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This character is not currently at camp, they are interning at a fashion company in Paris. If all goes well, she won't be returning to camp..

DoveC Ariana "Claire" Valentine DoveC
Child of Aphrodite ~ Camper
Owned by: ~The Musician~
Basic Info
Full Name: Ariana "Claire" Valentine
Titles: The Shattered Heart
The Lonely soul
Born/Created On: {{{born/created}}}
Current Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demi Goddess
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: None
Love Interests: None
Active RP's: See Comments
Created Page On: 5/17/2014
Last Updated On: 8/26/2015
Plans: Have her broken hearted for a while then have her find a guy to heal her heart
Model: Antonia Iacobescu
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Hazel/Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 108 lb
Blood Type: O-
Voice: Unsure
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Fit
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Aphrodite
Father: Scott Valentine
Creator: None
Half-Siblings: Aphrodite's Cabin
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None
Home: Camp Half-Blood
Schooling: Public
First Kiss: Ryan Black
First Sex: None
First Love: Ryan Black


General Info
Nicknames: None
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English, French
Character Flaw: She feels alone and people who can see that can use it against her
Fears/Phobias: Falling in love with someone else
Hobbies: Making Clothes
Moral Compass:
Most Important Person Before: Scott Valentine (Father)
Most Important Person Now: None
Dream Job: to own her own fashion company
Current Job: None

Once a very nice caring person Ariana has now distance her self from any of her friends. When her boyfriend Ryan Black left camp suddenly without telling Ariana her heart shattered. at first she assumed he went home for a week or so but after a month she finally realized he was gone. Now even though she can still act friendly she has a hard time getting close to anyone and now usually finds herself in her room focusing on her work rather than trying to find another boyfriend

Scott Valentine was a young child of Eros who become a model at the age of 17 and by the age of 20 he was a really famous model. One day while out at a night club Scott was interacting with many woman, But none of them seem to be catching his attention. That is until he saw this women. She was beautiful and her eyes seemed to be changing colors every time he looked at them. Scott and the woman whos name was jenny (Aphrodite's fake name). After acouple hours of talkig and laughing both Scott and Jenny went back to Scott's appartment and did the you know what.

The next morning Scott woke up to jenny gone. He wonderd were she was but thought maybe he would see her again. After about a moth he figured out he would never see her again so he went on with his life. That is until one day 3 months later he opened the door to his appartment to find a baby girl right i front. He picked up a note next to the basket and read it to himself in his head. The note read

"Dear Scott,

Im sorry that i left without saying good by but im aphrodite goddess of love and as you know when we have children us gods cannot stay. You can call her whatever you want and i hope that you will send her to camp when she is ready.


When Scott was done reading the note he instantly got why Aphrodite and him never saw eachother again. When he looked down at the baby he saw a square box next to the basket. In the bow was a celstial bronze whip and a celestial bronze dagger. Then after acouple seconds the two weapons transformed into a belt and braclet. Justin now looking at his baby girl smiled and decided to name her Ariana

Early Childhood: Ariana's Child hood was great. She was the daughter of a famous Model so she was always popular in school. When she was 6 she found at that she had Dyslexia and ADHD but she still had straight A's and was still very poular. When she was 9 Ariana was put into a whip trainig class, Scott figured that Ariana should learn to use the weapon given to her by Aphrodite earlier, Which Ariana thought was wierd but didnt want to dissapoint her father. When Ariana was 11 Scott gave her the 2 weapons which obviously Ariana didnt know there true form.

First Monster Attack:

When Ariana turned 13 She was thown a huge party. They danced and Ariana was having fun. About an hour into the party Ariana found out her boyfriend Was cheating on her, She caught him and some girl making out in the bathroom.(Thats not important, it just goes into her personality.) After finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her Ariana went out back were no one was. She needed some time alone, But she soon found out she was not alone. She heard a loud screech that would definantly not be heard inside and looked up to see a harpy diving down at her. Ariana had just enough time to duck down making the harpy miss. Then suddenly her belt that she got for her 11 birthday started to burn around her waist. She yanked it of and it stransformed into it's true from. Ariana stared at it in awe, But was interupted when she heard another screech.she looked up to see the harpy diving down again. This time Ariana didn't have time to duck and got cut on the arm but it wasn't anything serious. Just when the harpy was gonna come back down Ariana flung her whip wraping it around its waist and pulling down forcefully making the harpy slam into the ground and bursting into dust. After that Ariana was to affriad to tell anyone what happened, even her own father, So she went back to the party and went on with her night.

Another Monster Attack:

Ariana pushed the memory of her birthday behind her. With finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her to fighting that monster she wished the night never happened. Then on her 14th birthday when She was out at the beach a telkihine came out of the water and attacked her. She still didnt know what these thing were but she knew they were trying to hurt her. The telkihine attack biting her arm. She yelled but since she was in the bathroom either no one heard here or thought some people were just doing it in the bathroom. She pulled her braclet off by accident forcfully and it transformed into a celestial bronze dagger. She didnt take time to awe this time and stabed the monster in the head making it back off then she summoned her whip and snung it with as much force she could do. As the whip hit the monster it dissolved into dust. Ariana then bandaged up her bite and when her friends asked what happened she lied saying something about some stupid glass in the beach.

