Anime guy 2

[[|Conner]] -Child of Boreas
-Jack Frost
Age: 16     Height: 6'0      Weight: 159 lbs      
Sexuality: Heterosexual      Relationship Status: Single
Health Status: Healthy     Weapon: χιονοθύελλα

 – 06:30, November 17, 2013 (UTC)

As soon as he walked back through the entrance, Conner immediately felt at home. It had been a long time since he had been at camp and he had missed it so much. Before he had wandered the camp, he decided to put his stuff at the cabin, hoping his room hadn't been taken. Luckily, it was still the way he had left it. He set his luggage on his bed and walked out of the cabin. He decided to take a tour of the camp, a little stroll down memory lane. He decided to start with the cabins, walking around each one. While passing Aeolus' cabin, he noticed a familiar face. He grinned and decided to sneak up on his best friend. He tried to remember how he did this and concentrated. Immedialty, cold winds surrounded him as he was lifted into the air. He willed them to move him somewhere to where he couldn't be seen.

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