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pamina: she was walking around clearly not paying attention to her sorounding talking to herself as she smiled to herself

Jason: He walks outside the Boreas' cabin an then notices Pamina

pamina: she was in her long sleeved shirt and jeans clearly not paying attention to the world around her as she continues to talk to herself and then jason would...she said stopping suddenly looking at the clouds oh that would be soo lovely she said to herself smiling as her imagination got free she continues to walk not paying attention when she suddenly stumble on a rock and was about to fall

OOC:he can catch her

Jason: Since she was going to fall, he goes running toward her, and embraces his arms around her, stopping her fall. His hands cold, he looks at her sweetly. "Are you fine?"

pamina: she was acctually surprised at being caught by a boy oh? she said quickly as she tried to get out of his embrace feeling rather embarrassed yeah I'm fine you can let me go now..she said awkwardly

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Jason: He lets her go "Are you sure you are OK?"

pamina: she nods as she got up yeah i am..she said clearly showing how she was not used to contact looking down not knowing what to say to the guy that saved her its was...she stops to think of  a proper word my fault i wasnt paying attention and stuff...

Jason: He looks at her once again and lets out a small laugh "Are you normally this shy?"

pamina: she looks up hearing his words shy?? she said repeating it I'm not shy no i'm just not used to talking...yeah that not used to it...she said as she looked away rubbing her arms clearly not use to the attention

Jason: "Yes, you are shy,  don't deny it. I find it cool" he says sweetly at her

pamina: she looks up at him his words was as if it was a foreign language me? she asked wanting some clarification

Jason: Yes... You

pamina: she looks away as she rub her arm more intensively ok? she said clealy not knowing how to continue the conversation

Jason: He smiles nervously and keeps quiet

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OOC: you choose

OOC:.....ok but this drama needs time ;)

suddenly a cat came along believe it or not it suddenly came and rub itself against jason's leg

Jason: HE smiles at the cat and lifts it in his arms and kisses its cheek "Who's a cute cat?"

guess what the cat suddenly went wild and tried to scratch jason's face


OOC: thanks?

Jason: He puts the cat down "Ouch!"

OOC:wow the cat succeded on one go!! anyhow dont worry its gonna be a bit to the romantic side ;) anyhow where was he hit?

pamina: she sees him bleeding she quickly went to him oh my are you ok? she asked as the cat ran away she quickly searched her bag for her plaster then offering it to him here...

Jason: He puts it on and smiles "Thank you"

pamina: (assuming they touched) pamina quickly reacted when she felt his touched by taking a few steps back but then went back to jason seeing him bleed you sure your ok? she said a bit worried

OOC:where was he hit >,<

Jason: He massages his scratch in the cheek and with cold he tries to close the wound. "I'm fine, thanks"

pamina: she tried to touch his cheecks Im sorry I dont have any cool healing powers but i do have this she said as she took out a packet of ambrosia from her pocket here she said passing it to him my parents gave this to me I have a lot of them back at my room soo you can have this one she said simply

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Jason: He hesitates and grabs it "Thank you..." he says giving a ppause for her to say her name


pamina: being never at the center of attention she was actually clueless on what to do. thus she kept silent as her mind scatter on to remember what her sister would do at this situation if pamela was here ..she started her sentence she would say you look hot..she said in such a serious tone with a nod not knowing what she just said

OOC:....I dont know whether to laugh or...ok I choose laugh...

Jason: He backs up. nobody had said that since... Cat, but well, she was gone now... "Uhm thanks"

pamina: she was clearly oblivious of his reaction as she was in her own world trying to think of the next thing to say uhh what else would pamela say..she asked herself wondering of what to do..

Jason: "Who the heck is Pamela?

pamina: with the sudden raise of voice it actually scared her (OOC:ok lets be truthful here she's scared of everything....) uhh she said looking down not knowing what to say pamela is my twin that's not my twin but is my...uhh..she makes a >,< face its hard to explain...

