got startled that she just suddenly talked. Perhaps he was staring too long that he didn't even realize it until she reacted. "Phew..." he said in relief as he got to clear his airways. "I'm okay." He hit his chest a few times before adding, "Sorry 'bout that. I-- I didn't mean to stare."

Isidora: She dully blinked from his little charade, taking a calm sip of her own until her coffee was just about halfway drunk. "No worries. As long as you don't act like a fool again."

Jordan: He could feel himself flush in embarrassment so he just drank from his cup again in an attempt to hide his face. Right after, he put the cup back down and cleared his throat. "So uh... where do you plan to go next?" He forced a smile to conceal his shame.

Isidora: She shrugged, having her head. "It's up to you, really. I'm not up for any shopping, though." She specified, taking another shot.

Jordan: He laughed. "Okay, okay." He said nodding. "Well, are you, by any chance, interested in going to a park?" he asked. He thought parks were peaceful and not many people go there so Isidora might like places such as that.

Isidora: She finished her cup and set it down. "Why not?" She proclaimed with a poised tone, her facial features having but not betrayed her bluntness.

Jordan: It was like music to his ears. Although it did not show on his face, he was definitely excited about it. "Great," he said and smiled. "Shall we go now?" he asked seeing that she's already finished with her drink and so was he.


Isidora: As they arrived into the small town's park, she put her hands in her pockets, looking around with an intrigued look reigning her expression. As Jordan had guessed, the area was rather empty, let aside from a few of locals such as an couple seen sitting on a nearby bench and children playing in a far away playground. The public grounds which they walked upon seemed pretty well-taken care of, since there wasn't much litter loitering the whereabouts; only patches of bright green grass, a clean pavement and numerous trees every here and there were visible.

Jordan: He didn't much fancy the idea of few people in the area. He was a people person after all but since Isidora seemed to prefer it that way, he went along with it. He soo started to think why he's been doing all of this. Anyway, he waved off the idea and just decided to enjoy his new friend's company. Birds chirping could be heard more than cars honking. Everytime the wind would blow, leaves would rustle. Even the laughter of the children was louder than the chatter he usually heard among the people down the streets. He sniffed and the air was fresh. "This is great, don't you think?" he asked Isidora as he watched the children play making him remember his own childhood and think, Could I have been that happy?

Isidora: "I suppose..." She replied with a wary and distant tone, dwelling on a thought or two at the moment. She tucked her hands within the pockets of her black leather jacket, hastily giving him a bref glance. "I should take you to the forest sometime, where the mountain falls are. It's my favorite place in all of the Sanctuary." She suggested, balancing out whether or not taking him to BC territories would be a good idea; maybe she could persuade him in defecting to the organization, wanting to keep him closer as a toy. It was the only form of love she ever gave to anyone nowadays; lust that derives from possessing people and controlling them.

Jordan: He scanned the area taking in the environment, how it was entirely different from camp. Upon hearing Isidora actually mention her favorite place, he was surprised slowly turning his head to face her with his eyes all wide open. "Are you serious?" he asked as a smile formed on his face and couldn't believe she suggested such a thing. He was beginning to think Isidora was definitely different. He just began to believe that there might be more to her than meets the eye and time was all they needed. He needed to know her more although it was unbeknownst to him that he was just being toyed.

Isidora: She gave him a misleading smirk before nonchalantly looking around her surroundings. "Sure. Why not." She pleasantly replied, not making any eye contact that could give her out. "It'll be fun."

Jordan: His heart was about to jump out of his chest because of excitement but he did his best to keep calm so a small smile just showed. "Cool," he said and then he looked away miming his excited face mouthing the words, 'Yes, yes, yes!' He let out a soft sound with the last yes so Isidora could've heard it without him actually realizing that he said it louder than he expected.

