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cait: was going to his room when she spies him through his window she sigh and turned around

Nove: He hears a sigh so he impulsively hugs himself to cover his body, he then notices it was Cait, so he gets his clothes and changes in like 30 seconds and chases after Cait. "Hello there" He says like none of that just happened.

cait: was already far enough but when she heard his voice she quicken her pace not wanting to see him in that state...again at least...

Nove: "Cait! what's wrong?" He says still putting his jacket on.

cait: sprint into a cabin nearbye and hides herself leaning over teh walls of th cabin this is stupid

Nove: Noices she hides so he discretely walks toward her not making a sound.

cait: with her back on the walls of the cabin she slid down looking up seriously why now?

Nove: He leans on the wall of the cabin and slids next to her, still not making a sound, Cait probably not noticing him yet, so he looks toward her, her face looking up, and says "Why are you escaping from me?"

cait: was super surprise when she heard his voice that she jumped a bit as she held her hands at her chest nove seriously don't scare people like that!

Nove: I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to see how you were doing after your jellyfish attack yesterday, but then you ran away from me with no good reason!

cait:ahh that... laughs nervously as she looks away well I was coming to yor cabin to say thanks for that but then I saw that you were ..uhh busy? soo I thought I'll come later like tomorrow? next months? next year? I'm flexible either way

OOC:this is cute..and funny ><

Nove: He grabs Cait's hand between his'  "I was "training" so that when we went back to the beach, I wouldn't be so ashamed of myself as I was yesterd- " he stops, noticing that he just spit out his secret.

cait: looks at him like he just said something bad did you regret being there yesterday? her voice showed how she was a bit angry


Nove: I never said that, I just said that I'm ashamed of myself, and by now, you're the only one that knows it , the only one I truly care for...


cait: was now getting angrier by the minute soo in other words your ashamed of yourself saving me?

OOC:this is gonna be a war...

Nove: I mean I was ashamed of my body! he snaps I have always been and I don't know why, but I am, and you are the only one by now that does know this, and th only one that has seen most of it. Why on Earth do you think I was so worried about my clothes and I was always hugging myself with my hands all the time? So nobody could see me! That's why I always use a diving suit. I loved saving you yesterday, and healing is a very specific power from Apollo, a power derived from love. But if you can't understand that, and always want to evade me, It's fine! He starts to get up.

OOC: Drama-Love-War Option: ENGAGED

OOC:thats skipping a lot of steps seriously not even in a relationship but now engaged wow

cait: takes a few moments to re think everything before she takes a deep breath and went up in front of nove okey let me say this first I'm sorry its just i;ve been under a lot of stress and yes the kiss has been on my mind which does not help at all soo I'm sorry but why did you want to train yourself I dont want to skinny dip..

NoveHe laughs at her comment "Neither do I, but I just wanted to stop feeling ashamed, and when I was with you, I didn't feel ashamed, I felt kind of confident."

cait: bites her lips trying hard not to say anything to his words but press her fingers to her forehead nove stop...this isn't going where it should be...

OOC:oh where should it get to cait tell me? cause as your maker I want to know

OOC: I don't understand you

Nove: Where should it go?

OOC:no I'm just asking cait where she wants to go with this rp as she didn't want nove to continue  (had too many boyfriends soo she's just being careful ><)  anyhow did you ask her the person that dib nove?

cait: takes a deep breath you should be with someone else other than me...

OOC: She's kinda inactive right now, so I can't, but is it my imagination, or the ooc is becoming into chat and chat is becoming into an rp between doc and mel?

OOC:i have no clue anymore >< but who was the user that dib him?

Nove: With who?

OOC: The Musician

cait: shrugs someone...anyone...other than me..

OOC:ehh hmm I thought I saw her on for a few minutes in teh morning (my time at least)

Nove: Why? Yesterday you told me you liked me, and now I tell you I like you. Then why are you rejecting me?

OOC: What time is it for you now?

OOC:its like 1.34 am here why?

cait: because I've been through a lot of guys nove and I really don't want to get hurt again maybe I do like you maybe I do think your hot but seriously to go through all of that again..its painful...

OOC: Just waned to know. So it's like a 13 hour diffeence, since for me it is 12 41 pm

Nove:I would never hurrt you -ever-

cait: looks at nove and puts her hands onto his cheeks I know but I don't want to start something that I'm scared I could never end cause it hurts sooo much nove too much that I don't want to go through that all again..

OOC:ahhh anyhow where is this rp going are you gonna dib cait for nove cause nove is dib ><

OOC: I truly don't know >w< I'm just improvising.

Nove: He grabs Cait's hand and puts them in his lap. Then its fine, you should do what your heart tells you. 

OOC:nice to know I'm not the only one ><

cait: my heart? looks away its telling me to stop from making a fool of myself ...cause it knows what it wants but I don't know whether I'm willing to give it...

