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Hi probably should figure out what holden/glen are to each other >.<


  • Holden: He yawns and checks the temperature before getting ready to head out, Rhys is on Holden's computer typing away, sometimes cursing when he messes up something, which is frequent as he hasn't been using the internet long, let alone a computer. Holden tosses on a pair of cargo shorts over his boxers when he sees that it's like finally nearly 70 degrees Fahrenheit out, figures his dark blue t-shirt will be fine, throws his wallet into one of his pockets, his keys in another, and his mobile phone in yet another, along with a few other various objects in a 4th pocket (bottle opener, his weapon that transforms, pack of gum). Tossing on his sneakers he tells Rhys to just close his door when he's done, and then heads out into the warm spring day. He pauses, thinking maybe he should grab a jacket just in case he's not back before dark, as the spring nights tend to get rather cool, but he figures he'll just suck it up. He starts walking past the cabins, looking up every so often, wondering to himself what Glen was up to. They'd hung out a bunch, even slept in the same bed together a few times, but as far as defining their relationship it hadn't happened yet. sure they'd kissed a bit a couple of times, and it was clear they were friends, but Holden was beginning to want more, and he wasn't sure if Glen did, hell he wasn't even 100% sure if Glen was really genuinely over Skylar.
  • Glen: He's standing in the kitchen in Deimos' Cabin trying to prepare breakfast but just by looking into the dustbin it's clear to see that Glen's no Gordon Ramsay, there's several burnt bacon rashers in it as well as some scrambled eggs which don't even look remotely like eggs any more. He takes a sip of the orange juice before quickly looking at his bacon rashers which are beginning to burn, "Shit shit shit shit shit." He quickly tries to get the bacon onto a plate but accidentally burns himself on the pan, so he ends up running over to the sink where he begins to run his finger under the tap.
  • Holden: He's near the Deimos cabin when Glen is quite loudly saying 'shit' over and over, as the door was open from Glen airing the kitchen out from the first batch of burnt breakfast. Realising that it was Glen's voice, Holden wanders over to the door and stands just outside, leaning on the door frame, looking into the kitchen, he sees the rather amusing scene before him of Glen attempting to cook. He tries to suppress laughter, "Hey, you OK?"
  • Glen: He's still running his finger under the cold water, "Oh yeah, I'm fine." He sighs, "I just burnt my finger on that..." He uses his good hand to point at the two rashers of bacon on the plate beside the cooker sitting beside that is a glass of half drunk orange juice. "You can have them if you want, I'm not really all that hungry any more..." He turns off the water before drying his finger with a cloth, 'ahhing' slightly.
  • Holden: He doesn't bother to be invited in, and just goes into the kitchen and starts to open a few cupboards, he finds a honey bear (aka squeeze bottle of honey shaped like a bear) and walks over to glen, "Hear, let me see your finger."
  • Glen: He holds out his hand to Holden, "Look, it's not that bad, it'll be fine once I forget about it." He laughs, "It's really nothing to worry about."
  • Holden: He grins and sticks out his tongue, "who says anyone was worried?! Besides if I thought it were serious I'd be grabbing for ambrosia." He dabs a bit of honey on the burnt area of Glen's finger, "That should stop the burning faster while it heals, the honey pulls the heat away from the burn, or at least I think that's what happens, not sure, I just know that honey makes it feel better faster." He shrugs and puts the honey away.
  • Glen: He turns and leans his back against the kitchen counter and groans, "You just had to put honey on my finger." He stares at his finger, attempting to restrain himself from licking it off.
  • Holden: He resists making dirty comments about what they could be doing with honey in glen's room and what Glen could be licking it off, "Soooo what are you up to today?" Then realises what he just said only manages to sink his brain further into the gutter.....
  • Glen: He thinks for a second to what he has planned today, "Not much just take the dog for a walk, well I was going to do that after I ate breakfast but that idea went into the bin, literally." He looks up and makes eye contact with Holden.
  • Holden: He chuckles, not so much that it would be rude though, "Well I was just headed out to get something to eat, wanna join?"
  • Glen: He thinks about it, "Are you going to be taken Skylar with you because to be honest I really don't want to speak to him." He absent-mindedly put his finger in his mouth and is trying to suck most of the honey off it.
  • Holden: As the honey isn't expected to stay on permanently, by thee time Glen sucked it off it should have done about as much as it was going to any way. "No, I mean, it's what, only like noon, he's still sleeping last I saw I'll probably bring him something back though, well maybe, depends on how much I care to hear him whine later when he sees I went out."
  • Glen:He chuckles, "Well what else can he do but whine, drink and have sex with any vaguely humanoid creature, that seems like all he's doing nowadays..." He walks over to the plate of bacon and picks up the glass of orange juice beside it and drinks it before grabbing the plate and scraping it into the bin like the other four pieces.
  • Holden: He chuckles, "I wonder if he's ever f*cked a centaur or centauress, or whatever the female ones are called, or been f*cked by one," he laughs
  • Glen: He was taking another drink when Holden said that causing him to spit out the orange juice onto the floor, "OH my gods, I honestly wouldn't be surprised, I think he tried to do a satyr once but I don't know if he actually did do it." He continues to laugh.
  • Holden: "Next you know he'll be trying to convince some of the Animal guardians to get him do them while they are in animal form." he chuckles "Though if he does I hope I'm out that night, we share a wall"
  • Glen: "Gods, what if he gets one pregnant, that would be disastrous." His eyes widen at the thought of it before laughing at the though of half-Skylar, half-animal babies.
  • Holden: He laughs a bit, "I wonder if there's a guardian for cats, he'd probably sleep with just so he could have his very own litre of kittens."
  • Glen: "I think he loves his cats more than he's loved any of his exes, including me" He shakes his head, "He needs to sort out his priorities."
  • Holden: He gives a sympathetic shrug, "I think if that ever happens Hades will be stocking up in mittens and winter gear from hell having frozen over."
  • Glen: He cracks a smile again, "I'm pretty sure Hades will be pissed about that."
  • Holden: Deciding that he's done enough Skylar talking, and still hasn't figured out for sure if Glen is over him or not, "So, wanna head out into town now?"
  • Glen: "Oh yeah sure." He sets the glass of orange juice down, "I'm guessing I won't need a jacket or anything?" He takes a quick glance at the thermometer.
  • Holden: He shrugs, "Probably not, it's pretty warm out. Once it gets dark though it'll probably get chilly again."

