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A Message About Our Wiki
Our Wiki's Stats: 1,843,498 edits, 8,847 main articles and 3 active users

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a demigod? Does your idea of a perfect summer involve riding pegasi, duelling with magical weaponry and embarking on dangerous quests? Well this is the perfect chance! Visit Camp Half-Blood, still standing after Gaea and her army were finally vanquished and Percy and his friends went their separate ways. Our administration team provides a variety of different activities to take part in, such as quests to retrieve unique items or stop evil schemes, an abundance of Roleplay locations such as the forest and the beach, and much more! Along with exploring a large variety of new cabins now in camp, you can also choose take up arms against the gods, joining the Broken Covenant and its factions to liberate yourself from the will of the gods, or join the Champions of Orthys to continue Kronos' mission. The Broken Covenant resides in the Sanctuary, the restored ruins of a great mountain upon the heavens, with an origin unknown, and the Champions of Orthys operate from a great, dark Tower...

To get started, please visit our guide to getting started, consisting of a few short steps to help you fit right in. Consult a member of our administration team through our talk pages or the wiki Discord if you have have any questions - we're always here to help.

Need someone to roleplay with? Why, come sign up on the RP Buddy page!

You never know what adventures lie next in Camp Half-Blood...
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Becoming A Member of Our Wiki
Full Getting Started Guide: Guide To Edit this template go here.
Are you new here? Just starting out? Here is a brief overview of how to get started, for the full length guide, go here.
Step 1
You must have an account to edit or create pages on the wiki. If you don't have one yet, you may have noticed you can't edit at all. The reason for this is because it is against Fandom's policies for anyone 12 or under to be on this site, and as such users must have created an account (agreeing to Fandom's terms and conditions in the process). Note: if you are found to be 12 or under, you will be asked to leave our wiki.
Step 1b

If you haven't made a character yet, you are still an entry level user. We heavily recommend you taking a look at our Adopt a Newb program we have to help and assist new users through their first few weeks on the wiki. It can be super helpful to have an experienced user showing you the ropes!

Step 2

You're new, you're going to make mistakes, it would be unrealistic to think that sitting down and reading every single one of our policies will keep that from happening. That said, it's wise to read them over a bit (see full policies here), as well as look at the full Guide. We'd suggest paying the most attention to any policies pertaining to creating characters, as those will be the most relevant to you as you start your journey here.

Step 3

Time to get to work and get a character! You may adopt one if there are any up for adoption that users are willing to give to you. Beyond that, your only other choice (and probably the best one) is to create your own, which requires being approved through our claiming process. The only type of characters that do not need to go through this claiming process are Animal Nymphs/Spirits, as they have a cookie cutter history you just copy. You can find them in the animal nymphs/spirits forum. Just find a free spot and sign up!

Step 3b

The claiming process is hardly an instant thing, unfortunately. The users here who help to work to keep this site active and running smoothly are all here on a volunteer basis, and do this in their spare time. Please be patient with us! It may take hours or days before your claim is looked at. To speed things along, make sure to carefully read through our character policies and guides before creating your claim. The less edits that need to be made, the easier it is for claim workers to check for them, and the easier it is for you to make them!

Step 4

Once your character is approved, it's time to create a page for your character and a word bubble. The guide can help a bit here. If you have yet to find an image for your character, now is the time to do so. If you need help with that, check out the Model Hunting Agency for assistance!

Step 5

Once you have all that done, you're ready to roleplay! On this wiki we do that either in comments on other character pages and location pages, or in forums (pages with text). There's still lots to do and see on our wiki, but these are the basics that should at least get you headed in the correct direction. If you have questions, feel free to message someone from the Admin team on their talk page, or hop on our Discord server to see if anyone on there can assist you.

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

Cabins/God Parents
More: For a full list of all Character types, go here. Template: Click here to edit

An Overview of Our Policies
Full Policy Page: Policies To Edit this template go here.
Are you new here? Just starting out? Here's a brief overview of our policies to get you started, to see the full page go here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
"Adopting, an alternative to claiming."

A character may be put up for adoption at any time. To do so, simply go to the Adoption List and edit their name into the list, add the {{Adoption|user name}} template to their page. After that, either fix your section of the User/Character List yourself, or message an Admin for help. It is imperative that when someone adopts your character that you remember to move ownership on the User/Character List, otherwise it will be assumed the character is still yours. If you don't know how to do this, contact an administrator for help. Please do not roleplay them any more once they are up for adoption, otherwise they will still count as taking up one of your character spots. If they hold any titles, they will be stripped of the position. You may put one major character (i.e. demigods) up for adoption every two weeks. As far as minor characters, as there are no limits to how many you can have, there's no limits on how often you may put them up for adoption, within reason.

"The sources from which our Wiki was created on."

As this Wiki is based on the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series, which themselves were based on Greek Mythology, this wiki follows a basic and simple canon tier. 1. Our Policies 2. PJO Books 3. Greek Myths and 4. Real Life.

"Characters, the tools with which we roleplay."
Characters are an essential part of roleplaying. They are the very base of everything that happens. But when there are such important things, there must be regulations. On this wiki, we try to maintain fairness for all users, and as such have all characters go through an approval process to ensure that they all adhere to our rules and standards. Apart from the individual roleplays that take place here, we work to also run the wiki like one big joint event going on at all times. This of course means that characters must remain balanced, fair and on topic.
"Discord is for everyone, be respectful."
Discord is one of the main forms of communication for our wiki outside of talk pages. In general, you should be treating other users in the Discord with respect. Conversations kept friendly, no bullying, spamming, screaming, crude or rude behaviour, etc. In other words, treat people in chat like you would like to be treated. Enforcing chat rules can be hard, as there are lots of grey areas as to what is acceptable behavior at times, especially with so many people in so many age groups from so many walks of life. What is funny to one person, might be hurtful or crude to another person, so if a user asks you to change topics because they are uncomfortable, please respect them.
"Making sure the perfect image is an appropriate image."
In the process of making characters, most users like to find pictures from somewhere around the internet to represent their character. Because doing so is very popular, it is necessary to have a few ground rules for the use of pictures. One important basic rule to always keep in mind, is copyright, there is lots of free use and fair use images out there, but if you find images that have blatant copyright and water marks over the image, you shouldn't use the image. In addition, it is VITALLY important that you not use a picture of yourself or someone you know personally. That can be potentially very dangerous, and goes against our policies.
"We are only as strong as our least active user."
Obviously we encourage all our users to remain active, but life doesn't always allow for people to be as active as they would like. Tt is even more paramount for users in positions of power such as chat-mods, rollbacks, Admins and Crats, as they help lead the wiki. The most important rule of thumb is, when in doubt, either mark your user page and/or let someone from the Admin team know that you will potentially be less active. However, if you are unable to give notice, it is a simple task to un-archive pages or restore deleted pages.
Multiple Accounts
"A rule we take very seriously."

