Cameron Williams
Child of Iris

Being a son of Iris Cameron is Usually a happy confident and caring dude. He loves to live life to the fullest and try any new thing he can. Cameron is not easily frightened by things such as Sky diving, Budge Jumping, free climbing giant mountains and other thing most people would be scared to do. Cameron's trust is fairly easy to gain however if you were to betray his trust then he would most likely never forgive you and if he did it would take much more to gain his trust a second time. Cameron is also very loyal to the people who actually deserve it and will stand with a friend or family (Though he has none) no matter what.


Hunter Clermont and Jackson Williams, two greek men, where in lake Tahoe National Forest taking a hike. The two men were close friends and did this almost every other week when they both weren't working. As the two continued to walk and walk they somehow got separate. Jackson Williams, the professional photographer, had found his way to a water fall that had a rainbow just above it making it the perfect photo for him to take. Once he did he looked away from the camera and back to the water and noticed a women (Iris) in the water motioning for him to come in with her. Jackson being a young 24 year old smiled and went into the water and the two got involved in sexual activities. Now Hunter Clermont, the wild-lands firefighter, had found his way deeper into the forest. Soon he ran into a women who seemed to be a park ranger (Cybele) and the two got to talking. After about 30 minutes of talking the two also got involved in sexual encounters. soon after their encounters Jackson and Hunter found each other again and went home not speaking of either of the girls the two had met.

Months later after their encounters Jackson and Hunter both found babies at their front doors with notes explaining that the women they met were both Iris and Cybele and all about the children's heritage. On each note there were also addresses to camp. Jackson took in his son of Iris and decided to give him the name Cameron Eli Williams while Hunter took in his daughter of Cybele and decided to name her Ivory Liv Clermont. with the children at the front door were also boxes holding weapons that the kids would need when they were older.

Early Childhood:

As Cameron and Ivory grew up they were very close since both their fathers were also close. Around the age of 5 the two started school and that was also when Ivory's father, Hunter Clermont, had died while out on a job of Wild-Life Firefighting. Since she didnt have any other family Jackson decided he would take in his good friends daughter and keep her safe. As they grew older Ivory and Cameron developed an almost sibling like bond and did most things together. When the two were both around the age of 9 they both entered in martial art training along with training i the weapons they found they liked which just happened to be the weapons Iris and Cybele left for them. Cameron join a bow-staff training class while Ivory took bow and arrow training class along with knife throwing classes.

Cameron and Ivory were able to live normal lives until they were both 13 and had their first monster attack. I guess with two demi gods you would have expected the attack to be a bit sooner but, Since Jackson was now a famous photographer he was moving around alot going to different parts of the world taking many different types of pictures.

First Monster Attack:

When Cameron and Ivory were both turning 14 (Cameron's B-day is a day before Ivory's) they were at a mall located in LA since thats were their father had been doing a photo shoot for some magazine at. (Ivory now sees Jackson as a father figure) As they walked through the mall they went through every store buying whatever they liked. A short while after being in the mall 2 hell hounds came from the shadows. Cameron and Ivory were both terrified and soon Cameron began to feel his finger burn and Ivory began to feel her neck burn. The two looked to the pieces of jewelry Jackson had given them and ripped them off turning them onto their weapon forms however the two weren't able to awe at their weapons as the two hell hounds pounced at each of them.

Both Cameron and Ivory rolled out the way and began using their weapons against the monsters. Cameron using his bow staff and Ivory using her Bow and Arrow. After sometime the two deim-gods finally killed the beast and promised they wouldn't speak of it to anyone. luckily for Cameron and Ivory the were only in LA for today and would be leaving back home the next day so going back to that mall wouldn't be a problem.

Monster Attacks Through The Years:

After their first monster attack Cameron and Ivory went on with life. Cameron being his daredevil self went sky diving, cliff jumping (into water of course), Budge jumping, and other thing to fill his wonder while Ivory spent most her days out with her friends, Which included Cameron, Parting, staying out late, and doing things she loved to do. Of course during the year of growing up Cameron and Ivory were attack a couple times a year but with the training from all the classes they were taking the two demigods were able to get by. Like the one time when the two were attack by a group of 3 or so Harpies. Considering Harpies aren't so hard to kill they were able to kill them fairly easily. Or there was the time when the encounter acouple of telkehines at a beach in Miami. After some time the two killed the beasts and went home to continue with their day. Although Cameron and Ivory were attacked pretty often they never told their father because the two actually thought the were slowly going insane and since their father was already busy with his work he didnt need to deal with two kids going crazy so they kept it to themselves.

