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Kaeden's mother

Kaeden: Kaeden waited near the Ortu dorms, waiting for Jemima so that they can go visit his mother. As he waited, he tapped his foot impatiently.

Jem: A few minutes after Kaeden had headed towards her faction, she exited, dressed in a pair of jeans, ballet flats and a black shirt, hoping he wouldn't mind the casual look. She smiled at him as she saw him.

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Kaeden: "Hey. Ready to meet my mom?" He said. "Oh, and don't be overwhelmed with all of the questions she's gonna ask you... Cause... she's gonna ask a lot...."

OOC: FT! :D I love FT. I have an FT poster on my wall. :3 I congratulate you girl cause FT is an awesome choice. lol my char Cheryl Anders is some what based off of Cana. :3 (i even used her as a model too XD)

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Jem: She gave him a small laugh of anxiety, both excited and nervous to meet Kaeden's mother. "She already seems lovely."

Kaeden: He checks the time on his watch, "Well, we should get going. She's going to wonder what's taking us so long."

OOC: timeskip to when they arrive at his house?

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Jem: As they arrived at the front steps, she reluctantly ringed the doorbell, still nervous about first impressions.

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Mrs. Black: She walks to the door and opens it and finds Kaeden and Jemima standing there. "Hi Kaeden! You should visit more often! It's so lonely here now that you and Kaydenza are gone..."

Kaeden: "I'm sorry mom, I'll try to see if I can visit you more often." He said.

Jem: She lost her tense aura as she saw the woman's warm attitude, giving her a radiant smile. "Hello."

Mrs. Black: "Jemima is it? It's so nice to meet you! Kaeden has told me a lot about you ever since he met you and that was basically all he wrote about in his letters!" She said while smiling.

Kaeden: He blushes as his mother said that. "M-mom! She doesn't need to know that..."

Mrs. Black: She ignores him and then invited both inside, "You two should come in before you catch a cold or something," She shivered as a cold breeze passed them.

Jem: She gave Kaeden a jocking smile hearing this, afterwards entering the home. "He talked a lot about you, too."

Kaeden: "Well, I'm going to get something for all of us to drink." He said not wanting to be apart in their girly conversation.

Mrs. Black: She shakes her head as he walked off to the kitchen, "Don't mind him, he doesn't care about girl talk that much as we do."

Jem: She smiled. "I figured by now. It's nice to finally meet you."

Mrs. Black: "And vice versa." She said.

Kaeden: He comes back to the living room with drinks on a tray. "Anybody thirsty?" He asked and placed the tray on the table.

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Jem: She gave Kaeden a smile as he joined them once again, thanking him as she took a glass of... Pepsi? >.<

Mrs. Black: "Thank you dear." She said politely as she took her glass of pepsi. (I'll go with what your saying XD)

Kaeden: He nodded and took his glass as well.

Jem: At a short for words as an awkward silence overtook the atmosphere, she lightly cleared her throat. "So... How long have you been living in New York, Mrs. Black?"

At le park with HiLu~

Le date (more or less)


Hikaru: He knocked at Lucy's door, waiting for her.

Lucy: "Give me another minute!" She said as she heard a knock and assumed it was Hikaru waiting for her.

Hikaru: He began tapping his foot with impatience, wondering what was taking her so long. This was the first time they were formally hanging out together again ever since arriving at camp. Within a minute or two, he called her out. "You done yet?!"

Lucy: "Yeah, just gotta put something on!" She said while regretting not doing all of this earlier.

Hikaru: As she took more time getting prepared for the event, he started lightly singing Towa no Kizuna.

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Lucy: She's done with her preparations and finally walked out of her room. "S-sorry I took so long." She immediately apologized.

Hikaru: He stopped humming as she came out, smiling at her. "Nah, it's okay. Ready to go?"

Lucy: "Yup!" She said while smiling.


Hikaru: They arrived at a nice French restaurant in town, escorted to a table for two by a waiter. Their seats were next to the window, giving them a view of outside life passing, as it would pass before their eyes. After taking their orders, he leaned his head by the vitrine peculiarly reflecting upon the streets.

Lucy: She hums Misty Mystery by Garnet Crow as she waited for their food to be served at their table.