All the accounts a user controls will be treated as the same person. In short, registering another username does not allow someone to create a new identity for themselves; it won't allow a user to circumvent a block, or let them vote more than once. It also won't allow a user to have more characters than they are allowed, detailed in the user levels policy. Being caught using a second account on our wiki that wasn't declared, especially one used to circumvent policies or use in a malicious manner, will be an automatic permanent block from our wiki.

Quests & Missions
"One of our longest running activities on the Wiki."

Quests and missions are important features on the wiki. They give us group roleplays and chances to not just develop our own characters, but to advance the overall story line on the wiki and to help build relationships with other characters. Quests are for campers and can either be personal quests based on things from a character's storyline or past history, a rescue mission to save someone, a task presented to the character by a god/goddess, or something else. They often involve a prophecy, especially if the task was given to them by a god. Missions, similarly, are for Broken Covenant characters; like campers they can be personal missions based on a character's story/past or a rescue mission. However, BC members cannot be tasked by a god, at least without permission from an Admin. They can also be specific tasks given to the character either by their faction leader, or by Heinrich himself, in order to further the plans of the Broken Covenant to war against the gods and all who stand in their way.

"Roleplay do's and don'ts."

Now, roleplay can be a lot of fun, but sometimes people may take things a little far, feeling that because this is a fictional world that has been created the real world rules of etiquette don't apply any more. This however is far from the case. There are a wide range of ages that participate here, and because of this we try to maintain a pg-13 atmosphere so all users feel welcome and comfortable roleplaying here. Aside from general rules of etiquette, we also have rules to keep things fair to all users involved, including having policies in place to ensure fair play by avoiding things like meta-gaming, godmodding and being generally OP with roleplay and characters.

User Blogs
"Using blogs respectfully and appropriately."

Blogs are a popular feature on many wikis. Sometimes though, blogs can get out of hand. In general some level of common sense should be used with blogs, they should be appropriate, polite, on topic, they should have a point to them, and so forth. Some good reasons to create a blog might be to talk about a major event in your life like a birthday, or to announce a roleplay idea you'd like help with, or to announce having to go inactive. Bad reasons to make blogs would be things like asking for help with something (we have a Help forum for questions), just to say hi, roleplaying, or worse trying to do a roleplay that has nothing to do with our wiki, such as Pokemon.

User Levels
"Progressing through the levels of our Wiki."
At your first edit here you are considered an "Entry Level" user, once you have your first character either adopted or claimed, you will begin your leveling-up journey, which ends at "Level Five", the highest level obtainable just by being active on our wiki. While you are at Entry Level you also have the option of asking to be "adopted" by a Level Five user, with our Adopt a Newb program to help you throughout your leveling-up process.
User Sigs
"To sign, or not to sign."

Always remember to sign messages you leave on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~), or at very minimum with your name. This lets readers know who said what and makes discussions easier to follow. Signatures are also used for voting on things, debates and various other things around the wiki. Because of this, it is important that they are properly coded and remain tasteful and appropriate. It would be better to have a boring signature than to have one coded so poorly it breaks the wiki.

"A democratic Wiki."

When debates take place, sometimes the outcome might be holding a vote. Votes take place for a variety of reasons, such as need for a policy change, new ideas, or clarification. When a vote is taking place, users will vote for one of the options. Some votes will be open to users level five and up, some only for rollbacks or higher. However, all users are entitled to adding their opinions under comments, even if they can't vote. Just because the vote may not count, doesn't mean your opinion shouldn't be heard or taken into consideration.

Warnings & Blocking
"Consequences of breaking the rules."
Blocking is the means by which an administrator prevents a user account from editing here on the Wiki. Blocks are preventive rather than punitive measures used to prevent damage via vandalism, and generally to enforce Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki policies. Block durations may vary, depending on the severity and longevity of policies broken. Sufficient written warnings should always be given before resorting to a block, unless the severity of the infraction demands harsher action. Over time, depending on the severity of warnings, a user's slate may be considered wiped clean, but only if they go at least 6 months with no further rule breaks.

Past Announcements: Archives Template: Click here to add announcements

July 2021


  1. As always, welcome, new Campers!
  2. We'd like to give a special welcome to all our visitors from New Athens! Please make them feel at home as best you can - a lot of them will be joining you in training and everyday activities from now on.


  1. A big welcome back to all returning users! We missed you!
  2. Keep an eye on the votes over at Voting:Level 5's and Up for important votes!
  3. There's a large fight RP open for everyone to join, over in the Training Arena forum! You can find it here. Special thanks to James for putting it together!
  4. We're currently looking for additional helpers and members of our administration team! If you've been around a bit and think you'd be a good fit, message Flopfish3 through our Discord server.

Helmetgreek.pngOur Administration TeamHelmetgreek.png
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Zeus percy.jpg
  1. Brocky
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN
  1. Evil
  2. Kevin
  3. Nat
  4. Omnia
  1. Robin
  2. Time
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open
  7. Open
Rollback Users
Chat Moderators
P Jackson Hades F-453x600.jpg
  1. Migs
  2. Lefi
  3. James
  4. Suit
  5. Toxy
  1. Zany
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open
  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

If you have any questions about how to edit this, please see Brocky or Miggy, Thanks!

Helmetgreek.pngOur DepartmentsHelmetgreek.png
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Claiming Department

Dept Head: OPEN
Department Admins
Department Rollbacks
  1. Kevin
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  1. Toxy
  2. Zany
  3. Open
  4. Open
Human Resources

Dept Head: OPEN
Department Admins
Department Rollbacks
  1. Nat
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  1. Miggy
  2. Suit
  3. Open
  4. Open
Research and Development

Dept Head: Brocky
Department Admins
Department Rollbacks
  1. Evil
  2. Robin
  3. Time
  4. Open
  1. Lefi
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
Aid and Support
Department Admins
Department Rollbacks
  1. Omnia
  2. Open
  3. Open
  1. James
  2. Open
  3. Open
Chat Moderators
  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

If you have any questions about how to edit this, please see Miggy or Brocky, Thanks!

