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English Name: Stella Bian

Meaning: Latin Word for Star

Native Name: 变源华

Romanji: Bian YuanHua

Meaning: Bian means To Change; Yuan - Origin; Hua - Magnificent


Stella is a cheerful but usually quiet girl with a love for beauty and aesthetics. She is a rather passive person who prefer not to offend anyone and usually gentle. Stella can however, turn into a tigress without warning with slightest of grievance. Her mood is unpredictable and always changing. She is a virtuoso (actually 9/10 of my characters is a virtuoso, I'm one myself) and loves Music, dancing and the Arts. Following her Father's footsteps, she is a figure skater.


Bian AnLing is the descendant of a demigod children of Hecate who what's skilled and smart enough to live a relatively long. Her father is a professional figure skater who is a runner-up in the Grand Prix Final. (I'm sorry if I somehow offend any hardcore skater, I just want her background to be more colorful) Khione fell in love with him during a match and decide to approach him. She use figure skating as a topic to approach him and they hit off. Khione loves to watch AnLing on the ice, performing different moves and stunts.  

She became pregnant with Stella and the couple stayed together for the 3 month before she decide to give birth to Stella. (Because gods to give birth anytime according to Trials of Apollo) That's when she told Bian AnLing her true identity as a goddess and left Stella 2 weapons as gift for her 12th birthday. Stella grew up loving the winter seasons and artistic pursuits. She loves dancing and following her dad's footsteps, she participates in ice skating. Because of the  bow that Khoine left behind and his own instinct, Bian AnLing had Stella take archery lessons for self defense.

Her first encounter with a monster is when she was 13 years old. It was anice adult telkhiness that appeared during her visit to the beach. At the time, she had been taking archery for 3 years and Stella quickly killed the monster. She and her dad them quickly fled the shores.

After the attack, Bian AnLing told his daughter about Khoine and their family lineage, hoping being more informed could protect her. Stella gradually start to see through the mist like most demigods and attempts to understand her power. She met 2 snow nymphs at the age of 15 during her visit to Russia with her father for the Grand Prix. Stella got advice about her powers through them.

She first found out about New Athens from a tree nymph. At that time, she already have a general knowledge of the Greek Myths and it's happenings and her powers. It's was after a monster after during a outdoor trip. The nymph suggested to her New Athens which she could stay because it's a safe place for older demigods like her. Stella asked for the directions and made her way there after letting her dad know.


  • Frigokinesis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Archery skills


Name Relation Feelings
Khione Mother Knowledging
Bian AnLing Father Inspiring to be

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