Isidora: She frowned for a moment at his hyperactivity, not at all enjoying his giddiness, but managed to fake another one of her dashing smiles to charm him out of thinking that she would ever be annoyed by him. "Splendid." She commented, stopping her track. "In fact, why don't we go right now? It's quiet and peaceful, sure would beat being surrounded by mortals here, wouldn't it?"

Jordan: He whipped his head back returning his emotionless face as if he never celebrated. Right after he just calmed himself, there was Isidora inviting him to come with her at that moment. He cleared his throat trying as much as possible keep a serious face so his excitement won't be that obvious but he'd been found out anyway. "I think that's a great idea," he replied letting out a wide smile. "Lead me there, mademoiselle."

Mountain Pond

Isidora: Since the walk from the town and to the forest would have been longer, Isidora had come up with a creative way to get them to their destination quicker. Using one of her custom magic spells, she had created a portal that had teleported them directly to the mountains. The pond found within the Sanctuary borders was rather small, the waters flowing down from the higher elevations of the mountains on a more secluded side of the itself, where it then opened up more into some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. They were located to the latter described area, as it was the specific spot of which she enjoyed so much. Bringing a camper within the Broken Covenant may have been a sign of deceit, but she was doing it in order to get Jordan on their side, alongside a few personal reasons that came with it. Her loyalties were rather clear when it came to this, so she wasn't afraid of getting caught by anyone within the faction she lead. She gave her companion a questioning look, as if she were asking him what he thought of the place. She didn't really care, though.

Jordan: He was taken by surprise as they just suddenly got teleported to a different scene. All done by Isidora. He scanned the new environment mouthing the word, "Wow." The place looked solitary and untouched by man. Everything was natural like it was even rare to see such a place in the urbanized world. The soft sound of flowing waters almost seemed like a lullaby to him, too relaxing. He felt like having a picnic there and he could already imagine how peaceful it would be--being one with nature, as what most would say. His eyes then landed on Isidora and noticed she looked like she was asking how he liked the place. He just gave her a warm smile and nodded. "This is great," he said as he looked back at the new environment. "So this is your favorite place, you say?"

Isidora: By the time he had responded, she had began taking her jacket and shoes off, dropping them besides a nearby tree, revealing a black camisole beneath as she stood bare foot. "Yes, I suppose." It was truly impressive that such a sight could have been hidden by the mist, away from mortals' grasp, especially the mountains. She couldn't have imagined it being otherwise, though. She briefly glanced at Jordan before approaching the current, of which possessed a delicate flow of stream, and lightly dipped her legs within the water, its clean content reaching her knees. She looked back at him, silently inviting him to join her if he pleased.

Jordan: When Isidora took off her jacket, he couldn't help but be surprised and stare at her glowing skin but as soon as she spoke, he averted his gaze to her face. He just followed her with his eyes until he saw her go to the water to dip her legs. He noticed she looked back at him and somewhat signaled him to come along. He nodded and removed his shoes, folded his jeans up to his knees and then he joined Isidora. "Where are we going?" he asked.

Isidora: She nodded towards her right and started walking in that direction, ending up on the other side of the mountain that was one with the pond. Expectant that he was to follow her, she waited in her spot. She had lead Jordan to a part of the small river where small and short waterfalls cascaded from the rocky peak, dripping into the main stream. The sound of it was calm and pleasant, so Isidora found it to be the perfect place to relax when you weren't killing off campers or manipulating others, tasks of which demanded great effort from her. She was hoping her "friend" would be dazed enough to listen to her persuasions in the light of defecting him to the BC.

Jordan: Seeing where she wanted them to go, he followed. When they finally got there, the sound of waterfalls rushing down hitting the waters of the main stream got to Jordan's ears. He got even more amazed to see such a seemingly serene place. Again, he said in awe, "Wow..." Later, the thought of Isidora and him actually being alone in such an unpurtubed environment dawned on him. He had already played with many girls but never brought one of them to those kinds of places. "Good place to hang out, huh?" he asked with a wide smile showing his gladness that he came there.

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