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Basil Brewster (Basil Zayd)


3rd of August, 2000


17 y/o

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Basil is a solitary person typically, and prefers being on his own. He does, however recognize the benefit of friends ad is grateful for them, even if sometimes he neglects them. Even with how people have treated him, he only distrusts once he is given a reason to distrust others. He is straight forward in this manner, and acts on his feelings with the given situation. He’s less of a thinker and more of a feeler. Basil easily judges others, though he doesn’t mean to, and doesn’t think he is as prone to it as he is. Due to only spending a summer at camp, Basil only knows basic survival skills, which is why he is alive. He is better at hiding than fighting, but i someone he cares about is being harmed, he will sacrifice anything for them.

Basil doesn’t care about material things, and doesn’t like having too much attention. He would rather do his thing and let others do their thing, unless it is harming people. He isn’t a bad guy, despite that his old camp friends might start to believe he is with his new alliance.


He was born in some way, and at the age of three, he was stolen on the same day his dad was sent to the hospital. He was both used as ransom and as child labor, and from there was smuggled into Syria, where he was sold illegally to a rich american family looking to adopt and having fallen in love with him instantly. -born out of poison

Basil has had a crazy life, starting from birth. Akhlys met his father through his murder, as he tried to find justice for his people, the palestinian. The particular poison was american brand, meaning there was some sort of interference on behalf of the American government. Akhlys, being the goddess of deadly poisons, appeared to Basil’s father as he slowly died, trying to call for help. Only a few months after he died, Basil appeared on his grandmother's porch. Earlier that day news spread that Basil’s father’s wife had also died that same day, and as she was pregnant, Basil’s grandmother thought the killer had left her baby with her. It was all relative politics, threats to those who would resist from the controlling body.

He didn’t last long under his grandmother’s care. She had continued fighting for justice, even with the warning of what could happen to her remaining family. When he was about three, he was out playing when a group of traffickers stole him and smuggled him across the border. The made their way into Syria, where he was sold as child labor. He mostly worked the streets as a young beggar, up until when he was seven, when something he would rather forget occured.

The person who committed the heinous act against him liked him so much, he payed money to take him, and ended up adopting him. He moved to the united states to be with this man’s family, and over the course of the year was put into acts he had to forget. When the couple divorced, he moved with his adoptive mother and become the son of her new husband, who was much much better than her old one. He adopted Basil within the year, especially with the proof of his former adoptive father in jail for child predation.

Lack of therapy and the need to forget closed Basil off from his pas, and he ecam a new kid in his present. Basil was a dedicated member of his all american family, never once giving thought to his place of origins, or who he was before.

At fourteen, he faced his first monster attack, in the form of a Scythian Dracaenae disguised as one of his teachers. The general nature of the creature with the combination of her predatory style reminded him of the past, which unlocked some of the memories he had of the past. He stood frozen in fear and shock, ready to die. Luckily, he was saved by a satyr, who killed the monster with his bronze sword. The satyr was a friend of his in school who had been keeping an eye on him. He offered to take him to camp and train him, to which Basil accepted, after talking with his parents. Because he lived in Staten Island, he could attend summer camp instead of yearly camp. He went for one summer, but never returned.

This had to do with unveiling secrets about his life before. Basil had always been quite trusting, but as he realized more about who he was as a palestinian, and how his adoptive mother covered up his abuse by his former adoptive father, he could no longer trust his family anymore. After camp, he ran away from home armed with a sack of food and a sword he took from camp. He basically couch hopped with all the demigod friends he had made, crossing the country to find ne sanctuary. Finally, one of his friends promised to take him into his family, and so for the next two years he stayed with this friend and went to school with him, but also did not return to camp, for fear his family would look for him.

His friend started getting into some groups he didn’t know about, one being the Broken Covenant. Both of them had become skeptical of the gods because of he life they had lived, and the life they knew. Basil couldn’t even remember every single way he had been mistreated, which scared him. How could the gods let these things happen? They weren’t human, they didn’t care. He blamed them for everything.

While his friend held more beliefs that aligned with Liberi, Basil still had faith in humans. The flaws of humans were placed by gods. Basil almost joined Veritum, but instead decided to apply to Ortu Justitae because he does want to work with humans. People like the siblings he had, his friend’s parents, his faceless grandmother, they deserve power too.


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Anwar Hadid

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