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2. The Wiki should be reasonably active, with no more than a few days to a couple of weeks with 0 edits.
3. The wiki should have at least 50 content pages.
4. The wiki should be at least one month old and have an active admin team
5. To be considered a top affiliate the wiki would need to be related to either Rick Riordan, his books or Greek Mythology.
6. The Wiki shouldn't conflict with any of our current affiliates. For instance, we are already affiliated with a Camp Half-Blood encyclo wiki, so affiliating with a duplicate wiki on that topic wouldn't be fair to our current partner.
7. Speak with any Admin or Bureaucrat.

In Character Information/Roleplay/Locations

Getting The Most of Your Roleplay Experience
Roleplay Forum To Edit this template go here.
Are you new here? Just starting out? If you've gotten your character claimed, or adopted one, it's time to get in there and start roleplaying! Here's some tips for you to start out with.
"Do you have a page yet?"

Have you made a page for your character yet? You should probably do that before you start roleplaying. You can find information on how to do that in the Guide.

"Do you have a word bubble yet?"

Have you made a word bubble for your character yet? You should probably do that before you start roleplaying too. You can find information on how to do that in the Guide.

"Need someone to roleplay with?"

A great way to find someone to roleplay with is to jump on our Discord and ask around if anyone is bored and wants to roleplay. You can leave messages on people's talk pages as well, but asking in Discord helps ensure people will see your message sooner. Or maybe just start surfing around random character and location pages and starting a random roleplay, see if anyone responds back!

"Roleplaying in Comments."

One way to roleplay around here is using your word bubble and rp'ing in the comment section of character and location pages. If you want to peruse those, see Characters and Locations. Though please remember, because we have camp and the Broken Covenant, you should not roleplay Broken Covenant characters on camp locations, or camp characters on Broken Covenant locations.

"Roleplaying in Forums more your style?"

Maybe you're a bit old school, or perhaps comments are laggy/visually distracting for you. In that case, we have both training and regular roleplay forums that you can roleplay in! Feel free to check those out and have fun.

"Metagaming, and how to avoid it."

At some point, or while reading policies, you may come across the term metagaming and wonder what is is, why it's wrong, and how to avoid it. Metagaming is when you the user, out of character, knows something that your character 'in character' shouldn't know. For example, say that someone made a brand new character that just joined camp today. I, the 'user' know it's a new character, but my character probably shouldn't know that unless maybe they are from the same cabin. So if I started the roleplay with "Hey, you're new, welcome to camp," My character has no rational reason to know that, so that would be metagaming. A way to avoid that might be saying instead, "Hey, I don't remember seeing you around before, are you new or something?"

"Godmodding, and how to avoid it."

Godmodding (also sometimes known as Godmoding) is another term you may run across. This is a more difficult problem than metagaming is. Godmodding is when you directly take control of the actions of a character you don't own. An example of this might be roleplaying with another user's character (we'll call them Skylar) and having your character make this move, Lynn grabs Skylar's sword out of his hand, then takes her dagger and swings it down, stabbing him deep into his right shoulder, and pushes him back forcing him to fall to the ground. Skylar is not my character, I had no right to take control like that. A better way to word that would have been, Lynn attempts to grab at Skylar's sword, in order to pull it out of his hand, while at the same time bringing her other arm down with her dagger, aiming at his right shoulder.

The best way to avoid godmodding is always making sure to use words like attempts to, aims at, tries to, etc. This leaves room for the user to decide exactly how their character will react and how much damage they will take.

"What does it mean to be OP?"

Sometimes we use the term being OP, OP being short for Overpowered, to describe situations, roleplays or characters. Being OP in a Roleplay could mean a few things, the most common being constantly dodging attacks and taking zero damage, or even tiring out. It's the most commonly used in fights, whereas in regular day to day rp's problems with being OP rarely comes up. To avoid this in fights or training fights, try to balance your character. Make sure they take a realistic amount of damage and tire out as they progress in the fight.

"Character arcs make everything more fun!"

Now if you want long term fun, and not a lot of short roleplays that can get boring over time, try to come up with plots for your characters. It will not only serve to keep roleplay more interesting for you, but will also help with properly developing your character. For instance, maybe you have a character that insists on doing everything by the book, no matter what. Maybe you'd like to have them grow to realize that not everything is black and white, and some situations call for breaking the rules, so you put them in a situation where following the rules would cause something horrible to happen, or they have to break the rules to survive. Think of it like directing a movie, or even a TV series, where each roleplay is a new episode in a much larger plot. As your characters learn and grow from their experiences over time, so will you and your RPing ability!

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, and follow the rules. :) Cheers!

Roleplay Locations
More: For a full list of all locations, go here. Template: Click here to edit
Here is a full list of the locations you can roleplay on at our Wiki broken up by area. Please remember, camp characters should not be roleplaying on Broken Covenant locations, and Broken Covenant characters should not be roleplaying on camp locations, but the town is neutral territory for both.
Camp Locations

  1. Archery Range
  2. Armory
  3. Armory/Stålstyrke Weaponry
  4. Arts and Crafts Building
  5. The Big House
  6. The Big House/First Floor
  7. Infirmary
  8. Beach
  9. Beach/Bonfire
  10. Beach/Cliffs
  11. Beach/Ocean
  12. Beach/Pier
  13. Beach/Shore
  14. Beach/Volleyball Courts
  15. Camp Half Blood Training Arena
  16. Camp Half-Blood Entrance
  17. Campfire
  18. Climbing Wall
  19. Dining Pavilion
  20. Forest
  21. Forest/Brook
  22. Forest/Deep Forest
  23. Forest/Entrance To Dark Cave
  24. Forest/Entrance To Dark Cave/Dark Cave
  25. Forest/Nymph Sanctuary
  26. Forest/Pond
  27. Forest/The Bethel
  28. Gym
  29. Gym/Dance Studio
  30. Gym/Weight Room
  31. Gym/Yoga Room
  32. Lake
  33. The Recording Studio
  34. Stables
  35. Strawberry Fields
  36. The Big House/Attic
  37. The Big House/Basement
  38. The Big House/Second Floor
  39. The Big House/Third Floor
  40. The Mortuary
  41. The Oracles' Cave
  42. The Recording Studio/Dj Booth
  43. Underworld
  44. Gym/Pool
  45. Gym/Other Amenities
  46. Role-Play Location Index
  47. Beach/Harbor
  48. Vineyard
  49. Vineyard/Tasting Room
  50. Armory/Airship
  51. Road to New Athens
New Athens Locations