Getting To Camp:

Cameron and Ivory are now at the age of 17 and are both at a party. Cameron being his flirty self was flirting with some girl he found very beautiful. A short while after talking with the women Cameron and her went up to one of the rooms to do "You know what". Once in the room Cameron locked the door and turned around to be faced with a hideous create. He scream which was pretty embarrassing but most people walking by probably guess the two were getting it on. Mean while Ivory wen around the part and soon noticed she couldn't find Cameron, she began to worry a bit and decided to look for him in any of the upstairs bedrooms. She went from door to door and finalyy got to the one Cameron and the beast were in. As she reached it she noticed it was locked and suddenly heard a loud thump on the door and a scream. In a panic kicked the door open to see Cameron in one corner and an empousai in another. Ivory summoned her weapon and the two demi-gods began to work in perfect harmony to defeat the monster. Once it was killed Cameron and Ivory both went home and demand that their father tell them what was going on.

Jackson confessed and told the two everything about their heritage and about the camp they could both go to. After packing a few bags the two took a cab ride to the location of camp since they were already in New York for one of their fathers photoshoots. Once getting there the two walked up the hill and past the border. Right when they enter Cameron was claimed as a son of Iris and Ivory was claimed as a daughter of Cybele




Basic Info
Full Name
Birthday March 26, 1998
Age 20
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Caucasion
Home Brazil
Sexuality Bi-Sexual
Location Camp Half-Blood
Gender Male
Titles Ocean's Prince
OOC Plans Rp him around more, see how things go with Kyle and their ship
Model Edward Wilding
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Voice N/A
Body Style Fit/Slender
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Caucasion
Past Relations
First Kiss N/A
First Love N/A
First Ex N/A
Most Recent Ex N/A
Relationship Status
Dating(?) N/A
Sexuality Bi-Sexual
God Parent Iris
Mortal Parent
Half-Sibling(s) Iris' Cabin
Full Sibing(s) None


  1. Children of Iris have the ability to conjure a weapon out of pure rainbows which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it can only be up to 2 or 3 times the size of the user.
  2. Children of Iris have the ability to focus an intense beam of prismatic light which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Iris are able to create a protective dome of rainbows for a short time.
  2. Children of Iris have the ability to conjure a large orb made of pure rainbows around an opponent. The orb would successfully imprison an opponent for a short time. The orb is quite durable, but could be broken through with sufficient force. The orb cannot be teleported out of. The target cannot be attacked while the orb is in place, so the power is purely defensive. It can only be used twice in a battle.


  1. Children of Iris can send telepathic messages to their allies and receive their replies.
  2. Children of Iris are stronger whenever a rainbow can be seen in the sky.
  3. Children of Iris heal faster whenever their surroundings are bright, able to absorb the photons and regenerate.


  1. Children of Iris have the ability to cause a massive rainbow to crash down in front of them; which can be used offensively, defensively or any other way imagined.
  2. Children of Iris are able to "rainbow" travel, where they can travel into a rainbow and come out somewhere else, similar to an iris message, but instead of only being able to talk, the child of Iris can actually use it to teleport themselves
  3. Children of Iris have the ability to split the light of a rainbow into seven beams which can be redirected in order to light an area or even blind people.
  4. Children of Iris can bend or shift light particles to create a mirage for a specific time. Since Iris could be considered a light goddess. The mirage will not differentiate from friend or foe. The longer or the greater the mirage is, the more energy is drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Since their mother was considered a goddess of the sky and sea, her children gain some control over both aspects. They can control the winds to increase their speed and lower that of an opponent’s and move water with their minds if they wish. They can fly and become able to breathe underwater for a moderate time.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Iris are able to create up to 3 semi-living constructs out of pure rainbows to fight for them for a short time, the constructs can be no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user. They will follow the command of the user and the longer they are kept and the more that are made, the more energy is drained

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Iris have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a state a state of pure light with various colors for a short time and while in this state, the user is granted flight, immune to all attacks, receive a boost in their already existing photokinetic abilities and anything they touch is intensely burned; however, once the user changes back they will be extremely drained, nauseated and immobile for a long time and could faint.


  1. Children of Iris usually have outgoing and colorful personalities.
  2. Children of Iris do not need drachmas to send iris messages.
  3. Children of Iris are normally in better moods whenever the sky is clear
  4. Children of Iris often exhibit a fondness for bright colors.

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