Hikaru: His attention was grasped away from the outside view as Lucy started singing at a low tone. He starred at her with a small, nearly unnoticeable smile on the corner of his lips, which could have been a smirk if it were actually mischievous. His gaze stayed upon Lucy's face, as he believed her concentration withdrew.

Lucy: She kept humming but stopped as she saw Hikaru gazing at her face and blushed. "W-what? Is there something wrong with my face?" She asked him wondering what's wrong with her face.

Hikaru: He suddenly stammered as he realized that he noticed his gesture of weary admiration. "Uh, no, it's completely fine. Really." He assured, looking back at the window in attempt to escape further questions.

Lucy: "Okay." She said but pretty sure he was lying to her.

Hikaru: As their orders came, he found it to be the perfectly convenient after the previous awkwardness that was spread. He thanked the waiter and started eating.

Lucy: "So, uh, are we doing anything today besides having lunch together?" She asked as she ate her meal.

Hikaru: He shrugged. "I guess we could go into the city... Maybe visit some places you'd like to see?" He asked, as it was the only prosperous thing that came to mind.

Lucy: "Sure. I guess." She responded not exactly sure what she would want to see.

Hikaru: He was halfway over his meal, but had yet to leave Lucy's gaze. "Of all the places in New York... Where do we start?"

Lucy: "To be honest... I don't know." She said while making a -.-" face.

Hikaru: He made a slightly wincing expression, something he assumed to be his thinking face. "How about a that Radio City music hall thing?" He suggested, since it was the only location her remembered in NYC.

Lucy: "Sure." She said and she was pretty much done with her meal once she did say that.

New York Tour

Hikaru: They took a bus into the city, distancing themselves from camp. Since they were only nymphs they needn't worry about any monsters lurking by, something that was rather common in these areas. Hikaru's only reluctance rested on whether or not some locals would be able to recognize them. For that matter, he wore a dark hoody, covering his head. As they arrived at the musical exhibition, he discreetly wrapped his arm around his comrade *cough nakama cough*, with a sly grin on his face. "Looks like we're here!" He exclaimed with eccentricity, hoping it didn't attract any attention.

Lucy: "So what do we do first while we're there?" She asked him, not noticing the fact that his arm is around her.

Hikaru: "How about checking the museum part?" He asked, keeping his giddy expression on him.

Lucy: "Sure! Lead the way?" She asked since she had no idea where that was.

Hikaru: "Of course." Grabbing one of the touristic pamphlets a nearby stand offered, he found a map of the building's premises. Figuring out the directions, he grabbed Lucy's hand without any warnings and started walking towards the museum section, his eyes fixed on the map. "It should be some where around here..." He muttered, protectively tightening his grasp on Lucy as he felt the presence of strangers increase. The movement was somewhat made on impulse; his regards toward her were unconditional.

Lucy: As they walked and held hands, she started blushing and wondered if any strangers thought they actually looked like a couple. She didn't know what to do as Hikaru kept looking for the museum section.

Hikaru: He didn't seem to realize that the gesture could look romantic in the least, since he was so used to being around her. His actions didn't proceed with care, but with most casualty. "Found it." He proclaimed with much delight.

Lucy: "Yay." She said, somewhat in a Fluttershy like manner (>.<). 'Hopefully, nobody will think we're an actual couple' She thought in her head and her blush got to a deeper shade of red as she thought that.

Hikaru: He noticed her sudden drop of color, raising an eyebrow. "Are you alright?"

Lucy: "N-no I'm fine!" She said. "i'm really fine..."

Hikaru: Her nervous demeanor didn't pass by easily, but he shrugged it off, finding it best not to oppress her. He knew that it wouldn't be any good. "This is rather interesting..." He commented, pointing at <insert musical-ish art here>.

Lucy: She nods her head up and down like 'yeah it is rather interesting' since she couldn't find anything else to pile on to his comment >.<"

Hikaru: Still looking genuinely fascinated by the works displayed, he kept studying Lucy to find any mood swings, king of worried that she was getting bored by the exhibition. "Maybe we could check out the Statue of Liberty next..." He suggested, as they passed through a large door, entering the auditorium. The seats were nearly fully filled, a dim source of light illuminating the area. Amongst the whispering crowd, he saw that there were a couple of empty places in the back. Walking towards it at a sloppy pace, he gestured Lucy to follow him as he sat on one. The stage's curtains were closed, hiding the artists. It must have been a concert of some sorts, by what Hikaru could presume.


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