  1. New Athens
  2. New Athens/Parthenon
  3. New Athens/Temple of Themis
  4. New Athens/Heraion
  5. New Athens/Gym
  6. New Athens/Ice Cream Parlour
  7. New Athens/Movie Theater
  8. New Athens/Bar
  9. New Athens/Bookstore
  10. New Athens/Cafe
  11. New Athens/Community Center
  12. New Athens/Corner Store
  13. New Athens/Library
  14. New Athens/Museum
  15. New Athens/Park
  16. New Athens/Bakery
  17. New Athens/Mall
  18. New Athens/Nightclub
  19. New Athens/LGBTQ+ Bar
  20. New Athens/University
  21. New Athens/Hospital
  22. New Athens/Mall/Arcade
  23. New Athens/Retro Diner
  24. New Athens/Legacy House
  25. New Athens/Amazon's Warehouse
  26. New Athens/Forge
  27. New Athens/Amphitheatre
  28. New Athens/Hostel
  29. Role-Play Location Index
  30. New Athens/The Graecia Cohort Senate
Champions of Othrys Locations

  1. Event:Champions of Othrys/Hephaestus' Workshop
  2. The Spire
  3. The Spire/Conference Room
  4. The Spire/Dungeons
  5. The Spire/Council's Quarters
  6. The Spire/Lieutenant’s Quarters
  7. The Spire/Member's Quarters
  8. The Spire/Oracle's Lair
  9. The Spire/Armory
  10. The Spire/Armory/Forge
  11. The Spire/Lounge
  12. The Spire/Garden
  13. The Spire/Springs
  14. The Spire/Library
  15. The Spire/Infirmary
Broken Covenant Locations

  1. The Sanctuary/Broken Covenant
  2. Heinrich Alten
  3. Civitas Popularis
  4. Liberi Superum
  5. The Sanctuary/Mountain Pond
  6. Opus Superum
  7. The Sanctuary/Old Ruins
  8. Ortu Justitiae
  9. The Sanctuary/Prime Pillar
  10. The Sanctuary/Prime Pillar/Dungeons
  11. The Sanctuary/Prime Pillar/Forge
  12. The Sanctuary/Proving Grounds
  13. The Sanctuary
  14. Veritum Unitum
  15. Role-Play Location Index
  16. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Library
  17. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Pool
  18. The Sanctuary/Civitas Popularis/The Basement
  19. The Sanctuary/Civitas Popularis/Armoury
  20. The Sanctuary/Civitas Popularis/Conference Room
  21. The Sanctuary/Civitas Popularis/Dorms
  22. The Sanctuary/Civitas Popularis/Lounge
  23. The Sanctuary/Civitas Popularis/Study
  24. The Sanctuary/Opus Superum Dorms
  25. The Sanctuary/Opus Superum Dorms/Pool
  26. The Sanctuary/Opus Superum HQ/Secret Room
  27. The Sanctuary/Opus Superum HQ
  28. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Meeting Room
  29. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Mess Hall
  30. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Rooms
  31. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Mysterious Stairs
  32. The Sanctuary/Ortu Justitiae HQ
  33. The Sanctuary/Ortu Justitiae HQ/Dining Room
  34. The Sanctuary/Ortu Justitiae HQ/Dorms
  35. The Sanctuary/Ortu Justitiae HQ/Garden
  36. The Sanctuary/Ortu Justitiae HQ/Lounge
  37. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Brutalis' Private Lounge
  38. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Vexuvius' Balcony
  39. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Adelaide's Office
  40. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Cliffs
  41. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Dorm
  42. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Forge
  43. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Fountain and Garden
  44. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Lounge
  45. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Main Room
  46. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Mess Hall
  47. The Sanctuary/Liberi Superum/Training Ground

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

What is Camp Half-Blood?
More: For a full list of all camp locations, go here. Template: Click here to edit
Anyone who's read the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan probably knows what Camp Half-Blood is, but surprisingly we get quite a few users here who haven't read the books but are here because they are interested in Greek myth. So I will take some time to explain a bit about Camp.
"A safe sanctuary for demigods, a place to train."

The Greek gods love to meddle with mortals and have kids, but they also have strict rules about what level of interference they are allowed to have in their children's lives. Unfortunately that leaves their children out in the world to fend for themselves, and with monsters sniffing them down to kill and even eat them, the world is a dangerous place for demigods. So the gods got together and made Camp a secret area hidden on Long Island New York, America.

The camp is protected with a barrier that monsters can't pass, and neither can mortal without permission from the camp director. Here at this special camp, demigods can either stay for summers and holidays, or year round, to train to fight, learn about what it means to be a demigod, meet other demigods and various mythological beings, go on quests, and above all else, be safe from harm while within the borders.

"What does Camp look like?"
"Who is the Camp Director?"

The Camp Director is Alexander the Great, well his soul trapped inside an Automaton at least, as his physical body died a very long time ago. He's been promised a place in Elysium if he agrees to be the camp director for a hundred or so years, he grudgingly agreed, but often has a short temper with the campers or ignores them entirely when he can.

Alexander The Great New Word-Bubble.jpg

Alexander the Great -Automaton / Demigod
-Son of Zeus, Director of Camp Half-Blood

He glares, "Can I help you with something?"

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

What is the Broken Covenant?
For a full list of all Broken Covenant locations, go here. Template: Click here to edit
Anyone who's read the books, might come here and see this group called the 'Broken Covenant' and scratch their heads, that wasn't in the books, who are they? This should explain a bit more about the group that we here nicknamed and often call simply the 'BC'.
"What is the Broken Covenant and why do people join it?"

The Greek gods have a history of often being petty, vindictive, always arguing and fighting amongst themselves, and the demigods more often than not, end up in the cross fire. The Broken Covenant was founded by a man named Heinrich Alten, a demigod tired of being caught in the middle, tired of the gods petty ways, so he formed a group to fight against the gods, to put them in their place once and for all.

In general everyone within the group has their own personal reasons for joining, and there are also five distinct factions within the group that each have slightly different goals in mind for what should happen to the gods and who should rule.

