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I lived with my mom and Tutors in a mansion; You see, my mom is a famous actress so she said she wanted to live in luxury so we got a mansion. It was very stuck up and hard to live, and School was just like that: Kids picked on me but I stayed calm even though I was getting hit badly. The teachers couldn't teach me because of my ADHD, not even my tutors could help me either, so leaving that life I ran away. But one day whilst I was walking through New York, I remembered my mom gave me a bracelet before I left: I told her I was going by a friend's house and walked out the door. I met a couple laistrygonian giants and they threw cannonballs at me. I tried to hide from them but they kept finding me, so I found myself in an alley where I saw this man and I thought about it: it could be my father walking away. He dropped a piece of paper that said go to long island, New York I tried to find him but he disappeared. I traveled through New York until I reached long island where I saw a camp. I went Down to it and I was told its name was camp half blood a place for demigods. Days later I was claimed by Hades. Maybe that man in the alley was him but I know one day I will meet him.


Blake has black hair that used to be white and gold eyes that used to be red. in other words blake was just an albino.

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