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Bal: Bal was working on something in the forges. He asked permission from the Hephaestus kids for him to use their forges for a bit so that he could work without disturbance. He looked at his round bomb with a smile.

Damask: Damask comes into the forge, holding a dagger. He heads over to one of the workstations, which happens to be next to the workstation Bal is working at.

Bal: He heard footsteps and turned to see who is coming. He saw a boy coming towards him. He didn't really care about him, but then he saw that he is about to trip a mine that the hephaestus kids were developing. He scream at him, "STOP!"

Damask: Damask freezes as one of the kids yells for him to stop. He looks slightly embarrassed and backs away. "Uh....Sorry. Wh-" He breaks off as he notices the mine lying on the floor. "Oh. Thanks for warning me."

Bal: "You should be careful here. The kids here aren't the type of people who would you call "neat"." "HEY!" someone from a distance said. He didn't care about it and continued with his work.

Damask: Damask walks up to his workstation, being extra careful this time, and looks around for tools. After finding the one he wanted, Damask sits down in a corner and starts carving designs into the dagger.

Bal: He looked at the work the boy is doing and asked. "What are you making?" He asked him.

Damask: He doesn't look up and continues to concentrate on carving a 4 leaf clover. "Just adding a few designs. I don't think it qualifies as making."

Bal: "Oh, so you want it to look good?" He asked him, while looking at his own work.

Damask: "I guess. The carvings might also allow me to imbue it with luck better." He shrugs slightly and starts carving a 20-sided die.

Bal: "Oh, that is interesting." He said, setting the bomb on the table. "There, done." He said to himself.

Damask: He continues carving, but casts a glance in Bal's direction. "Lemme guess, some sort of explosive?"

Bal: He nodded. "It is a bomb that explodes when it is touched by water." he told him, showing the bomb.

Damask: He stops carving and looks at it curiously. "Cool. Explosives are always fun." He grins and turns back to his work. After a little bit, he pauses. "What's your name?"

Bal: He nodded and said, "Yeah, I am Balthazar, but folks just call me Bal. You?" He asked back.

Damask: "I'm Damask. You have a cool name. Balthazar." He grins and sets the dagger down, stretches, and then looks at the stuff around him.

Bal: "Just call me Bal. My name is a bit long." He said, attaching something on the bomb.

Damask: He grins again. "If you say so." Leaning forward, he grabs a leather working tool and unclips his sheath from his belt. Dipping his fingers in the water bucket, he then wets the leather and starts creating a design on the sheath.

Bal: When Damask dipped his fingers in the waters, some of it got hit on the bomb. The timer turned on with a loud beeping sound.

Damask: His eyes widen in surprise. "Oh" He gets up, a bit panicked and slightly confused. "Uh....what's the blast radius?"

Bal: Rather than be afraid of the situation, Bal was really annoyed with how fast the bomb activated by just the tiniest drop of water. "200m radius, but don't worry. It is nothing to be worried about." He said, angrily disarming the bomb.

Damask: He relaxes a bit once it seems Bal has it under control. "Wow. I'm surprised that didn't go off from the water vapor in the air. Sorry about that." He cautiously moves the water bucket farther away from Bal.

Bal: When he disarmed the bomb, he said. "Yeah, it is programmed to think that the water vapor is just wind, so that is not a problem to me." He said, now fixing the bomb again.

Daman: "Huh. That's interesting. You must be pretty good at programming then." He goes to sit back down so he can work while they talk.

Bal: "I guess so." He said, fixing the wires of the bomb again. "Say, who is your parent anyways?"

Damask: "I'm from Tyche. You?"

Bal: "Hermes." He said, after adding a metal plate into the bomb.

Damask: "Pretty cool." He continues to stamp the leather. After a long pause, he speaks up again. "Do you play Chess?"

Bal: "Sometimes, why?" He asked him as he finishes his bomb.

Damask: He shrugs. "Just curious. Chess is great for when you have too much time."

Bal: "So, you play chess too?" He asked him.

Damask: "Yeah, I play a lot of games. Chess is one of my favourites though." He finishes stamping the sheath and looks around again at the clutter.

Bal: "Oh, I see. You want to play then?" He asked him.

Damask: He raises an eyebrow. "Really? That would be awesome! When do you want to do it?" He grins, feeling a bit more energetic at the realization that someone else was actually willing to play.

Bal: "As soon as I am done with this one." He said, checking his bomb for flaws.

Damask:"Okay. I'm done, so I'll see if I can maybe remove some of the treacherous terrain." He starts organizing the mess into piles, and hanging the tools back up where they belong.