"What are the Five Factions in the Broken Covenant?"
Civitas Popularis, Leader Conner Grimaldi

Civitas is probably the most neutral minded and least fanatical faction. They simply want fairness, equality, democracy. They want the gods to be held accountable for their decisions, the leaders to be voted on, the laws to be agreed upon by all. They want the gods to catch up to the 21st century and embrace the new world, embrace Democracy, and acknowledge the demigods.

Liberi Superum, Leader Adelaide Lémieux

Liberi is one of the factions that wishes to not just take down the gods, but to become gods themselves. They feel the reign of the gods has come to an end, it is their turn to rise up, like the Gods did against the Titans. One big difference with the Liberi faction, is that they want a fast and speedy end to this war, they feel that if they use mortals, getting the mortals to worship them, that they can sap the gods powers and take the powers for themselves.

Opus Superum, Leader Dante Lejos

Opus is by far the most extreme faction overall, originally founded by a man named Alcaeus Deumos who is now deceased, the best and fastest way to describe this faction is Nazi's for demigods. They see demigods as the 'master race' and that both the gods and mortals are inferior to them. They should rule as demigods, with the mortals and gods obeying their every command. This faction really only accepts demigods.

Ortu Justitiae, Leader Cato Marks

Ortu is another faction that wishes to take down the gods and become gods themselves. However, a big difference between them and Liberi, is that Ortu does not wish to involve the mortals at all, even if it would end the war faster.

Veritum Unitum, Leader Cynthia Amoré

Veritum is definitely led by the angriest of leaders. Cynthia is absolutely done with the gods and their rule, and wishes to see no one in their place at all, no demigods ruling, no new gods ruling, no one.

"What does The Sanctuary look like?"
"Who is the leader of the Broken Covenant?"

Heinrich Alten is the founder and leader of the Broken Covenant, he approves all members prior to them asking for approval into individual factions.

Heinrich Alten ~ Leader of the Broken Covenant
Heinrich Alten.jpg

Character's Bio

 Age: ???  Height: ???  Weight: ???
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: N/A
  Main Weapon: His weapons are unknown while his attire is a white hooded robe, and a set of black and gold armor complimented by a full-face mask.

 – “???”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Child of Hebe:

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.
  3. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.
  5. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  6. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  7. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing
  8. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.
  9. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.
  10. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power
  11. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.
  12. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

Owned by: Admins & Crats ~ Posted on: He looks up from his papers, "Do you need help with something?"

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

Events/Current Contests/Polls/Activities

An Overview of Activities
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Wondering what there is to do around here? Well besides the Contests and Special Activities that you can find through the tabs at the top of the screen, we also run various other activities on a regular basis. Some you can pick up and do at any time, others you need to put in for approval in order to do. Take a look, see if anything interests you!
Camp Quests
"Feel like taking your camper on an adventure?"

Once you have reached level four you can have your character lead a quest. You may also join quests as a regular quest member at level three. Quests can be about anything, be it something to do with your character's personal history/events, rescuing a friend or loved one, a task bestowed upon them by their god parent or another god through a dream, a mission against the Broken Covenant, or something else. Quests require at least 2 to 6 users in order to count as an official quest. You can find more information in the Quest claiming page.

Broken Covenant Missions
"Missions for the Broken Covenant..."

Missions for the Broken Covenant are a lot like Camp Quests. Once you have reached level four you can lead a mission, and you may join missions as a regular quest member at level three. Missions can be about anything from something to do with your character's personal history/events, rescuing a friend or loved one, a task bestowed upon them by their faction leader or Heinrich the leader of the Broken Covenant, a mission against Camp or the gods, or just about anything else. Missions require at least 2 to 6 users in order to count as an official Mission.

Counsellor Challenges
"Challenging for power at Camp."

If you have a character that has been at camp for over a month, then perhaps you'd like to try your hand at challenging for either Lt or Head counsellor positions in your character's cabin. In order to challenge, aside from your character having had to have been made for at least a month now, if the person you are challenging has led a quest, then your character also needs to have led a quest. Once you are prepared to challenge, you then must leave a note of intent in character on the page of the character who currently holds the position, then an out of character note on the user who owns the character's talk page. (You could also make a small forum RP with the owner of the other character, and have your character and the other character discuss the challenge.) Then just make the forum, and you're good to go! Make sure to read up about it on the Counsellor Challenges page.

Training Arena
"Care for a friendly spar?"

The training arena is a place that you can pair off with other users, as many times and as often as you want, to train for fights and battles. The only real rules here are to follow the roleplay policies, beyond that, have fun!

Roleplay Forum
"Tired of waiting for comments to load?"

A lot of people enjoy roleplaying in comments on location or character pages, but if you are tired of waiting for comments to load or just want a change, check out the roleplay forum for a faster solution.

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Favourite God/Goddess Monthly Poll
Have an opinion on who the best Gods and Goddesses are and wish to express that opinion in a civilized and competitive manner? Than this poll is for you. Each month 5 Gods/Goddesses are chosen for users to vote on. When the vote ends at the end of the month, the God/Goddess with the most votes will be showcased on the main page.

To vote for your favourite go here.

Monthly Regular Contests
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Cabin Symbolic Theme Contest
About The Contest

This contest is the perfect opportunity for users to give the wiki a little more pizazz and showcase their artistic skills. Each month a God/Goddess's cabin will be selected for "renovation" and users will have the chance to create and submit a symbolic theme for that cabin. At the end of the month the winner's design will become that cabin's new theme. Participants in the contest must have either attained Level 5 or will attain Level 5 prior to the last day of the month. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of this contest. Additional Rules and Prize descriptions available on this contest's page.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again on TBA Last Day of July
Past Winners

1. Del
2. Migs
3. Hyu
4. Ruby
5. Bach
6. Flame
7. Brocky

Cabins Already Done

1. Artemis' Cabin
2. Poseidon's Cabin
3. Melinoe's Cabin
4. Nemesis' Cabin
5. Apate's Cabin
6. Apollo's Cabin
7. Nyx's Cabin
8. Boreas' Cabin
9. Ariadne's Cabin
10. Hebe's Cabin
11. Eris' Cabin
12. Dionysus' Cabin
13. Hephaestus' Cabin
14. Aristaeus' Cabin
15. Tyche's Cabin

To enter the contest go here
Character Theme Theme Contest
About The Contest

This contest is a lot like the Regular Character Contest and the BC character contest, only instead of us picking a god parent or faction, we pick a general theme, and you pick the god parent and whether it is BC or camp. So for instance a theme one month might be water, so your god parent and an element in the history should be based around water.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again on TBA Last Day of July
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

