Arts & Crafts


The Arts and Crafts Building is a long, wooden cabin. The windows are stained glass, making illusions and are made by different campers. The door has engraved designs, of different scenes, which is also done by a few campers. When you go inside, the first thing you notice are the colors. Hanging from the ceiling is origami, and the walls are beautifully painted backgrounds. The room has several work tables, beaten up and paint-stained. The ceiling is painted as the sky, and you can even see a Pegasus in there. There are shelves, filled with all the things you need. On one of the long walls, are hooks where a gallery has been hung for the monthly art competition which is ran. At the back of the room, there are two kilns and ten drying racks of different heights. Care to come in and feast your eyes on these arts and crafts?

Paintbrush (clipart)
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