Bal: "And, I am done." He said, as he click the red button. The bomb turned into a watering can which he placed into his bag.

Damask: He looks at the watering can in surprise, shrugs, and scoops up his sheath and dagger. "I have a set in my stuff. Where should we meet?"

Bal: "I don't know. By the lake?" He said to him.

Damask: "Sure. I at least know where the lake is. I'll go grab it then." He walks out of the forge and jogs over to Tyche's Cabin and grabs a box from his stuff.

Bal: He nodded and when to the lake as soon as he was done.


Bal: He came towards the lake and sat on a nearby tree as he waited for Damask.

Damask: He comes jogging up, holding a wooden box in one hand, and stops by the lake edge, looking around for Bal.

Bal: He saw him and waved his arm to let him know he was there.

Damask: Out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement, and turned to see Bal sitting in a tree. "Do you want to play Chess up there?" He raises an eyebrow jokingly.

Bal: "No, just being safe." He told him as he jumped down the tree.

Damask: "If you say so." He sits down in a relatively open area and opens the box, revealing a glass Chess set. "Which side do you want?"

Bal: "I will go with White." He said as he sat down at the opposite side of Damask.

Damask: He takes the board out of the box and sets it upon the grass. Setting up the fogged glass pieces on his side of the board, he passes the clear glass ones to Bal. "White goes first."

Bal: He nodded and moved D2 to D3. "Your turn."

Damask: He moves a pawn from H7 to H5, and stares at the board, waiting for Bal to make his move.

Bal: He then moved E2 to E4.

Damask: He moves one of his knights from G8 to F6.

Bal: He then moved his Queen from D1 to F3.

Damask: After thinking about it for a bit, he moves his other knight to C6.

Bal: He then move D3 to D4.

Damask: He moves his knight from C6 to D4, taking out the pawn there.

Bal: He then moved his Bishop from F1 to C4.

Damask: He quickly scans the board, and then moves his knight from D4 to F3, taking out Bal's queen.

Bal: He just nodded and ate his knight by moving G2 to F3.

Damask: He moves a pawn from C7 to C5 as his eyes flicker over Bal's face, noting his calm reaction.

Bal: He then moved his knight from B1 to A3.

Damask: After looking at the board for a little bit, he suddenly grins and moves his pawn from H5 to H4.

Bal: He then moved G2 to G3.

Damask: He moves his Queen to A5 and says "Check."

Bal: He moved C2 to C3 so that the pawn would block the queen.

Damask: He moves his Queen to A4.

OOC: Should we have something interrupt the chess game? Monster attack maybe? Or should we just play on?

Bal: He was about to make his next move when he heard something in the forest.

OOC: Yeah, I will do it.

Damask: He notices Bal's eyes flick toward the woods and looks over as well through the corner of his eye. Scanning the trees, he sees nothing, but doesn't allow himself to completely relax, trusting Bal's senses over his own.

Bal: Out of the woods came a stag. It didn't looked that harmful but Bal started to stand up. "Get out of here." He asked Damask.

Damask: He starts quickly packing up the chess pieces. "But what about you? Should I get help or something?" He takes a closer look at the stag. "Wait...Is that a Wendego in disguise?"

Bal: "I will be fine. Now, hide. It only wants to attacks me." He told him, asking him to hurry up.

Damask: He raises an eyebrow in suspicion, but sees the look in Bal's eyes and retreats to respectable distance, holding the Chess set.

Bal: The stag's fur suddenly turns into gold. It then looked at Bal with deep hatred. It starts stomping on the ground as if it is ready to attack.

Damask: He decides to move off to the side, and maybe climb a tree, as a charging stag is something Damask would not like to dodge at the moment. He decides to stay close enough that he could help if needed, and swings himself up onto a low hanging branch.

Bal: He waited for the stag to be close to him before he threw a Net Bomb on it. The stag tried to get out as bronze rope trapped it into place.

Damask: He sat, wondering what the stag was and what was so dangerous about it.

Bal: "Let's go. The ropes won't something like this that long." He told him

Damask:He nods and hops down. Unsure, he walks in the direction of the camp until Bal catches up. "So that was what you meant earlier when you said you were being safe."

Bal: "You don't know how tough scared animals of the gods are. And, that one really hates me." He told him.

Damask: "I'm tempted to ask what the story behind that is, but I also feel like that would be more appropriate for another time."

Bal: "Yeah, and I think we need to run faster" He told him.

Damask: He turns to look, and sees that the stag has gotten free. "Yeah..." He starts sprinting toward the camp.