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Monthly Camp Character Contest
About The Contest

In a constant effort to ensure that cabins stay as evenly filled as possible, we run a contest (most) every month selecting a cabin that has a desperate need for campers. Though at times we may run a popular god, one that is always so full or close to being full it is hard for users to get a chance to enter. Not only does the entry need to fill the normal requirements when putting a character through claiming, but in order to stand out from the rest they should be creative, original and well thought out. Now this doesn't mean be so original that it's crazy over the top, just a bit more than generic. Have fun, and happy writing.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again ??? Last Day of July
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

  1. Archived:Valentina La Vern
  2. Archived:Preston Blake Prescott
  3. Archived:Dade Avery
  4. Archived:Elisabetta Modigliani
  5. Archived:Nicholas Dare
  6. Archived:Rumour Blackburn
  7. Breeze Nightingale
  8. Stevie King
  9. Sawyer Dahn
  10. Archived:Xu Jinfeng
  11. Gabriel Mun
  12. Woo Hoo
  13. Magnus Keppler
  14. Xavier Yan
  15. Makeda Kane
  16. Kara Rudikoff
  17. Ivanna Ledovskaya
  18. Kestas Tieu-Ambrozas
  19. Lauretta Renato
  20. Mickey Kováč
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Broken Covenant Character Contest
About The Contest

To try and keep up interest in the Broken Covenant, we run a contest most every month, alternating the faction, for users to make new BC characters in. The BC offers far more leniency in the god parent choice, as long as the history makes sense and it's not one of the black listed gods/goddesses (such as Artemis, strictly a virgin, no kids).

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again ??? Last Day of July
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

  1. Hope
  2. Archived:Cecilia Levine
  3. Archived:Jacqueline Sparrow
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Poetry Contest
About The Contest

This contest affords users the opportunity to channel the creativity of their characters through a non-violent or non-verbal venue. In this contest, users will submit themed poems written from the perspective of a character of their choice. This contest will run monthly with the winning poem being selected at the end of the month. Participating users must have attained level 5 or will reach it prior to the end of the contest. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of this contest. Additional Rules and Prize descriptions available on this contest's page.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again ??? Last Day of July
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

  1. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Anthony - Wonder
  2. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Todd - Broken
  3. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Kyler - Broken
  4. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Kyler - Broken April
  5. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Elena - Brock
  6. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Ember - Broken
  7. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Jasmine - SoA Jan
  8. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Zayden - Broken
  9. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Uriel - Hyu
  10. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Cody - Broken
  11. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Auvrea's Poem - Wonder
  12. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Ashlee-Slaythehal
  13. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Hope's Poem - Wonder's Entry
  14. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Cameron's Poem - Kevin's Entry
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Special Events/Contests
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Double Trouble
About The Contest

The idea behind this contest is for two users to partner up to test their your battle creativity, as well as, if both users are able to roleplay their character in sync.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Broken Admin Team On-Going
Current Matches
Event Last Updated Last Author
Double Trouble12:47, 23 August 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 2/Team 1 VS 212:46, 23 August 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 2/Team 3 VS 400:28, 19 August 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 1/Team 1 VS 400:26, 3 August 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 1/Team 3 VS 600:22, 3 August 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 1/Team 2 VS 501:50, 29 July 2014Broken fire
Past Winners
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Spotlights/Contest Winners

Featured Character of the Month Contest
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Madison Sells 8.jpg

Name: Clementine Rose Maddox
User: WhimsicalMagic
Age: 16 y/o
Species: Demigoddess
Godparent: Hera
Personality: Clementine Rose Maddox is a complicated person to say the least; An occasional bitch, Loyal to a fault and with a tendency to be eloquent and persuasive in speech. Clementine was a princess to behold, but most importantly about her is her fiery temper. Something of which has caused many praises and rumours about her. A fire in her eyes that will never ever die.

Unfortunately Clementine Rose Maddox has a secret. Her secret - she can't really control her abilities or powers. Mostly flaring up in unwanted situations or extremely hard to call on when she desires. Its something thats frustrated the hell out of her, the only magic she can call upon is the magic in her necklace which is voice activated

Oh and you can’t forget Rose! A Visual hallucination Clementine developed as of late with her own personality similar to Clementine’s but more detrimental attitude towards her. This started shortly after the group started to look for Camp often appearing when Clementine was alone. Rose looks identical to Clementine in almost all ways except in their eyes, Whereas Clementone’s are a light fresh green like grass Rose has stunningly vibrant violet eyes.

History: Zeus was furious at Hera, he’d been like that for a while now. Hera had recently been undermining his authority and doing as she pleased and it had been going on for months! So Zeus decided in all his wisdom to concoct a plan to put this behaviour to a stop. The plan? Getting Hera to commit infidelity so she’d stop being so high and mighty. The whole premise for her insubordination originated from the fact that she could be trusted more since he had so many bastard demigod children. Not for much longer if his plan went smoothly. First step was getting someone for Hera to commit infidelity with; he needed someone who was married! Oh the irony! They needed to be loyal to whom they married and preferably never had committed infidelity before, that was where Zeus spotted Xander Maddox. A married man with an extremely large family. Xander Maddox worked in the finance department of a legal firm that dealt with family law, with a wife he'd been married to for 10 plus years and already having five children with a sixth almost here.

The next step was getting Hera to complete the act of infidelity so Zeus went on to convincing Eros to shoot one of his love arrows at Hera without him blabbing to the rest of the gods. It took a while but Zeus managed to get Eros to promise on the Styx to shoot one woman and one man that he chose at an unspecified date in return he’d owe Eros one small favour. Although it was beneath him to owe minor gods favours the revenge was worth it...................Read More

Graecia Cohort Contests Winners
Enter October's special contest [[Contest:|here]] Template: Click here to edit


Name: Lauretta Renato
User: Fish
Age: 26 (Physical), 394 (years alive)
Roman Godparent: Bellona
Graecia Cohort Position: Consul
Personality: Surprisingly witty and sassy, Lauretta isn't the type of person one immediately imagines when they try to picture consul. However, Lauretta is fiercely protective of her family, be it the Salacia's Treasure's crew or the whole of New Rome and New Athens. She has a strong sense of justice and excellent motherly instincts, and will do whatever it takes to take care of her loved ones. She isn't a stickler for protocol or tradition, preferring comfort over rules. But in the end, she does a great job as a legionnaire, pirate and mother, and if you threaten the people she cares about, you're in for a world of pain.

