Avian Bayer5

Avian -Child of Apollo
-Gold Hearted
Age: 18     Height: 5'9      Weight: 132 lbs      
Sexuality: Bisexual      Relationship Status: Single
Health Status: Healthy     Weapon: λιακάδα (Bladed Longbow)

 – 19:46, November 16, 2013 (UTC)

He sits in his room, not far from the front door of the cabin, playing with his powers. He created a small ball of light and tossed it around his room. Without meaning to, he started listening in on Adam's singing. The lyrics made him feel...apalled? "Holy jeez, someone doesn't like someone..." He decided to investigate where the music was coming from. He made the light-ball disappear and got out of bed. He listened in on the music until he walked out the door to find Adam sitting at the front of the cabin with his guitar. "Jeez man, did someone eat all of your candy or are you just naturally aggressive?"


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