Bal: As they run, a flock of birds suddenly attack Bal and only Bal. He shoo them off as the stag starts running at them. "Let's split up." He told him.

Damask: He is concerned, not wanting to 'abandon' a friend. But he also realizes that he'd just get in the way, so he veers off to the side a bit with a solemn nod, still staying within sight.

Bal: He turned towards a different direction. At the same time, the animals turned towards Bal, not thinking about his companion anymore. He knew those things would only look for him. So, he ran and ran until they are far away from Damask.

Damask: He slows a bit as he sees Bal turn in an opposite direction. Realizing that Bal will be taking a very long detour to get to camp, he starts heading away from camp, hoping Bal will get the hint and start heading straight again.

Bal: He didn't dare go to camp with these animals going after him. He knows that they are still allowed in camp. So, he has no choice but to keep them as far away as possible.

Damask: He doesn't realize that Bal is still heading away from camp, and slows to walk back to the lake.

Bal: He stopped as he got cornered at the cliff. He saw the birds were flying over him while the stag was ready for another attack.

Damask: He wanders a bit around the lake and picks up a stone to throw, frustrated that he couldn't really do anything to help.

Bal:  The stag attack him and he just barely dodged it. He hopes that Damask would bring back up soon.

Jack: Meanwhile, Jack was at the lake, spraying some graffiti on a rock.

Damask: Skipping the rock across the water, he sits down. As the ripples fade, he gets up, having decided to go elsewhere.

Jack: He put away his spray paint and looked with awe from his new masterpiece: A nymph beating down another nymph for a picture of Adonis. He laughed, wondering what would the nymph do about the graffti. 

Damask: Hearing a laugh, he turns and notices Jack. He raises an eyebrow as he notices the graffiti, and walks over quietly.

Jack: "Now, where to go next." He said, cleaning up before anyone could see him.

Damask: He comes up behind Jack, and watches, slightly amused. "Aren't the local spirits going to have a fit if they see this?"

Jack: He froze but unfreeze himself as he turned to Damask. "That is the idea, Sherlock." He told him, grinning.

Damask: He raises an eyebrow (seems to be a habit). "Are you sure? It would seem that natives here are dangerous..." He thinks about Bal getting chased by the stag, and wonders if Bal got away.

Jack: "That's why, I am putting the blame to someone else." He told him, finish cleaning up his spray paint. 

Damask: He becomes suspicious, and glares at Jack. "And just who would that person be?"

Jack: "Anyone would do, really. Not to goody good shoes though, the nymphs would believe them." He told him.

Damask: Still suspicious, he allows his glare to ease. "Huh. Well, I suppose I should leave you to your blaming then." He tucks his right hand in his pocket.

Jack: "I think I should ask Bal who to blame in his cabin then." He said, out loud.

Damask: He's a bit startled, but doesn't let it show. "Does Bal get attacked by animals often?" He says it rather bluntly, unable to think of any clever way to say it at the moment.

Jack: "Whoa, hold up. How do you know about Bomb Freak?" He told him.

Damask: "We were playing chess..." He's surprised by Jack's surprise, but chuckles inwardly.

Jack: "Great, another geek. Just what the camp needed. Then what?" He asked him.

Damask: He ignores Jack's comment about being another geek. "Bal got attacked by a stag and some birds. He told me to go, saying he could handle it....I'm not sure if he could though. I hope he went to camp for some help..."

Jack: All Jack heard was "attacked" as he took Damask by the neck of his shirt. "Hold on." He told him, as he propel them up into the air, 20 ft from the ground. While in mid air, Jack asked, "Where was he going?" 

Damask: His eyes widen as he takes in the fact that he is now dangling by his shirt collar 20 ft above the ground. "Woah! Towards camp I think?'re being really defensive about all this, you know?"

Jack: "Don't you know how hard it is to fight that stag? You can't harm a sacred animal of a God without ticking them off, especially if it is from the man-hating goddess." He told him as they started to fall. Once they are near the ground, Jack summon ice again that propel them in the air again.

Damask: "That was a sacred Stag? I thought it was a Wendigo!" He glances again at the ground. "Er....does that mean he's probably in trouble?"

Jack: "Um no. He is going to have a tea with him and talk about their own personal lovelife. What do you think, Sherlock Dork?" He told him, propelling them again in the air.

Damask: He's getting pretty tired of being hauled through the air by now. "By Luma! Is he your brother or something?!" He grabs onto Jack's arm. "How was I supposed to know something I wasn't told and had no way of figuring out on my own?!"