History: Bellona, goddess of warfare on enemy soil and destruction, was intrigued by the British army. Powerful, driven... she could respect that. As she looked from above at the various ranks, she decided to investigate one offshoot currently in Barbados. When she landed, she was impressed. The troops had seemingly completely taken over their enemy's land. Disguising herself as a British woman, she went over to one of the officers.

"Excuse me, sir."

He turned around, shocked. "You. Who are you? You're not one my troops' wives, are you? We were to bring no one with us."...................Read More


Name: Lyle Guo
User: Brock
Age: Immortal
Roman Godparent: Stata Mater
Graecia Cohort Position: Consul
Personality: Once a bright and cheerful young boy who was eager to live his life, Lyle has since been hardened by a world that wasn't ready to accept him for who he was. While still retaining a portion of who he once was, he now has a more serious like nature to him. It wasn't a complete rework of his identity, as deep down Lyle is still the same person he was just more reserved. He knows when to take things more seriously as when a stricter personality is required. Being a praetor in Camp Jupiter taught him well in both leadership and responsibility, with his more mature nature now displaying those characteristics quite well. While not necessarily favouring the stricter side that comes along with a leadership position, there's no doubting that Lyle is quite good at separating emotions from leadership...

History: Guo Donghai was a proud Chinese immigrant living in a pre-World War I Los Angeles. A very white dominant society wasn't quite welcoming to their new "Japanese" neighbour, and made sure to let their distain be known. Despite the sour taste in the mouth of his neighbours, Donghai was still able to find success in a world that outsiders didn't want him apart of. Having major shares in an insurance company, purchased for him by his father back in Beijing, Guo Donghai was set for life come his immigration to America.

Having immigrated in January of 1910, Donghai had two successful years as the major share holder of his insurance company. His less than pleasant neighbours had finally had enough of a "Japanese" immigrant having more power than they did in town and took it upon themselves to set the building ablaze. Showing up to an already burning building in the middle of the night, Donghai rushed inside to save any documents and files he could as to not have to start from scratch with nothing. The ash and smog swirled through his nostrils and into his lungs before he could even reach the head office, tears streamed down his cheeks as the smoke stung at his eyes. Before he knew it, Donghai had collapsed to the floor. While not a religious man, he prayed to whoever would listen to save him and his business. Ashes seared his clothes, and the next thing he felt was his body engulfed in a cooling like flame that rushed him elsewhere, all before exhaustion set in....................Read More

Atlas Villarreal Contest.jpg

Name: Jesse Villarreal
User: Oli
Age: 20 y/o
Roman Godparent: Tartarus
Graecia Cohort Position: Centurion
Personality: The most obvious thing someone would note when they look at Jesse is that he's completely unlike what a Centurion usually acts like. Some, in their heads, may equate centurions to being serious, militaristic and ready to fight at a moment's notice. Jesse is all of those things, don't get him wrong, but on a day to day basis? You'd be right in thinking he was a Greek demigod because he lacks some of the seriousness that's often attributed to the Roman ones. As a son of Tartarus and a legacy of Apollo, often the inherent traits within him are fighting for which influences his personality more and the only reason he resembles a son of Apollo rather than a son of Tartarus is due to the upbeat positivity that he grew up with. It's not a stretch to call Jesse a silly person and it's very fair to describe him as a trickster. Simply put, Jesse enjoys having fun and having a bright personality. He's sure his Dad's probably seething down in Tartarus itself that he's not constantly doom and gloom with a hint of seriousness but, if he's honest, he couldn't care less. Jesse inherited the positivity that his mother seemingly tried to repress throughout her life and he's determined to not fit in a neat box - it's much more fun to break whatever mould people pre-emptively put him in...

History: Some would call Lily Villarreal-Fletcher the best surfer in all of Malibu whilst others would simply call her a child of the sun. A woman whose energy knew no bounds, Lily's zest for life was unparalleled and often times did people look in with envy on how she was able to achieve the surfer-girl aesthetic whilst maintaining some academic prowess. Those who lived around her never failed to notice that, as she lived carefree, her family was regimented and strict and many would wonder just how it happened. How did the parents that seemingly never waver on anything who had uniformed son after uniformed son have such an untamed, wild daughter? From her eccentric fashion to frizzy, unruly hair that had a mind of it's own, Lily stood out in her family no matter what. Such carefree attitudes and a love for life and it's experiences was what initially attracted Apollo, enamouring him with how the mortal woman approached life's challenges and tackled them. She responded well to his charming, suave ways and their love affair was one of fiery passion that started as weeks, then months, then years. Apollo introduced a new level of carefree, sun-filled adventure into Lily's life and, as she had done so before, she matched his energy and was determined to have fun with it. Few on Olympus could remember the last time a mortal had captivated the sun God and some, namely Aphrodite, watched eagerly to see how the love story would pan out. ...................Read More


Name: Marigold Prescott
User: Nat
Age: 24 y/o
Roman Godparent: Mercury
Graecia Cohort Position: Centurion
Personality: One could describe Marigold as a mix between a squirrel who's had too much caffeine and a goblin that only collected shiny trash. She is very energetic and highly extroverted to the point that she fears being alone. She genuinely enjoys meeting new people and spending time with them. She is fiercely loyal and trusting to both her friends and her camp and would kill gods to save them. Despite her constant high energy and squirrel like tendencies, she is a level-headed quick-thinker when she needs to be.

History: "She is beauty. She is Grace. She is going to punch your face." This was the crowd's chant from the sidelines as Hanna Grey strode around the ring her arms stretched wide to embrace the enthusiasm resounding through the stadium. Turning back towards her opponent who was lying dazed on the ground, she scaled the turnbuckle behind them, turned toward the middle of the ring, and jumped. Hanna elbow dropped her opponent and the referee declared her the winner of the match.

The crowd went wild as she took another victory lap before leaving the ring. People shook their posters will such writings as "WE LOVE YOU MISS VAL" and "#1 MISS VAL". Hanna took her time getting out of her wrestling gear. She took her shower, changed into her plain clean clothes, and packed her bag....................Read More


Name: Mickey Kováč
User: Jay
Age: 2410, but appears 30
Roman Godparent: Mors
Graecia Cohort Position: Senator
Personality: Mickey is tired. Mickey is truly, honestly, wholly just so fucking tired. Her life weighs on her constantly. Every mistake, every bad call, every hand she didn't hold hard enough - feels like that's all there is sometimes. The hardships. The pain. The loneliness.

