Welcome to The Armory


Located by the Hephaestus Cabin, the Armory, really called Bunker 9, is where campers can request armor, shields, and different weapons. It's an aircraft-hanger sized workshop filled with spare tools and weapons, schematics, a map of the camp, and various machine design plans. It is at least around 200 years old. This is also where damaged weapons and armor can be taken for repair.

Head Forgers

  1. Patricles Lightwood
  2. Dirk Stålstyrke

Assistant Head Forger

Request Guidelines

  1. No Guns Allowed.
  2. Please specify what material you'd like.
  3. You can have transforming weapons, but be reasonable.
  4. Leave all requests in comments.

Materials Available

  1. Leather/Hide
  2. Wood
  3. Silver
  4. Gold (regular gold, not imperial gold)
  5. Celestial Bronze
  6. Iron
  7. Steel

Armory Worker Sign Up

If you'd like to work at the armory, please sign the chart with the required information. (Hephaestus Kids Only)

Character Out of Character Projects

Lanson Gate

Miranda Norris Rid N/A
Oswald Carlson Gruff N/A
Patricles Lightwood Hyu WIP
Humberto Lopez Hydro N/A
Matt Brown Xer N/A
Scott MacDiarmid Craftman Assortments of Greek and Medieval weapons
Dirk Stålstyrke Wind Stålstyrke Weaponry
Mason Jennings Rlb Camper's Katanna and Daggers
Ryan Black Malik N/A
Tony Nochenueva Xax N/A
Zella Merina Hidden N/A

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