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She doesn't want anyone to think that she's a stereotype typical child of Aphrodite. She can be sweet and caring but also devilish and cruel. It just depends.


My father always had told me a story about how two lovebirds found each other and when they did it was special for the both of them, expecially for the male bird. He told me that it all began on Valentine's Day, (a pathetic waste of a holiday if you ask me, but i digress). The most important day of a lovers life, it's where you can do the nasty (sex) and do something romantic with your loved one, well for some guy named Bronn, he was working as a Hot Valentine's Present Model, for the day (advertising some brand stuff, like underwear and the rest, i won't even talk about). He was elected to do the job not because of the pay he got out of it (a thousand bucks) or not that he looked extremely attractive, which sells, but he was hand picked by the woman who ran the advertising bizz, a girl named Gabi. (They worked with each other about 10 different times) They say that Gabi was the most beautiful girl in the whole universe not world but the universe to be exact (Aphrodite in Disguise).

Many of the men who worked with her and along side her were always trying to be with her or usually always trying to go out on a date with her, but they were always acting like savages and not men. Aphrodite doesn't settle for savages, because they only want her because of her looks, while on the other hand Bronn wanted her because he felt like that this woman could be his soul mate. He got the courage and he walked up towards her grabbing a rose out of the vase that was on a table, that was next to Aphrodite and he asked her if she would want to go out tonight and have a wonderful Valentine's day date, which she said yes and afterwards he handed her the rose and left, leaving everyone else speechless for what he just did. Later on the same day of that night, Bronn took Gabi out on a romantic date, to the most expensive restaurant in Salem. They ordered some food and after that a huge chocolate valentine day special brownie ice-cream cake. Later throughoutthe night Bronn took Gabi out dancing at a club and had a wonderful time until they went back to Bronn's place and had a intimate moment with each other.

it has been 6 months since Bronn had seen Gabi since their intimate relationship on Valentine's Day and when Bronn got out of the bathroom after taking a shower, he could hear someone knocking on the door and when he opened the door and looked down he was shocked to see a small baby wrapped in a pink blanket being inside a basket. He picked up the baby and saw a note on the blanket and he sat the baby down on his lap as he read the note and he couldn't help but smile and looked down and kissed his daughters forehead, before putting her back in the basket so she can sleep.

Six years went on with Bronn not seeing or hearing about Gabi, well know known as Aphrodite. He was quite off of what to do with Autumn, because he was never taught of how to take care of a child or a demigod if that. He couldn't tell anyone because then monsters would come and try to harm his precious child. Well one night he sat Autumn down on his lap and told her that he would do anything in his power to make sure that she lives in this world, he won't let Autumn live a life like of how Bronn did when he was just only six years old himself. He made a pact with her that he would even die for her safety, she didn't understand what it meant but many years later when the time came she finally understood what he meant (The Irony of it).

A few years go on and Autumn is now officially 10 years old and she's in the 5th grade. She's a very smart and brave girl for her age. She once stood up for a kid who was having a reading problem because he was stuttering, and the class bully was making fun of him and Autumn wasn't going to let the bully win. She decided to do something about it and she got out of her seat, walked over to the bully and shoved him out of the seat and knocked everything off on his desk to the ground and told him to knock it off and pick up your stuff. Once that was done she went to the person who was having trouble and she helped him through it. Later on, on the same exact day Autumn was called down to the principals office and when she saw her dad, she felt like that she was in serious trouble. She waited outside, sitting in a chair and when the door opened you could hear profanity and yelling coming out of the principals office. Bronn took Autumn and they left the school, Bronn told Autumn that she's not in trouble, he's proud that his daughter stood up against a bully which was unfortunately, the principals own son. Well as for Autumn's education, she was later homeschooled because every other school in the district didn't want Autumn as a student attending their school because of what the principal said about her and her dad because of what occurred with her son in the classroom.

It has been 3 everlasting long years as of on November 11, Autumn is now a teenager, and this is the day that she finally knows about her mom and her dad's family. Her dad came into her bedroom as she was putting on her school clothes, (she was up all night talking to her friends about what's going to happen tonight when Autumn has a sleepover at Izzy's house and that she is finally heading back to a public school.) He was holding a box that had the saying of Happy Birthday on it all around the box,he told her to sit down next to him and open it. So she did as what her father asked of her, and when she closed her eyes to not see the present and when she did, it was a choker necklace, a black leather with chains looping around the necklace with a small metal ball that hung on the chain.

