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Rhi: Armed with a pack of soda, a box of pizza and a couple of hangover potions, Rhi walks into Eros' cabin at 9 AM, fully expecting her slightly alcoholic boyfriend to be passed out next to a bottle of booze. She greets the Eros kids that are awake with strained smiles, and heads to Skylar's room.

Skylar: He's laying in bed asleep while Harlee is leaving through the window after a night of snuggling leaving his shirt on Skylar's bedside lamp. His hair's a mess and he looks a wreck yet oddly enough he fell asleep completely sober.

Rhi: She opens the door just in time to see a glimpse of Harlee leaving. The vials of potion slide from her fingers, falling to the floor with loudly as she's left to stare at the open window. The door shuts behind her with a thud.

Skylar: While starting to awake Skylar still pretends he's sleeping as he doesn't necessarily wish to participate in any human interaction.

Rhi: Her senses slowly returning, she takes a few steps closer to his bed. "S-Sky?" She already knows what happened. She does, but she still has hope that maybe... Maybe.

Skylar: He murmurs under the covers and pulls them over his head more.

Rhi: "Sky, was that your Hypnos ex?" she sounds a bit more angry.

Skylar: He pulls the bed clothes tighter around him before saying, "Yes, now go away."

Rhi: She scoffs and murmurs, "I knew it." Dropping everything else she's carrying on the floor, she buries her face in her hands, taking a few deep breaths, trying to calm down, but it obviously doesn't work as her words increase in volume significantly. "I knew this would end like this. Again. I f***ing knew it, but I still stayed."

Skylar: He proceeds to say nothing except poke his hand out of the covers to grab his glasses as he literally can't see anything but his arm appears to be quite bruised and scratched etc

Rhi: She gets more and more frustrated each moment that passes by without any response from him. She paces around the room, not daring to look at him, so she doesn't see his bruises. Coming to a stop when she sees a few empty bottles of wine in a corner, she picks one up, turning to him again. "You know what hurts most? That you won't talk to me about anything. Anything, Skylar, I feel so useless just watching you do stupid shit!"

Skylar: Up until now he was trying to retain his anger inside himself but seeing her get more and more frustrated at him it makes him snap, "Rhi maybe I don't want to talk about it. It's embarrassing and awkward enough as it is without you finding out what is actually going on. Just leave me alone." He takes the deepest breath that he can possibly muster before punching the matress. Tourni obviously sensing something is wrong manages to get up on his bed and under the covers.

Rhi: She glares at him, her gripping on the bottle tightening until her knuckles turn white, "Then what exactly is my purpose here? You won't talk to me, you obviously don't want me to help you, what am I? I feel like the only reason you keep me around is to make sure you have someone to f***, if you can't find anyone else to."

Skylar: He scoffs, "Listen Rhi if you were just someone I wanted to f*** I probably wouldn't have taken you home with me, offered you pizza and you'd probably have a penis but I don't want to talk about it, okay?"

Rhi: "No, it's not f***ing okay! I love you, I can't simply stand back and watch you kill yourself slowly!"

Skylar: He laughs quite solemnly, "Oh believe me if I actually wanted to kill myself I wouldn't do it slowly. Plus someone will probably kill me before I even get the chance to."

Rhi: In a fit of rage, she throws the wine bottle against the wall to her right, the glass narrowly avoiding any of them, scattering all over the floor. "Don't say shit like that!"

Skylar: He laughs again, "Oh you know it's true."

Rhi: "I can't live like this."

Skylar: As he was gripping Tourni so tight his bandage on his chest starts to leak bleeding all over her. Feeling the wetness Tourni jumps out covered in Skylar's blood.

Rhi: Her eyes widen at the sight of Tourni, but soon her eyes fall to Skylar's chest. She gasps and jumps next to him, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "What happened to you?"

Skylar: He comes out from under the covers finally giving up and sliding up so he's sitting. He obviously looks badly beat up and tired but doesn't say anything.

Rhi: She scoots closer, starting to take off the bloodied bandage carefully, "What the f*** happened last night? Who did this?"

Skylar: He flinches at the pain. "Nothing." He looks down at himself.

Rhi: She throws the dirty bandage away (OOC: I am assuming there is a bin somewhere >.<) and walks out of the room, asking the first person she sees for a first aid kit. She returns a few minutes later, sits back down and treats his wounds in silence, glancing at him worriedly from time to time.

Skylar: After she had finished he lays back down again but doesn't move or speak not really wanting to explain last night's events.

Rhi: She stares at the wall behind him, chewing on her lip as if she's trying to decide on something. "If you don't talk to me, I'll leave. I won't come back, either," she says finally, her tone devoid of any emotion.

Skylar: He moves the covers so that there's room for her to enter the bed. "I'll tell you if you come beside me."

Rhi: She slips under the covers, making sure to keep some distance between them.

Skylar: He gasps from breath before fianlly deciding deciding to tell her, showing her his bruises in other urm places >.<

Rhi: She stares, quite shocked, opening and closing her mouth a few times, trying to find the right words. "Did the Hypnos kid do this?"

Skylar: "No he found me and took care of me for a while...Don't know where he's gone..." He looks around the room.

Rhi: "So, you didn't...?" she hates herself for asking that while there are much important things at hand, but she needs to know.

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