Finding out she is a Demi-God:

Ariana forgot about the memory at the beach, Her bite healed, and she went on to live ok until she turned 15. Thats when everything went bad. On Ariana's 15 birthday she was out at the store with her dad, Who had the day off. They were walking around the mall laughing and talking until an empousa came crashing through the window. Scott being a demigod summoned his sword and Ariana Summoned her whip. Both were taken by suprise by the other ones actions but when both heard a yell the looked to see the monster running at them. Scott and Ariana side steped letting the empousa pass by them. While the empoasu was trying to stop running Ariana Flung her whip and it wraped around the Empousa's neck. Ariana pulled on her whip making the empousa come back and as it did Scott stabed it in the back and sliced at its head killing it. After that Scott told Ariana everything about him being a demigod and her being one to. He told her about camp and that they would both be going there together.

Getting To Camp:

Both Scott and Ariana took a plane to new york and a cab to the bottom of the hill of camp.Both aAriana and Scott walked up the hill and when at the top they looked down at the camp. They lived there for about 3 months before both scott and ariana decided to go back home not really liking the average life of camp. Ariana and Scott were attacked by some diffrent monsters for 3 years untill Ariana turned 18. On day when coming home from being out for her 18th birthday she found a cyclopes standing over her fathers dead body. She knew she wouldnt stand a chance aganist this huge monster so she ran and ran away finally getting to the air port and flying to new york. Ariana then took a cab to camp and past the magical border before any other monster cold attack. She is now living at camp being claimed as a daughter of Aphrodite


  1. Children of Aphrodite can create a large plume of dense perfume or make-up which obscures them and begins to suffocate anyone else within it. This can give the user a chance to attack.
  2. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to fire razor sharp scallop shells at high speed which can be shot fast enough that they could pierce the skin on impact. The shells would materialize and fire from the user’s palms, so the size of them depends on the user.


  1. Children of Aphrodite can cause people of any gender to lose all desire to attack them for a short time. Out of an artificial love, the love isn’t necessarily romantic and could be like sibling love. If the user attacks while this is in effect, it will automatically wear off.
  2. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to entrap an enemy in a large scallop shell, similar to the one their mother emerged from at birth. Once closed, the clam is extremely difficult to escape from. It is highly durable and cannot be teleported out of, after a short time the clam will fade from existence. The target cannot be attacked while they are inside the clam, so the power is purely defensive. It can only be summoned twice in the same fight.


  1. Children of Aphrodite cause anyone who possesses a sexual orientation towards them to be at least slightly, attracted to them.
  2. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to be able to resist charm speak, a charming touch etc. to an extent.
  3. Children of Aphrodite have the innate ability to be able to resist the effects of pheromones to an extent.
  4. Children of Aphrodite are able to communicate with and command doves. If the user gives too many commands, the doves will become frustrated and disobey.


  1. Children of Aphrodite can alter their appearance (including clothes and make-up) for short periods of time, the more they alter their appearance, and the longer they maintain the appearance, the more energy it drains.
  2. Children of Aphrodite can curse someone to feel like they’re completely hated and unloved, they’ll feel like they’re ugly and will sink into self-pity for a short time. This gives the user a chance to attack or flee.
  3. Children of Aphrodite can infuse magic into their words and ‘charm-speak’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-speak for a few minutes or until control is relinquished, the longer the control is kept.
  4. Children of Aphrodite can control the clothing of others, create and transform it at will (not armor). They could turn a girl’s prom dress into a red bikini, create a scarf around someone’s neck and command it to strangle someone etc. Commands and transformations only last for a short time and the target’s clothes revert to normal.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aphrodite are able to turn into a dove, which allows them flight, the longer they maintain this form, the more energy is drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to control the levels of hormones related to love in humans; serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. The user has the ability to increase or decrease each of these hormones separately or all together. Increases in serotonin will make the target go temporarily insane and decreases will make the target become depressed, while increases in dopamine will make the target super sensitive to their surroundings and decreases will stiffen the movements of the target. Increases in norepinephrine will increase the rate of heart contractions of the target and decreases in this hormone can result in severely lowered heart rate. The use of this power can be extremely draining for the user depending on how extreme the alterations of the hormone levels are.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to transform an area into a maze of mirrors for a moderate period of time, as one of their mother’s attributes was a mirror. Whilst in the maze, the user’s target can become disoriented and confused as all they can see is their own appearance, however, the glass is somewhat durable and cannot be broken easily. The user can move about while the maze is in place, and the sight of their own beautiful reflection empowers them a little. They innately know their way through the maze, as they created it, but they cannot change the layout of the maze once it is in place. The size of the maze depends on how large the user would like it; they can range in size up to that of a battle arena, however, the larger it is the more the user is drained. After dismantling the maze, the user is significantly drained and may not be able to move for a moderate period of time.


  1. Children of Aphrodite almost always have innate knowledge of the French language since it’s known as "the language of love" and pheromones related to love in humans.
  2. Children of Aphrodite are known for being incredibly attractive, seductive and flirty.
  3. Children of Aphrodite often enjoy things that are pretty and things that bring them pleasure. Making them quite fashionable, fun-loving and sometimes promiscuous.
  4. Children of Aphrodite commonly have a taste for apples.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Aphrodite Mother Doesn't know her but would like to meet her one day
Scott Valentine Father Love him and misses him alot
Ryan Black Ex-Boyfriend (Gone) Is angry at him for leaving but, she is mostly heart broken
Aphrodite's Cabin Half-Siblings They are all very nice and cool



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