She was a bit surprised but her father told her that one day it'll come in handy when you least expect it and she put it on and from that day on, she never took it off. She hugged her dad and told him that she loves the present and that she loves him as well.Autumn headed downstairs and skipped breakfast because she had to get to the bus stop before a certain time, but before she left Bronn told her that he'll be picking her up around 12, so they can spend some time together on her birthday just the two of them. She nodded in response, hugged and kissed him before heading out of the door and heads to bus stop. Bronn was watching her from the blinds of the window until she couldn't be seen anymore and after that he got some stuff out of his personal closet that was hidden away from Autumn, for her safety. Today was the day that Bronn had to tell her of what happened to his family when he was a mere child.

When Autumn was in the hallway of the school she spotted her friends and they all ran up to each other and gave Autumn a huge gigantic hug and wishing her a happy birthday, she she told the girls thank you and she showed them her choker necklace that her dad gave her. They were all happy for her until the first bell rung and they went there separate ways because they weren't all together in the classes. Well as for Autumn she was in English class and she squinted at the board when her teacher showed images on the board of Greek gods and goddesses. He said that for the rest of the month they're going to be studying them and do a 100,000 word essay for the final grade to see if you pass the class or fail. The teacher saw Autumn squinting at the images and asked her if she's somewhat blind and she tells the teacher, no but the god on the board was Ares, the God of War and Bloodlust, everyone was amazed with Autumn's knowledge of the Greek lettering. It was a few couple of class periods over, she knew that her dad was going to pick her up from school in about 10 minutes, because it's not 11:50 and be said he'll pick her up at 12. So Autumn decides to go in the girls room (bathroom) and freshen herself up before her dad picks her up. She was washing her face when out of nowhere Mr. Farkle (The English Teacher) came into the girls bathroom and stared at Autumn, when Autumn saw him out of the corner of her eyes, she freaked and take a sudden movement back heading towards the wall. She began to ask him of why was he in the girls rest room and all he had told her was he wants to taste her flesh. When she heard the flesh-eating part, she looked deeply in her bag to get her cell phone out to call her dad to hurry up and get to the school but when she suddenly looked back at Mr. Farkle, it seemedlike his whole body was shifting into a small hellhound, she knew what they were because they were studying the god Hades, who one of the most notorious hellhounds out there is Cereberus, the mother or father of all other hellhounds. It leaped towards her clunching down on her arm, she screamed in agony but she started to punch it off and she flung her arm that was beaten on the sink as hard as she can, she was doing that a few good times until she kicked it in its stomach and it yelped and fell down to the ground. She couldn't believe her own eyes that her teacher was a beast from hell, she had to the heck out of the girls bathroom and figure out of how to get home. She started to realize that the hellhound was getting itself back up and growling, and so when she that, she ran towards the door and left the bathroom right before it clawed the heck out of her back. She felt the enormous pain, and she wanted to give up but she couldn't, she knew for the fact that her dad wouldn't give up and neither would she. She started to run around the school trying to find the most quickest way to get to her dad and while she's running, the small hellhound is right on her tail. Autumn could feel the beaten arm, starting to burn, almost like the hellhound has some toxin in its mouth to easily catch it's prey like a snake would. She was starting to slow down and getting all on drowsy and she was almost out of the school and she could see her dad's car in clear sight, she began to say im sorry and she fell down tothe ground. Mere moments later you could see the hellhound eye-balling it's prey and when it leaped itself to finish it's prey, you could hear a voice saying "Not my daughter you bitch." Bronn was there with a celestial bronze bow and arrow and fired off 3 of them, all hitting the hellhound and it fell down to the ground was more like it did before but as of this time, it won't be getting back up. Bronn ran up towards her daughter and felt her pulse and as of relief, Autumn was still breathing, living and Bronn sighed in relief knowing that Autumn was still here with him, but not for long unless he patches up the damage the hellhound dealt to Autumn.

