Flying up High




Wrought from forty-five thousand tons of steel and celestial bronze, spanning nine hundred meters from bow to stern, and sporting the firepower to bring down large sea monsters in a barrage of 410-millimeter-bore celestial bronze artillery shells, Camp Half-Blood's modified Iowa-class flying airship represents its last line of defense against massive threats.
The airship, when not airborne, can be found docked on massive struts the inside the camp Armory. It was initially created by Avery in one of Hephaestus's volcanic workshops, but after sustaining critical damage during its maiden voyage and making an emergency landing at the beach, Camp Half-Blood decided to repair it for use as a powerful war asset. The ship has since been fully restored by the Hephaestus Cabin.
To use the airship for quests or roleplays, please first get permission from the Head Counselor.

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