By god, the fucking loneliness was enough to drive her to the edge some days. Nothing hurts more than finding herself alone over and over and over again. Everyone around her dying and changing and leaving and she can't forget any of them. If she does, what becomes of those she once held dear? If she's the last to remember them, and she forgets...well, then it's like every moment they spent together never happened, isn't it? Time washed away almost every physical imprint, and those that remained often had little meaning. No one holding the remnants of Iulius' urn would know of his tenderness, or the outlandish figures he could make from the stars. No one would find her father's name in the annals of the Republic and hear the echoes of his boisterous laughter or feel the confidence he could instill in a man with only a few words. No one would read letters telling of a woman in the city comforting people in their final moments and know she sometimes slipped poisons to her patients, or that her words were sharp enough to still sting even millenia later...

History: Anastásia killed her first patient when she was fifteen. He was a young soldier, wounded terribly in the stomach, fully delirious, and by the time she got to him she was exhausted and every last nerve was frayed by the stress of her day. She made a mistake - his death wasn’t intentional; she just grabbed the wrong jar, applied too much of what was in it, and that was it for him.

Sure, he was too far gone for anything beyond pure divine intervention, but that single mistake was enough for Anastásia to swear off patients who wanted to live.

That is, that single mistake was enough for her father to beat her within an inch of her life, which led to her devoting her abilities to those content to die. Her mortal father believed that since she was a daughter of Asclepius, she wasn’t capable of such mistakes, so any missteps she made were deliberate attempts to hurt patients or to spite him, or both. ...................Read More


Name: Xiomara Gutierrez
User: Manolo
Age: 24 y/o
Roman Godparent: Mefitis
Graecia Cohort Position: Senator
Personality: Xio is a confident, driven woman, who stops at nothing to get what she wants. She is direct, having no need for subtlety's, and decisive. She is also as stubborn as she is loyal, but equally as funny. She has a taste for drinking, smoking, and other life shortening hobbies, but is fairly good at separating that persona from her public figure persona, in which she is strict, mature, and fair. This duality is something that helps her gain the trust of the soldiers under her, as they know they can trust her as a leader, but also know she can be fun to be around. It is hard for her to open up, in the sense that she will tell you many things about herself in order to distance you, if she thinks you're getting too close for comfort. Otherwise, she avoids talking about her personal life completely. This has changed a lot as she's aged, but she's still a bit untrusting with her emotions...

History: One by one, a line of men stepped up. Their faces were masked, but the cut eye holes gave away their emptiness. The women tittered in mock excitement. Hands touched. The women, who's faces were once so clear, began to drip off, blood oozing off each pimple, eyes watering and sliding out of their heads. They continued to laugh. And so, the dance of the corpses began.

Was Xio's dream always so predictable? She walked around, stepping lightly, careful not to awaken the demons behind the mask. Where is he? The elaborate golden and silver dresses draping the women grew stiffer by the second, solidifying into precious metal. The laughs turned into fervent coughs. The dead began dying again. The tuxedos of the men turn into shadows, and their masks tightened until they exposed the skull underneath. Xio payed no mind, having successfully touched the doorknob of one of doors that led out of the grand ballroom. She smirked. He's not as smart as he claims to be. ...................Read More

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Name: Genesis
User: Whimsical
Age: Immortal
Species: Healing Nymph
Creator: Apollo
Contest Theme: Witchcraft
Personality: Genesis can be quite... temperamental. She can be quite excitable and melodramatic at times and other times relaxed and sleepily zoning out. It usually just depends on whether its been a good day or a bad day. But the one thing that remains constant throughout her behaviour is her volatile hot-temper, sometimes exploding with anger for no noticeable reason but there will be a reason however insignificant.

Another major part that makes up who Genesis is, is her love for kids. Whether it be in a shelter or in a hospital she's there to look after them no matter what. She could be bloody and beaten but she'd risk her life for them. Immortality means nothing to her, the precious nature of mortality and death just triggers some sort of maternal feelings. Which honestly makes her an ideal candidate for a babysitter, well if she'd move on from her comfort zone.

A key factor to who she is would be her inability to speak, taken away from her as punishment for her disobedience by Apollo. This caused her to learn ASL.

History: Apollo upon hearing patients who resided in a corrupted small hospital beg for help, he decided to take pity on them and send down a Healing Nymph to assist them. And thus Genesis was created, the nymph was granted a two month grace period to learn how to use her abilities so it wasn’t too obvious that there was something divine going on. Although in this time period Genesis was found to be quite tricky, in more ways than one. Her temperament was volatile and she had this knack of getting lost in her thoughts and zoning out at some impractical times but often leads to a funny situation occurring unfortunately causing the grace period to be extended another month. She was sent down to Salem in the 1680’s and began her work, reporting every six months everything she had done and the progress the hospital was making to Apollo. Initially the other staff looked at Genesis funny, being not a local and a complete stranger in these superstitious times did not lend kindly to Genesis’ situation, but soon they began to begrudgingly respect her. She would speed up the recovery time for patients and kiss the children's boo boo’s better which made her quite popular among the children that came by who called her Gen-Gen since one child could only pronounce the first bit of her name correctly and the nickname caught on. She did this for a few years earning little thanks every now and then.

When Genesis became a bit too ambitious and relaxed in her role, Apollo began to suspect that she would be accused of witchcraft and drowned or burned in a witch trial but he stalled hoping that Genesis would learn the lesson herself. As time went on the situation became more precarious and Apollo decided to call her back, a move that Genesis reacted angrily to. In a temper Apollo let her stay and leave her fate up to the Witch hunters if she so desired. When the witch hunters did eventually come Genesis was woefully unprepared, they came into her room and dragged her outside by the hair ignoring her screams...................Read More

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Artemis is the virgin goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, maidens, virginity, childbirth, animals, wildlife, hills, and "The Guardian of Children" (as some resources portray her). Her Roman counterpart is Diana. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and is the full-blooded sister of Apollo and a half sister to Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Ares and Dionysus. She and Apollo are known as the "Twin Archers". Artemis' handmaidens are chaste maidens who have turned their back from the company of men and have taken a pledge, if Artemis accepts, then they will be part of the Hunters, and will become immortal and serve her, most especially during a Hunt.... Read more here.

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