A few hours go by and Autumn wakes up in her own home, laying down on the couch and when Bronn realized that she was awake, he wentover there and hugged her tightly. She asked him what happened and so he told what occurred a few hours ago and that he had a special remedy that her grandpa made to cure the effects of the bite and claw mark. Autumn began to ask him about where is Grandpa and mom and he couldn't hide it from her anymore, and so he told her of their history of their family. Moments go by and she couldn't believe that after all this time she was a daughter of Aphrodite herself and a granddaughter to a s0son of Hades who passed away when Bronn was 6 and he was only 25. (He didn't let her go because he was afraid that she wasn't ready or to be honest,  they weren't ready at all for this.) 

It has been 3 years ago since Autumn was attacked by the hellhound and as of right now, she has been training over the past 3 years along side her father(along the 3 years,she has been fighting monsters along side her father and her sword that's cloaked as a choker necklace.) The usual day routine for Autumn is that she goes to school, kill monsters if they show up and go back to class, then head home train with her dad and sleep. This was Autumn's daily routine but on the weekend it's just training all day and all night, it's because that Bronn wants to make sure that she's well prepared for life and cautious at all times. Well within those three years Autumn sometimes go to the circus and learn about contortion, and how do it,because not everyone has that skill. But luckily for this girl right here, she does. She She always trying to be an acrobat when she was little but her dad never let her do anything that could cause her harm. (Over-Protective Much?)

When Autumn was at school and her senior class (yeah that's right, i skipped a grade, check me out) decided that maybe we leave the historicaltown of Salem and head up north to Long island for about a week or 2.

'It was lunch time and majority of the whole Senior class was in the cafeteria, some were eating,  talking,  do usually school shiz at school,  until Madison,  the class president came in and asked for our attention.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and she announced that every senior in in the school that has good grades in all of their classes and that aren't late to any of them, would be going on the trip for free. That was pretty hard but we '​all screamed and jumped up in excitement, and the trip leaves off in April,  and it was March already.  So you had a whole month of not slacking off but when it came down to it, only 10 people out 100 seniors got in for free and Autumn was one of them. 

'It was the day before Autumn leaves for Long Island and when she finished packing she head downstairs seeing her dad sitting at the kitchen table,  she dropped her bags and went and sit next to him, telling him that that she'll be back in 2 weeks but Bronn knewthat it was Autumn's time to leavebehind the world of of Mortals and live with her kind at a camp. He took Autumn's hands and he told her that it's time for you to go to a place where you'll be safe, no matter what.  She knew of the place and she hugged him goodbye and kissed his forehead. She couldn't help but cry as he did as well, but he made her promise him him that at least come home every summer and she did. 'It was the last day for Autumn as she was at the airport with all of her classmates waiting to board the claim anf her dad was there,  she walked over to him, she handed her a bracelet with a Moon and Sun on it. She looked up and he nodded,  she gaved him a hug, knowing that the bracelet he gave her was in fact his Bow and Arrow,  ne wanted her to have it, so whenever she gets lonely,  she could just see the bracelet and she'll be ok. She puts it on as when the flight announcer said flight 101 is now boarding. Sbe looked back at him and told him that, that's her flight,  they hugged each other and she picked up her bags and she walked up towards the door and looked back and blow her dad a kiss goodbye before getting on the plane. 

When Autumn got off the plane and got her belongings, she left the airport,  leaving everyone else behind,  leaving her old life behind and now she's starting to head to her new in (its like 10 pm). She heard what her dad had told her, the camp is in Long Island,  you'll know it because of strawberries he had told  her. When she began walking down an alley way, she could hear a group of woman in heels following her, she smiled to herself and in a matter of mere seconds she took off her bracelet which transformed into a bow and arrow and arrows and she fired 4 of them, hitting 4 out of the 5 harpies. She could tell that they were because she spotted one of them while walking. The last remaining one is charging at Autumn and she fired ad missed the harpy, but she rolled out of the way and ran off when the harpy tried to hit her. Autumn was running as fast as she can (in heels), she tripped and fell but got right back up and threw the heels at the harpy that was right behind her, following her and she began to run again.  Autumn began to use her skills of when her dad was training her and used them in good use. She wall ran and jumped over a fence and she was heading towards the camp (not knowingly). When she stopped to catch her breath she could see a light behind her and she saw a semi-truck coming directly at her and she could hear the harpy coming at her as well,  she thought for a second and she was waiting for that semi-truck to get closer and when it did the harpy was right behind her and she jumped out of the way as the harpy got hit hard. When she lift up her head and her body, she didn't realize that another car was coming and it hit her when she got up. She then fell down to the ground as the car drove away,  she could hear some people saying over here, over here, a person got hit. (She's going unconscious but she wasn't going to be paralyzed though, she was just going into shock.) 

