Avian Bayer5

Avian -Child of Apollo
-Gold Hearted
Age: 18     Height: 5'9      Weight: 132 lbs      
Sexuality: Bisexual      Relationship Status: Single
Health Status: Healthy     Weapon: λιακάδα (Bladed Longbow)

 – 05:41, November 25, 2013 (UTC)

His eyes widen at his hand passing right through her. Instead of pulling it out in disgust/creepyness, he shows a look of awe. "Wooooooooooah. That. Is. Awesone! It's like my hand is moving through air!" He moves his hand through her like a child. "Sweeeeeeeeeeet." He then realizes what he's doing and immediatly moves his hand out of her, blushing madly. "Hehe, sorry..."
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