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Camp Half-Blood
Keeping Young Heroes Safe from Harm (Mostly) For Over Three Millennia

This is Camp Half-Blood. Where demigods go to train. From this entrance you can travel to any of the following locations, or turn around and head back down the dirt road to get to the nearby town here. Also the camp vans can be found just outside the entrance here, for any campers who need to get to town or go on a quest.



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In Character Notices/Announcements

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Out of Character Notices/Announcements

  1. Level 5's and up, please make sure to vote on current issues in the Voting:Level 5's and Up forum. 7 users must vote for any resolutions to be passed.

Edit the board here. This board is to show any information relative to camp, either in character or out of character. For instance, if you'd like to announce the death of one of your characters, or their kidnapping, or anything that other users should know.
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January 2018


  1. Happy New Year everyone! Hope your 2018 is off to a great start. There is currently a New Year's party going on. Go and PARTY!
  2. Big Brother is still going strong. To keep up with all of that wonderful drama, go here.


  1. The winner of the Notus contest is TBA with their character TBA
  2. The winner of the Aglaea theme contest is TBA
  3. Ever feel like the god or goddess you loved most deserved a cool cabin? Then head over here to find out how it could be your lucky day!
  4. Do you ever look at history and think, gosh, I want to create a character that was based on this. Then you are in luck! head on over to this page to find out how you can. The theme this month is The Great Depression.
  5. The 2017 Yearbook is up here. Congrats to everyone who won an award!

Map of Camp Half-Blood

Map of camp

Camp half blood map

Places to See

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An Overview of Activities
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Wondering what there is to do around here? Well besides the Contests and Special Activities that you can see in the other tabs next to this one, we also run various other activities on a regular basis, some of which you can pick up and do at any time, others you need to put in for approval on. Take a look, see if anything interests you!
Camp Quests
"Feel like taking your camper on an adventure?"

Once you have reached level four you can lead a quest, you may join quests as a regular quest member at level three. Quests can be about anything from something to do with your character's personal history/events, rescuing a friend or loved one, a task bestowed upon them by their god parent or another god through a dream, a mission against the Broken Covenant, or perhaps something else. Quests require at least 2 to 6 users in order to count as an official quest.

Broken Covenant Missions
"Missions for the Broken Covenant..."

Missions for the Broken Covenant are a lot like Camp Quests. Once you have reached level four you can lead a mmission, you may join missions as a regular quest member at level three. Missions can be about anything from something to do with your character's personal history/events, rescuing a friend or loved one, a task bestowed upon them by their faction leader or Heinrich the leader of the Broken Covenant, a mission against Camp or the gods, or perhaps something else. Missions require at least 2 to 6 users in order to count as an official Mission.

Counsellor Challenges
"Challenging for power at Camp."

If you have a character that has been at camp for over a month, then perhaps you'd like to try your hand at challenging for either Lt or Head counsellor positions in your character's cabin... In order to challenge, aside from your character having had to have been made for at least a month now, if the person you are challenging has led a quest, then your character also needs to have led a quest. Once you are prepared to challenge you leave a note of intent in character on the cabin page and character's page who currently holds the position, then an out of character note on the user who owns the character's talk page. Then just make the forum, and you're good to go.

Training Arena
"Care for a friendly spar?"

The training arena is a place that you can pair off with other users, as many times and as often as you want, to train for fights and battles. The only real rules here are to follow the roleplay policies, beyond that, have fun!

Roleplay Forum
"Tired of waiting for comments to load?"

A lot of people enjoy roleplaying in comments on location or character pages, but if you are tired of waiting for comments to load or just want a change, check out the roleplay forum for a bit.

Monster Combat Training
"Training to fight monsters."

This is a coming soon/wip type of project, if you'd like to learn more about it, contact Slay.... The general idea of it will be much like the regular training forum, but here the cabins got together that have powers to create miniature versions of monsters, so that campers can train against them and get a better feel for how to fight the monsters they might encounter outside of camp.

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Cabins/God Parents
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