When Autumn woked up, she saw a few people aren't her age talking to each other and when Autumn began to talk,  they looked at her and with surprise looks, told her that she's lucky, because the car wasnt going fast enough, if it was she would'vebeen paralyzed. She asked them where was she and they said Camp Half-Blood and she asked them another question,  how how long,  they said a week. She nodded and got up, thanking them before leaving the infirmary and when she walked out she saw a beautiful view of what CHB has to offer and she's ready for all of it. 



  1. Children of Aphrodite can create a large plume of dense perfume or make-up which obscures them and begins to suffocate anyone else within it. This can give the user a chance to attack.
  2. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to fire razor sharp scallop shells at high speed which can be shot fast enough that they could pierce the skin on impact. The shells would materialize and fire from the user’s palms, so the size of them depends on the user.


  1. Children of Aphrodite can cause people of any gender to lose all desire to attack them for a short time. Out of an artificial love, the love isn’t necessarily romantic and could be like sibling love. If the user attacks while this is in effect, it will automatically wear off.
  2. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to entrap an enemy in a large scallop shell, similar to the one their mother emerged from at birth. Once closed, the clam is extremely difficult to escape from. It is highly durable and cannot be teleported out of, after a short time the clam will fade from existence. The target cannot be attacked while they are inside the clam, so the power is purely defensive. It can only be summoned twice in the same fight.


  1. Children of Aphrodite cause anyone who possesses a sexual orientation towards them to be at least slightly, attracted to them.
  2. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to be able to resist charm speak, a charming touch etc. to an extent.
  3. Children of Aphrodite have the innate ability to be able to resist the effects of pheromones to an extent.
  4. Children of Aphrodite are able to communicate with and command doves. If the user gives too many commands, the doves will become frustrated and disobey.


  1. Children of Aphrodite can alter their appearance (including clothes and make-up) for short periods of time, the more they alter their appearance, and the longer they maintain the appearance, the more energy it drains.
  2. Children of Aphrodite can curse someone to feel like they’re completely hated and unloved, they’ll feel like they’re ugly and will sink into self-pity for a short time. This gives the user a chance to attack or flee.
  3. Children of Aphrodite can infuse magic into their words and ‘charm-speak’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-speak for a few minutes or until control is relinquished, the longer the control is kept.
  4. Children of Aphrodite can control the clothing of others, create and transform it at will (not armor). They could turn a girl’s prom dress into a red bikini, create a scarf around someone’s neck and command it to strangle someone etc. Commands and transformations only last for a short time and the target’s clothes revert to normal.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aphrodite are able to turn into a dove, which allows them flight, the longer they maintain this form, the more energy is drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to control the levels of hormones related to love in humans; serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. The user has the ability to increase or decrease each of these hormones separately or all together. Increases in serotonin will make the target go temporarily insane and decreases will make the target become depressed, while increases in dopamine will make the target super sensitive to their surroundings and decreases will stiffen the movements of the target. Increases in norepinephrine will increase the rate of heart contractions of the target and decreases in this hormone can result in severely lowered heart rate. The use of this power can be extremely draining for the user depending on how extreme the alterations of the hormone levels are.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to transform an area into a maze of mirrors for a moderate period of time, as one of their mother’s attributes was a mirror. Whilst in the maze, the user’s target can become disoriented and confused as all they can see is their own appearance, however, the glass is somewhat durable and cannot be broken easily. The user can move about while the maze is in place, and the sight of their own beautiful reflection empowers them a little. They innately know their way through the maze, as they created it, but they cannot change the layout of the maze once it is in place. The size of the maze depends on how large the user would like it; they can range in size up to that of a battle arena, however, the larger it is the more the user is drained. After dismantling the maze, the user is significantly drained and may not be able to move for a moderate period of time.


  1. Children of Aphrodite almost always have innate knowledge of the French language since it’s known as "the language of love" and pheromones related to love in humans.
  2. Children of Aphrodite are known for being incredibly attractive, seductive and flirty.
  3. Children of Aphrodite often enjoy things that are pretty and things that bring them pleasure. Making them quite fashionable, fun-loving and sometimes promiscuous.
  4. Children of Aphrodite commonly have a taste for apples.


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