Jason: "Is she your sister?"

pamina: she nods yes she's my sister through my mother side but we have the same birthday and age and face....but we're not twins but we are...she said trying to think of the proper words

Jason: "Twins'?"

pamina: yeah in a way we are but we're not...she said repeating her point for the 10th time

OOC: the situation

Jason: " You mean like twins but from a different father?" he asks

pamina: upon hearing the words she's been looking for her face lighten up and gave jason one of her rare smile YES!! she said full of spirit thats it we're twins with different father!

Jason:  "Is that even possible?"

pamina: umm she stops thinking of a proper word i think so cause my father is morpheus and her father is my father which apparently is my step dad but nice not like other step dad she started to try to explain

OOC:she's bad at this she worse than me???

Jason: "Oh, I see"

OOC: Keeps quiet.

pamina: she nods looking away but then suddenly remembers she didnt even know the mans name ummm she said suddenly trying to think of the proper words

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Jason: "Is something wrong?"

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pamina: she makes a >,< face ummm how whould pamela start this conversation??

OOC:half dissapointed in that >,< sorry but its kinda cute saying wuite

Jason: "I don't know..."

pamina: she hearing his words she laugh of course you dont she's not a demigod...I am..anyhow she takes a deep breath as she extends her hand this is what pamela would do and I think she would proudly say hi I'm pamela...but I'm not pamela I'm pamina and its nice to meet you...she stops to think I think? I hope??

OOC:me bored >,<

Jason: He smiles and shakes her hand "I'm Jason, nice meeting you, Pamina"

pamina: she makes a 0.0 face when jason stated his name jason? like...she quickly close her mouth before she mentions anything more making a >,< face  what are the odds of that...

Jason: "Why is my name weird?"

pamina: she quickle shakes her head no no no its not weird its just I was just thinking and then she started to stutter as she used a few hand gesture to show how she was a bit panicking but suddenly realized something and pointed to jason tell me you dont have ice powers please?

OOC:I'm super bored >,< talk to me...

Jason: "Depends on what you want to hear" he says suspcious, as far as he knew, he hadn't done anything wrong...


pamina: just please answer me that one question..she asked a bit desperate not indicating any clue to why she's asking such random question

OOC:hahahahah that made me laugh thanks but seriously I'm super bored >,< hate this book! (exams dont ask >,<)

Jason: "Yes I do... now tell me why?"

OOC: Good... I mean making you laugh, not that you hat your book >.<

pamina: she makes a 0.0 face oh my goodness its just like my story! she makes a >,< face

OOC:I hope thats a good thing anyhow this rp is getting i just need to think about the story she made >,< any suggestion?

Jason: "What story?"

pamina: umm she looks down its not a good story...she said slowly clearly lacking the motivation of a writer

Jason: Tell me...

pamina: but its just a story i made up...she said slowly it might not come true...cause theres no chance that a cat will fall on if on que a cat flew right in front of have insurance??she asked a bit scared now

Jason: "I hope so"

pamina: she looks around a bit scared now jason...she repeated the words trying to remember details of her story

Jason: Pamina, You're scaring me""

pamina: she turns to jason remembering his existence oh sorry she made a >,< face I was just trying to remember the detail as in my stroy he's an ice wizard...he's strong and smartshe said flatly just being her direct self

Jason: "Am I strong?"

pamina:' she stops in her train of thoughts and turn to jason I dont know...I just met you...she said directly as she could ever be


OOC: I had an idea, after finishing this RP we could make a quest like "the search for Pamina's Story Secret" or something like that.

About th story, maybe it can be Jason, a guy with Ice Powers, who had a shadow brother... It's true actually.

shadow brother???

son of nyx...

oh hmm interesting now I just need more of the content and wonder what genre to put it under >,< what a fun task! *sarcastical voice*


>,< i'm serious what genre should it be cause it will ....hey thats a good idea!! how about we make all the stories she make come true??

ok good idea

yup..but its your idea soo thumbs up to you! *wishing that wiia did an emoji thing for a thumb >,<* either way lets do the story together soo we have at least a plan?


soooo we have a climax which is your quest and even a nickname now just the beggining >,<

UHmm Two gods had created two very diferent brothers?(This being the story) A light ice wizard and a dark shadow??

to balance each other out but then the two begin to start fighting wanting to know whoo's stronger/ they combine to overthrow the gods? I dont know >,<

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