Jack: "No, he is the one who saved me." He told him, as they landed to somewhere in the forest. Jack touch the ground, and smell his hand. "Gun powder, and it is fresh. He is close." He told him, looking around.

Damask: He's amazed by Jack's tracking skills, but chalks it up to experience. He looks around as well, picking up a rock from the ground.

Jack: He then moved towards a tree, where there is red blood all over the ground. "We are getting hot." He told himself, running ahead.

Damask: He glances at the blood wearily, then dashes to catch up to Jack.

Bal: He wasn't feeling so good. He has scratches all over his body and some bite marks from other animals. He knew he couldn't defend himself anymore. He just sits there, tired, as the stag closes in for the final attack.

Damask: He spots the stag closing in on Bal, and throws the rock at it out of pure instinct. In throwing it, he also sub-consciously using his Tyche powers to guide the rock to fly just in front of its eyes (or in its eye) to startle it and distract it.

Jack: He saw his friend and knew exactly what to do. He made the floor into ice so that the stag would slip and fall down. Jack instantly slides down and grabs Bal, who fell unconscious. He slide back to Damask and said, "I hope you know how to run." He told him.

Damask: "O-okay." He glances back at the stag, and then runs, but looks back in case Jack needs help carrying Jack.

Jack: He used the ice to air jump again. He jumped and jumped until they got to the place where Damask saw Jack. He put Bal down and he starts looking for a something in the bag of his.

Damask He continues running, seeing that Jack's flying ability makes him faster than Damask. He stops to catch his breath after a bit and looks behind him.

Jack: He took out some herbs that he is saving in case of wounds. He starts mixing them into a mortar with some nectar. He cursed as he is missing something.

Damask Seeing nothing, he continues running, and catches up to Jack and Bal.

Jack: He looked around and find that he doesn't have Guava leaves. He looked around, wondering where Damask is.

Damask: He finally catches up. While catching his breath, he looks at Bal. "How bad is he?"

Jack: "Not the worst I've seen him, but he is still bad wounded. And, I need the right amount of herbs to do the job but I am missing something." He told him, still mixing his unfinish mix.

Damask: He glances around warily, still half-expecting something to come charging out of the trees again. "What is it? Is there a way I can help?"

Jack: "Guava leaves. You do know what is a Guava is, right?" He told him.

Damask: "Er...I think so. But isn't that tropical?"

Jack: "Yeah yeah yeah, there is one over there, I think. Now go." He told him, while waving his hand.

Damask: He jogs in the direction Jack pointed out. As he looks around, he muses that Demigods must keep in pretty good shape with all the dashing about they do. After a bit,  he spots what looks like a Guava tree. Walking over, he plucks a handful of leaves.

Jack: He waited for him to get back. He just need the leaves and he could heal him already.

Damask: He dashes back, leaves in hand. "Are these what you're talking about?" He hands Jack the leaves.

Jack: He nodded and took the leaves from him. He starts crushing them and mixing them withi his bowl. When he was done, he looked at Damask and said. "Hold him, this will hurt. A lot." 

Damask: He nods and holds Bal down with wide eyes.

Jack: He then starts to add the paste into the wound which cause Bal to move a lot because of the pain. 

Damask: It gets hard to keep Bal from accidentally hitting him in the face, but he does his best to hold Bal down.

Jack: After that, the wounds started to heal itself until they are gone. Bal relaxes as Jack sighed in relief.

Damask: He's shocked by the healing properties of whatever Jack had made. "Is that some sort of healing potion? Life is getting wierder and wierder...." Realizing that he's still holding Bal down, he lets go.

Jack: "The proper word is salve. Seriously, did you see me make him eat this stuff?" He asked him, as if he said something stupid.

Damask: "I'm sorry. Splash Healing Potion?" He shrugs. "It's still a sort of healing potion." He looks at Bal. "And pretty effective."

Jack: "Dude, salves aren't edible. They are like ointment." He told him. 

Damask: He shrugged. "How long will Bal be out?" He asked in an attempt to change the topic.

Jack: "Based on the curse, plus the healing. I say couple hours would do." He told him.

Damask: He nodded. "I take it this happens a lot?"

Jack: "Yeah. On random times too. Even in camp, the deer attacks." He told him.

Damask: "Wow. I guess Goddesses can sure can hold a grudge." He looked around, noting how high the sun was in the sky. "Do you normally just sit here and wait for him to wake up?"

Jack: "No, of course not! I have my fun too." He told him, getting his black marker out from his bag.

Damask: He raised his eyebrow in surprise and was reminded of a Pokémon episode he had watched a long time ago.

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