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Mason and Analeese

Analeese: Analeese suits up for the day, pulling on a pair of jeans and a tattered flannel shirt. The sun has barely awoken, but she cannot sleep or sit still. The idea of a sedentary life is an odd one, especially where beds were concerned. The daughter of Nemesis rarely slept in a proper bed, so the comfortable mattress had kept her up all night. She took a brief glance in the mirror, then shrugged and hurried down the black wall. It seems like nobody else is up. She hasn’t met any of her siblings yet, and doesn’t intend to meet them. She nimbly avoids the set of scales in the hall, and starts to make herself some breakfast. Food was hard to come by, so she feels the urge to stock up on all the protein she can get. Soon, she’s cracked a few eggs and fires up the pan.

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