Glen: He hums and quickly picks up a light hoodie before carrying it under his arm, "Okay, are we driving or walking?"

  • Holden: he shrugs, "I suppose that depends on how far you want to go for food, if wee go in town we could walk, if you want to go into the city we should drive."
  • Glen: "Does the cafe in town do good bacon and egg muffins?" He takes his keys out of his pocket and fidgets with them.
  • Holden: He thinks "Umm there's a Denny's I think, they serve breakfast all the time."
  • Glen: He debates this, "Sure, we can go there."
  • Holden: He nods and walks out of the cabin and across camp, presuming that Glen will follow hoping that they don't run into Skylar, in the off chance that Skylar decided to actually get out of bed.
  • Glen: He is walking about a metre away from Holden "Did Skylar even come home last night?" He asks somewhat absent-mindedly.
  • Holden: His heart sinks a bit when he brings up Skylar again but he tries not to show his disappointment, "more like morning, I think he stumbled in around 7am. I think he's dating Rhi again, though I thought he was dating this guy Harlee last week or the other week, not sure. That's not even getting into the one night stands."
  • Glen: "Oh...." He shrugs, "He'll probably not be up until like 12am.....there was this one time he slept for a whole 24 hours, I honestly have no idea how he does it..." He catches up to Holden, "Also is it just me or do you smell different than the last time we saw each other."
  • Holden: He smiles and puts his hands in his pockets as they walk, feeling an odd urge to hold Glen's hand, but not sure if he should, but he needed something to do with his hands so he didn't feel so awkward, "Trying a new cologne, something called Gravity. I liked the name."
  • Glen: He smiles, "Well, it smells nice. It's not too strong." He's getting progressively closer to Holden.
  • Holden: He smiles as Glen gets closer, at this point they are passing the entrance and heading into the area that people park their vehicles. "Cool, glad you like it."
  • Glen: He continues to walk and as the get closer to the car park (I guess that's what I'll call it), "So where did you park your car?"
  • Holden: He motions over to a rather beaten up dirty jeep (imagine it dirtier >.<), "It's not much to look at but I was tired of borrowing Brock's car all the time, so I saved up for it. Plus side I took out the back seats so it's great for camping, jacked the traney and tires so I can take it off roading and even had this brainy Athena kid work up something that a Heph kid put on for me that senses nearby monsters within a 500 yard radius, makes an alarm go off." He smiles and shrugs.
  • Glen: "This is it?" He raises an eyebrow, "Pretty cool, I must say but I was expecting a sports car with a convertible roof." He shrugs before trying to open the door but realizes it's locked >.<
  • Holden: He walks over behind Glen "Sorry there's a problem with this door handle, you sorta have to like push in, then pull to the right, then pull up before it'll open." He shows Glen, "I got it used for like a thousand bucks so."
  • Glen: "Ah..." He does that and the door opens and he jumps into the passenger seat.
  • Holden: He gets into the driver seat, "Hey if you want, we could get the food to go and there's this really cool place like a half hour from here that you can only get to off road, this little alcove by the ocean that like no one usually goes to." He shrugs, "I mean if you want"
  • Glen:" He lays back in the passenger seat and thinks about it, "Sure, I guess." He shrugs in the seat, "I haven't been near the sea in forever, and that's kinda sad considering how Camp is basically on the coast." He sighs, "But yeah sure."
  • Holden: *they have small talk, get food, head to the spot that Holden talked about* the road there is a bit bumpy, and clearly not for normal vehicles, but the jeep gets over the rocks, puddles and tree roots just fine. They reach a spot in the trees where it opens enough to park the jeep. Before them is a small walking trail and about 50 yard after that is the beach, where no one else is. "Here we are."
  • Glen: He puts his hand over to the handle on the door before opening the door and jumping out, "Thank gods, I'm starving." His stomach rumbles.
  • Holden: He grabs a blanket from the back and the food and walks over to the beach, "there's a nice spot by the rocks over there with shade." he points.
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