Nove: He grabs her chin softly and rotates it mildly toward him, he then locks his eyes on hers "Then what is it that your heart wants?"

cait: something that I'm not ready to give...she said as she tries to get herself out of noves hands

Nove: He notices her struggle to get out of his hands, with sort of offends him, however, he lets her go. "If that's so, tell me when you're ready to give it" he tries to kiss her in the CHEEK, stands up and starts walking on the opposite direction from Cait and the cabin.

cait: bites her lips as she looks away gives me volcano's give me a manticore give me anything but that again

OOC:now what?

NoveHe turns into a state of light slowly fading in the long distance.

OOC: IDK you choose.

OOC:she's not gonna go and catch up to him she's been too much in the love industry that she was almost thinking of joining the hunt soo yeah >< either nove can stop her or something maybe?

cait: gets up that's it I think I need to join the hunt now..

Nove: What Cait didn't know is that Nove was beside her, still in the light state, he then turns into a human again. "Wow, the one who was your boyfriend before must've done really cruel things to you"

cait: was too far to hear him as she headed to the artemis cabin

OOC:he didn't do much the ex its just she has tooo much ex that she don't believe in love anymore...

Nove: Runs toward Cait and shouts "Why don't you believe in love ?"

OOC:is iit just me or is nove actually reading my occ? anyhow this is getting interesting

cait: stops and stares at the sky you just hate me don't you aphro...  she said befoore turning around and walking back to nove facing him looking more and more annoyed there's soooo many wrongs in that sentence I don't know where to start soo let me give you 5 was already thinking of joining the hunt before meeting you two I do not have a crush on you..cause ..yesterday.... twenty four hours before this I didn't say I like you I said you look hot huge difference..three thinks for a few minutes and takes a deep breath we're not in love we just met we went for a saved my life that is not love that is coincidence deserve someone better someone cause I'm not ready to go through all that again you are so go and find that special someone let it be a demigod human a nymph a spirit let it be even a bimbo just let me be...... five...*thinks* I think I need to go...walks pass nove heading back to her cabin forgetting the hunt

Nove: He walks up to her, "Why do you think you don't deserve me? I think I don't deserve you."

Cait: looks straight into his eyes I don't deserve you for one simple reason..I don't want to cause I don't want to go through all of that again and just be hurt in the end and why would you want to be suitable for me nove I'm nobody find some hot aphro kid or some strong ares kid they're much better at this than I am...

Nove: He refuses to think like that, but does comprehend Cait. "Then what do you propose?"

cait: raises both her eye brow simple you let me go to my cabin...

OOC:where is this leading to? and if you want her nove don't let her go to her cabin..its a maze (an actual maze) that not many outside of the ariadne kids can get out of...

NOVE: Why would I do such a stupid thing?

OOC:WHERE IS THIS RP GOING TO!!!! he's dib remember??? we cant go any further than this!!!

Cait: rolls eyes sadly that's not for you to decide...cause its my right and if I want to go to my cabin I can just go like thiswalks pass him as she starts to walk to her cabin

OOC: so I just let her go?

OOC:well..i umm am conflicted on what to say as I really wish to respect the one that dib the char and this whole rp is a mean way to bully chars but the drama is nice because we let the chars develop into human (as what is life without drama?) anyhow you can pick its either we stop and make a new rp with different chars or we continue this...drama???

OOC: idk you choose, although, idk how to continue this...

OOC:thanks for asking the girl to make this hard decision...anyhow isnt music on now? ask her...

OOC: the problem is that she is away chat... sorry

OOC:its ok. my own fault for not going to chat and also starting this whom mess ><..anyhow its like 2 am here and my mom will literally kill me if she sees me online soo how about we start a new rp? and this time we you pick one of my char rather than I pick one of yours? as mine have no dibs

OOC: ok then. Is it fine if I use Aria Darkclock and you use Ichiro?

OOC:sure no problem with me just know ichiro is in a relationship (his princely attitude get everyone wanting him ><) anyhow lets start a new below here and also tell me the update on how we stand on this rp ok?

OOC:i dont understand what you mean(the last senence.) 

OOC:>< forget it lets just continue please....soo how? forgot to mention soo do you want cait or not?


>< no sorry but I came here because I love Greek myths and legend (I know most of them) and I was planning to start to read them when my life is less hectic...sadly when it is (like now) I cant buy it with no money >< soo sad pity me


That's truly sad, hope you like the books they are rewally good

hoepfully so >, anyhow now what topic to talk about?


hmm if you can have any super power (just one) what do you want?

paradox manipulation


manipulation. To control everything impossible knwn to mankind. For example, to make a Christmas ornament from a tree hang upside down, etc.

cool!!! as for me I would seatle for plant manipulation just love the idea ><

thhat is really cool as well

IKR I want to make new plants and help to heal people with the plant

that would be really cool

yeah anyhow next question hmmm what is your fav colour

uhmmm... green, yours?

hmmm got to be blue cause of the sky >< anyhow sorry to leave you hangging it was like 3 am here and I fell asleep sorry again ><

don't worry, i was busy too

>< morning?

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